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[Unity3D] The Mixed nuts project is looking for a 3D modeler

Mon, 15 Jul 2013 04:58:46


Mixed nuts is a bite-sized, bizarre pornographic venture about two friends living in an apartment, as well as the people they know in the city! The kicker: Bearable, real-person scripts coming from people with a lick of literary knowledge! The format is a gallery taking advantage of unity3D's webplayer. This makes it very accessible and usable for many platforms. The venture follows only plots pertaining to kinky stuff we wanna explore! The characters we have concept art for: Donut A lazy, chubby, feminine young man of 20, whose main concern is the couch, his friends, video games, cartoons, and unfathomable amounts of affection. He's a hedonist. He lived with his parents until hazelnut had a nervous breakdown and called him(They knew eachother in high school-- She's his best friend and confidante.) He's the fiyero to her elphaba, basically. Hazelnut A corporate woman, whose primary objectives are: Wake up, get coffee, go to work, come home, de-stress with donut (sometimes other friends), and sleep. Her position requires a lot of leadership, which makes her time with donut different each time due to how she ends up reacting to the stress involved. She wouldn't hurt a fly unless she were very angry and that specific fly really liked it. A very creative and resourceful person when approached with problems. Also making enough to support donut. She's of 23 years. Planned characters Almond, an oriental kickboxing girl with emphasis on having a tight, defined body. Her favorite food is pizza, favorite topic being anchovies. She has a bit of a mean streak. 19 years old. No concept art yet, but it's on its way! Don't be shy with giving ideas! We need a modeler, but we also need more ideas! Let's populate this brand spankin' new universe with adorable and diverse friendships[With benefits!]
Mon, 12 Aug 2013 01:25:21


I remember checking unity3d out a while ago, but they both have dicks??? lol.