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New BBcode

Sat, 26 Jan 2013 17:02:53


Here is the "scroll" tags You can move what you want to the left or to the right Like this: [scroll=9,right:hm4splnv][/scroll:hm4splnv] How use: Place your text or others tags (like IMG) between the Scroll tags like this
The number is the speed of the scroll and you can choose the direction with "right" or "left" Enjoy ;)
Sat, 26 Jan 2013 18:16:09


Some new bbcode: The "Align" tag How to use:
[align=left]Align to left[/align]
[align=right]Align to right[/align]
[align=center]Align to center[/align]
[align=left:2nzleju8]Align to left[/align:2nzleju8] [align=right:2nzleju8]Align to right[/align:2nzleju8] [align=center:2nzleju8]Align to center[/align:2nzleju8]
The "Barred" tag How to use:
[barred]Fuck i'm barred[/barred]
[barred:2nzleju8]Fuck i'm barred[/barred:2nzleju8]
The "Blink" tag How to use:
[blink]Wow blink blink[/blink]
[blink:2nzleju8]Wow blink blink[/blink:2nzleju8]
The "Glow" tag How to use:
[glow]Wow i'm glowing[/glow]
[glow:2nzleju8]Wow i'm glowing[/glow:2nzleju8]
The "Spolier" tag How to use:
[spoiler]Bhou! Hahahaha  :mrgreen: [/spoiler]
Result: [spoiler:2nzleju8]Bhou! Hahahaha :mrgreen:[/spoiler:2nzleju8] Enjoy ;)