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Good fiilehoster with decent download speed

Mon, 17 Jun 2013 02:42:14


I just received several strikes on Mediafire for my adult comics. Dunno if someone reported them or if the hoster found out on their own somehow. I'm also using Billionuploads but they can be a little slow, depending on the time of day. Not so fond of Mega though 'cuz I can't see if files were downloaded or not. I also share other stuff, textures and whatnot and asking every time via mail or PM "hey, you got the file? Can I delete it?" is a bit tedious. :) I'm currently uploading a few of my works to Billionuploads until I found a reliable and stable file hoster. I'd be grateful if someone can recommend one. Download speed should be at least 100kb/s or higher. And files should be available for 30 days without download, just to be safe from constant re-uploads. A hoster offering payment for downloads isn't what I need or want. Just something fast and user-friendly when it comes to downloading. And porn shouldn't be an issue for the hoster - if possible.