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Wanderer's Remorse - A Fallout 3 Fanfic

Tue, 25 Jun 2013 16:12:08

Soraku Fett

Wanderer's Remorse is a story about the Lone Wanderer, whose name is Andrew, and his growing relationship with his recently deceased father's fellow scientist and friend, Dr. Madison Li. James' death shocked them both to the core, and this story tells of how the look to one another for comfort and, eventually, companionship. Dr. Madison Li sat in the Citadel's science room. A giant, patriotic robot stood barely powered in the center of the room, with the Scribes, Paladins, and Knights wandering around, discussing various topics. These people were simply going about their lives, fighting "The Good Fight," as they would say. All of their banter, however would drown out in Madison's ears. It all became white noise behind her silent crying. She couldn't, for the life of her, stop thinking about what happened to James. It hit her pretty hard. Not only was she shocked that he would do something so... crazy... but she was angry, at least to an extent. She felt as if... as if he abandoned them; abandoned her. This wasteland was a harsh and unforgiving place, but she still had never felt so empty and depressed in her life... Suddenly, he walked in. Andrew; James' son. She would look at him and see his father, but at the same time, see someone... warmer. Not to say James wasn't kind, but in his later years, he could be a little too focused at times on things like work. But Andrew was pure emotion. Like a younger James. She admired that quality about him. How he almost never let something trivial get in the way of his feelings. She could never bring herself to ask the things she wanted from him...