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Your Strange Dreams!

Sat, 29 Jun 2013 18:45:07


Basically if you had a dream you plan to share, share it here. We all had some weird one worthy of sharing, right? Anyway, the one I had just hours ago: My family and I were at some Fundamentalist Christian camp. The leader and some other higher up were talking about limiting abortion. I stepped forward and suggested that it should be the choice of the people who "have those parts". So they stepped away for a while, and returned with a television and a foam brain that fits over my head. At first it was hard to breathe so I take it off, and catch that it was banned in Scotland since 8,776, as it caused pain per minute and had little nubs that force the eyes open. I assumed they were going to force me to watch a video on abortion. Next thing I know, my family and I were left, I was the only one unrestrained and I was about to really get it in front of them, so I ran out the door and hid whenever necessary. So I finally made it to an abandoned factory that I think the camp was inside, and I broke out of the window, landing in front of a Subway(the sandwich shop). A nun walked by and saw three tears in my outfit, saying those three tears correspond to the Jewish Star, the Christian Cross, and Muslim Crescent, showing that I was higher on ranking for this world. Then I sent cops to the camp and got rid of the Fundie preacher and saved my family. So yeah, write about your dreams and tell us here!
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:02:59


I was fixing a TV in the living room, then my brother came visiting and said. You do know you have a flood in the house. I looked down and discovered I was waist deep in water. As we was wondering what pipe which might have broken, salmons started swimming between our legs. My brother said. This is typical. Never have a fishing pool around when this happens. Then he offered to help me fix the TV and we did, occasionally pushing away some curious salmons that swam up to investigate. I woke up with the silliest grin on my face.
Sun, 30 Jun 2013 02:00:25


I had a dream once where Alice Cooper come around for a BBQ.
Sun, 30 Jun 2013 09:15:57


A heavy snow falls I hear voices can't make them out I run fast as I can they're almost on me a door opens I'm through, it's raining I here voices can't make them out I run fast as I can a cliff is before me they reach for me I jump into the endless black depths. I wake as if I've been in a coma this is not a strange dream I want to reoccur.
Mon, 01 Jul 2013 04:44:11


This dream began with some sort of obstacle run with the RED team in a forest. After some time, we reached an opposite base with go-karts on the second floor. We hopped in and began some sort of race, starting with driving down a spiral slide. The race mostly took place twisting and turning down a mountainside. It gets worse. After some time, a rectangle of roads becomes visible with several strip malls in the center. I turn right and fly off a ramp into the parking lot, through a pharmacy, and across a busy lane of traffic. From there, I started driving up another mountain trail until I reached an observatory. Then the other RED karters showed up. I forgot what happened afterwards.
Tue, 02 Jul 2013 12:05:16


I had a dream I got curry for breakfast. Yep, my dreams really are that interesting. :|
Tue, 02 Jul 2013 12:16:15


a few days ago I dreamed, that I had been bringing down the north korean terror-gouverment with a ropeway and some GTA-like carstealing- moves
Wed, 03 Jul 2013 21:08:36


Last week I dreamed that the summer TF2 update were released with some hats and a huge bunch of weapons, maps and gamemodes. eet was so beautiefull :tear:
Wed, 17 Jul 2013 00:41:20


Was stuck in a japanese terribly cabin floating in the middle of the ocean. Pale yellow walls and retarded swinging back and forth trapdoors like the ones from minecraft with the wind constantly whistling. I was living with the mom and the boy from the grudge, been like 3 years later since I first saw that movie. Then, these dark spirits come and we kill them. Next thing, the mom tries to attack me, but dies when I pull open my pants to masturbate because she had these pointy nipples, yes she was naked. Pale breasts and then light came out from my dick like the source of a sun??? And then me and the boy became friends and went to school. Then, we went to an apartment and he starts trying to attack me, I next jump out the window and it literally felt like 3 feet. the ground turned into a playground for like 3 seconds and then I land on top of a commerical truck for fruits. He glares at me from the window and I flip him off, I recall saying fuck him. Another one: Apparently there's two worlds, one reality and one almost like an rpg. Starts out in a dark empty sure with a blue glow, there next is some glass that I jump and break. Then, I find a shotgun and shoot a brick wall with the textures from minecraft. It opens and I find a whore house(prolly from playing witcher 2). The girl i liked in school, or someone that looked like her was in there. A virgin. I was her first customer, but the owner was the "evil" antagonist and had to run away in order to protect the girl because of?? So then, I get on a motorcycle next to some pavement nearby. The whole world is pretty much gray by the way. And there's this ramp, but the motorcycle is fucking broken and keeps tilting side to side, couldn't drive for shit anyway. Then, I eventually go up the ramp at like 5 mph and it's like that sonic thing and the moment I leave the tip of the ramp, I get accelerated super fast like 90 mph and fly around 5,000 miles away. I somehow knew that. Then, we end up at a wizards college or academy and inside there's like an average store selling the basic drinks, and candy. There's a bunch of other classmates there shopping for shit. I tried to get a milky way, but couldn't cuz it was like in deus ex human revolution where it's just a prop. So I was mad and broke the shelf of candy. I sprinted out and ran upstairs in like a hall with no one. Then, I go and meet the girl next morning. We continue our journey, go up another ramp and then end up in the real world. Apparently, she wasn't a real person, so she would slowly fade away back to the whore house owner. I didn't know this and talked about how we would spend our lives together and forever :DDDD As I watched the sun set next to this ice cream shop on the motorcycle. She fades away and I instantly teleport drive my motroycle to the whore house. This time, I fuck the whore house manager and she dies because of yin yang shit. I have the power of good and she's bad, so lol. So then, all the other whorehouses were like minions, but the girl's soul was attached to her, so then I eat the whore house owner's breasts so that now the girl's soul belongs with me because they were bounded there??? So then, we go outside to the real world and live happily ever after. Or so I thought ,dream ends at the same ice cream shop and we're on the motorcycle. Another: On the last day of school (several years ago, but this happened like last year for the dream), I was able to find out that I could write a destination in this notepad and I would teleport there. So I teleport around and eventually end up in the girl's bathroom cuz I wanted to fuck someone. I think we should have like a color key for like reality and the dream just to make it clear. llol.