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Egirl, a story of Parental Protection in the Darkness.

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Elena unsheathed her blade from her anus. Her intestinal tract lined with steel and magnets from when she fought the robot dragons from Pluto just last week were always handy. "Dammit, Elidin! I didn't give birth to you for this!" Elidin was making threesome love to a handful of robots, their cocks glistening in the solar winds. "Mother, if i don't satisfy them, then not only will this space station fall, but our world will crispy in another dimension!" Elena jumped towards Elidin, she sliced off the golden robot's cock first, then the silver's second. The bronze robot was then kicked into an airlock as Elidin fished a golden penis out of her ass when the silver slid out. "Mother, why did you do that?" "I won't lose you like I did your bother, Elidin!" Elena shoved her sword into the nipple shaped control panel, as the joystick was needed to drive away from the sodomy-coloured sun. "Mother, it wasn't Eric who died. It was Elidin. I am Eric." Elidin, revealed to be Eric, pulled off her breast shaped necklace and a penis slid out from betwixt her legs. Now revealed to have the parts of a Male, Eric shoved her cock inside a power box. The surges of power blasted her foreskin, causing a power jolt throughout the ship. The orgasm launched the ship back to Earth so they can redo the papers Eric filled out under Elidin's name, and to change her name to that desired.
Inspired by Thirty Hs.
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Mini Story of The Year.
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This is just the first chapter, so get ready for chapter 2 :mrgreen:
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Then Elidin said “No, Elena. You are the demons” And then Elena was a zombie.
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Soraku Fett

I can't read past the first sentence, I'm sorry. I lost all ability to think after reading that one sentence...
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Chapter 2!
Elena crushed the skull of many cats, as they paved the road to a church. The skeleton of the walls were massive dildos and the wall itself were porn magazines. Elena knew this was the place where her daughter was held. Inside the building was a lot of Japanese men and women, but their heads were upside down compared to the rest of their bodies because of a curse set upon them by their god. The women called themselves Kasumi, and the men called themselves Goto. They all stood in a line to their god, a sock with a face stamped on it. When one prayed to the god, the sock arose and throbbed a little. The disciple kissed it and it grew slightly larger. After a while, a white fluid poured out from the top of the god's head, and the disciple before it lifted a cup to capture the holy milk, which will be used to feed the plants. "Where is my daughter!" Screamed Elena "She hosts our lord..." Responded the worshipers. A door opened and Elena was led through. With her cock through the hole, Elidin was being forced to be the sacrifice. She was exhausted, loopy, and scared. She closed her eyes for only seconds before remembering the horse dong underneath her ass. Elena unhooked Elidin from the wall, only for a rumbling sound. The floor burst open, and a massive hand with fingers of cocks burst through, holding a sorceress with the name "Lilith" tattood on her boobs. "You do not take my savior!" She roared. Elena and the sorceress fought for 40 days and 40 nights. While the sorceress was outside of her penile throne, semen rained from the sky. When the two finished, the world was already flooded with sperm, and when the juices came in contact with radioactive waste from the city near Elena's home, the sperm grew to monstrous size, and burst through the walls of the church. Only Elena, Lilith, and Elidin survived.
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"DemonicLemon" said ...
Elena and the sorceress fought for 40 days and 40 nights. While the sorceress was outside of her penile throne, semen rained from the sky. When the two finished, the world was already flooded with sperm, and when the juices came in contact with radioactive waste from the city near Elena's home, the sperm grew to monstrous size, and burst through the walls of the church. Only Elena, Lilith, and Elidin survived.
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Chapter 3
"Elena! Help!" Elidin ran to Elana, zombies were following her, but the zombies aren't normal zombies, for they ate exclusively plants. An arrow flew into Elidin's ass. The arrow was tipped with a carrot to make the eating easier. "Elidin!" Screamed Elena as she ran to Elidin, knocking zombies with her shield and slashing them with her sword. When she got to Elidin, she was already poisoned with eggplant, the vegetable that proves there is no god. Elena cleared the zombies around Elidin, but the others stood in a circle around them, to start chanting, as it was an ancient hippie ritual that granted the zombies immortality in the first place. "Elena! Catch!" ordered Lilith as she threw a glass globe at Elena. When Elena caught the globe, time stopped for everyone except for Elena and Elidin. The zombies were in mid-chant, Lilith was casting acid-lactation, and the rain stopped in it's splash. "Mother..." Elidin said pathetically. Elena moved closer. "Remember what I told you, Mother..." Elidin went limp, her body grown weak. Elena knew just what had to be done. "SAYA SUKA FARAJ BERDARAH!" screamed Elena to the heavens! For the angels themselves could not console the grieving mother. Elena threw her sword aside, and raised her arms up. Two angels without legs flew by, each carrying a weapon fit for the dead attached to chains, for because their own reasons, the angels needed to redeem themselves in the eyes of the lord. The chains wrapped around Elena's arms, and became bound to her forever. Elena would never grow to regret this decision. When time reawoken, Elena swung her new weapons at the zombies around her. Their vegetable menace no longer a threat. In her left hand, the chain was welded to a Holy Bible, which was dipped in the menstrual blood of pigs and smeared with shellfish excrement. This weapon shattered all who touched it. In her right hand, the chain was welded to a crushed puppy whose only sin was being the closest to the cataclysmic battles. The puppy was never allowed to die however, for life is a virtue, and that is why this weapon steals the souls of those who anger it. Together, these weapons were The Spirit of Freedom, for they together represent everything that the American and North Korean Alliance stands for. Every vagina on the battlefield was decimated, and all testicles were ejected. The hippy zombies now had no ability to reproduce, and their children would die out as well. Elena picked up Elidin's broken body, for no living being should be exposed to that much vegetables. When Lilith drove the hovership to Elena's position, she opened the hatch, letting Elena inside. When at the weapons bay, they used all their waste containers to contaminate the zombie food supply, making sure they all died. Elena was in mourning, so she did what every parent who lost a child would do. She hacked up Elidin's body and flushed them all down the toilet, then poured the contents of her pet Khajiit's litterbox over it. Elena saluted the swirling of her child, for the funeral was fit for only the greatest of warriors.
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Chapter 4! Lord Aardvark helped me with this one.
Elena was praying to her lord, bible in hand. By praying I mean masturbating, and by bible, I mean clitoris. It is when she heard a booming voice, that of an African God, whose name was Morgan Freeman of the JuJu tribe. "Good evening, fellow Americans. Today, as your president and king, I, Sean Connery, declare the war on terror, officially over." Elena stood up, and when Lilith stepped outside their trash bin, a bright light shot from the sky. The clouds whirled, water condensed to ice. Light shot through the solidified fluids, and a rainbow burnt through. A golden staircase descended from the heavens, and Elidin, was there, speaking in the voice heard just then. However, she didn't look like herself, for she had the face of Micheal Jackson, and his skin color, as everyone in Heaven was made to resemble the father of his son. She wore shutter-shades and had the hair of Kanye West, the man who singlehandedly ended the starvation in Africa. Elidin landed from the sky, on her heels and knees, but arms still up. She fell on her ass and unzipped her pants, revealing a vagina that glowed of green. A stereo system was pushed out, the cries of mankind's failed promises careening outwards. When finished, the wire was plugged into her ass, and that is when she started to dance. "It's close to midnight Something evil's lurkin'in the dark" Elena and Lilith felt a crawl through their bodies, as a feeling deemed unworthy for them was felt. "Under the moonlight You see a sight that almost stops your heart" Elena and Lilith were overtaken by Dance. The god, Dance would possess them, and their movements would resurrect all those who died. The sperm monsters, the zombies, they all stepped out of the ground, their torment released. Their tribulation has ended. They all danced, and cannot stop their legs, their femurs, or their flagellas. The entire world was possessed with dance. Elena was the only one who knew something was wrong. The Earth quaked, and arms and legs burst out like a solar flare, something you would expect when you watched a futanari 3d porno. Seriously, have you watched any of those things? Yeah when you get past the shitty production values, the annoying voice acting, and repeated and sped up animation, where the cum scenes are represented by brightening the screen, yeah they're bad, but the pay load is amazing, what you would expect to come out of a firehose, let alone an anatomically impossible girl. She looked to the sky, the stars each exploded like your favorite porno, they all formed a different object. Polaris formed a pair of sunglasses, they shot towards the earth and landed on north America, crushing Washington State and Norway. The Big Dipper formed "D", the rest of the little formed a "E", and the constellations continued to explode in their brilliance to form the letter sequence "al with it". The Earth started to dance, but Elena knew it should not. It was until something else happened, it involved tearing of the fabric of space. A massive pig with arms and a smile tore out from the maelstrom, and said, in the most horrifying speech a human can hear, "T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-that's all, folks!" The beast turned around, it's back facing existence. "Ohh yeah, you know how to suck it good, Goofy." Then the beast turned to the left, "WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THE CAMERA STILL RO-" And a click that was felt throughout the entire universe was felt, shaking the vary foundations of the world and it's dancers. Elena knew this was the time to act. She drew her weapons, and swung them at the monster, but not before a massive white shot blasted the two weapons off course. "Come hewe you wittle shit, huhuhuhuhuhuh..." The pig was then raped in it's infernal anus by the insane beast that resembled Mitt Romney's voters. Elena threw her weapons again, this time making their hit. The Pig was annihilated, his flesh burning and splattered throughout our dimension, it's violator's soul being absorbed by Elena for future need. When the beings died, Elena used the soul, and when she did, she grew 4.7 penises out of her colon. She used them to seal up the entrance to this new dimension, and fell back to Earth. Moments before fainting, Elena had sex with the Earth's skyscraping penis, she had to return it back because if she doesn't, she won't get to watch new episodes of Harry Twilight. "'CAUSE THIS IS THRILLER! THRILLER AT NIGHT!" The Earth ejaculated, which destroyed our moon, and became the new star that would let us grow crops. This is the story of how our world came into being, boys and girls, but this is not the end of Elena, Lilith, or Elidin's story, for they are asleep for only slightly less than 405 hundred years.
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LMAO. This story is so fucked up... it's good! :shock: