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Sun, 27 Jan 2013 09:05:11


Introductory thread for everyone to get acquainted with one another! I'll get the ball rolling with myself! I've gone by a few names over my time at Ero (OzSnip3r, Captain Jack, and now The 'Strayan Snip3r), so you may have heard of my by any one of them. I've got some experience in just about everything, ranging from modelling and skinning, to posing and animating. Favourite stuff! Genre of music and band: Rock, big fan of AC/DC and The Who Movie: Particularly enjoy Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, and the Bourne series Game(s): Halo, Command and Conquer, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft Food: Pizza Colour: Red Television series(s): The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones So, feel free to introduce yourselves!
Sun, 27 Jan 2013 09:57:59


Only name what people here would know is Deso. My true name is secret. :P Anyway. Previously i lurking in site named DarkNest, and still lurking. New administration take care of the site, and all is good. ^^ But i decided transfer here why? Rastifan profile on DA. :D My favorite music. AC/DC, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Equilibrium, Finntroll, Eluveite, Two Steps From Hell, X Brand Music, Immediate Music and much more. My favorite games. Command & Conquer, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, World Of Warcraft, Warhammer 40K, Battlefield, Torchlight, Company Of Heroes and much more, but almost old games. My favorite movies. Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Carribean, Too Fast Too Furious and much more. Also watched sometimes anime. :P
Sun, 27 Jan 2013 18:47:54


Great to see the forum back up, big thanks to Rastifan and Gnin and anyone else who made it possible. I'm currently playing a lot of Planetside 2, but ME3 multiplayer as well. I really enjoy sports and orchestral music such as what Deso mentioned, and watching Walking Dead but this forum gave me the opportunity to customize my most guilty and most exhilarating addiction: Porn. And for that, we thank you :lol: Also, Best gif-avatar Ever award goes to you, Oz 8-)
Sun, 27 Jan 2013 20:34:18


Hello there, on new Digitalero. I'm Philosopher. IT Studenr, Amateur SFM animator and Graphic designer. In short - a guy who likes to think, who likes moviemaking - cameras, techniques, lighting, postfx, sound and all similar stuff. Other stuff: Music: Electro, Electro Swing, Techno, Club, Disco, Rock, independent music. Movies: I like all types of movies. Games: Battlefields, Mirrors Edge, Titanfall, Bioshock 1/2/Infinite, Team Fortress 2, Dead Island, even old CODs. Food: Salty & Spicy, don't really like fast food or 'green-ish' stuff.
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 06:31:46


Hey guys, I'm Ganonmaster and in my daily life I'm an IT student from The Netherlands, most proficient in website and app development. I've got some experience with Photoshop, Flash and 3ds Max, I'm fluent in C#, Java, Objective-C, PHP, HTML, CSS and I've got some basic knowledge of the Unreal engine and Unity. In my spare time I play games, and sometimes try my hand at making them as well. Things I like: [list:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Music: Heidevolk, Ensiferum, Finntroll and related Folk metal acts. Melodic Death and Black metal are fine as well.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Movies: Original Star Wars trilogy, Bladerunner; usually sci-fi or fantasy will do fine.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Games: Half Life series, Mass Effect 1, The Witcher series.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Foods: Anything meat.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Drinks: Coke, Scotch.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc] [*:2cfgdyxc]Television series: Star Trek TNG, DS9, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad.[/*:m:2cfgdyxc][/list:u:2cfgdyxc] So far I'm very impressed by the awesome things this community has pumped out, and I'm willing to help where I can. :)
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 09:11:57


Thraxx is the tag I've had from the early 80's I'm the old guy been gaming since before most members of DE or any other game site were born. Fell in love with the Half Life World along with CCS and HLf DM have basically lived on Garrysmod for the last 8 yrs(sad I know, but hey it's my hobbie :P ) I never planned to be a great poser or modeler/mapper just really enjoy the whole world of 3D Art, it's just good fun :) so hello to all new and old members this site is one of the best communities I've ever been apart of thanks Rast and your whole crew for giving us a brand new and super cool home to share our pose's :bravo:
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 14:01:17


I'm SebZero. Some of you may have a faint memory of me in the last DE forum with the name SebReaper, I was fairly new when it shut down. I switch often, as my first one was SebiWarrior. It depends on my current favorite hobbies, or moods. I'm a very weird individual. Somewhat depressed, I can only talk with idiotic tossers I call "friends" and not be able to let all my feelings out. Last time I did got me friendzoned by a pretty girl. Let's roll some info on me shall we? Favorite hobby(-ies): Videogames, and Popping (a very nice dance to [see Fav. music below]) Favorite music: Dubstep. Also Chillstep if I find a very relaxing song. Favorite artist(s): Jimi Hendrix, Jared Emerson-Johnson. Favorite band(s): Linkin Park. Haven't found one of their songs I dislike. Favorite movie(s): Django Unchained (not only I never ever see movies so I can only choose ones I saw, Django is fucking epic!) Favorite actor(s): Will Smith, Morgan Freeman, Dave Fennoy, Yvonne Strahovski, Simon Baker. Favorite book(s): Il cielo è rosso, Le cronache del Mondo Emerso, (I know, it's Italian, bug off) Harry Potter saga, Mogworld and Jam. Sci-Fi and Fantasy mostly. Favorite game(s): The first Halo trilogy, Mass Effect 2, The Walking Dead, the Dead Space trilogy. Favorite food: Too many to say, or keep track of. Essentially everything fried with oil, not that shitty butter English/maybe Americans cook with. Favorite colour(s): Black and Blue. Favorite TV series(s): Dragonball and... ahem... Little House (only to make fun of them, don't get any strange ideas. Perks: An Elite poser with some inexpertise in some factors; decent Photoshopper; dancer; essentially good with videogames (I've never played a Battlefield game; the one time I played over a friend's house I had gotten a K/D of 23/11 if I remember correctly. Somewhere around that anyway)
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 14:48:19


'Sup bitches. I am DemonicLemon as you can see from my username. I may not be the best poser of ragdolls, but I figured my main contribution to the site is related to my signature, haha. I only have like one or two other usernames, one of them was before I decided I had nothing to lose by using DemonicLemon on porn sites, the other currently escapes me. Music: Maybe some metal songs here and there as well as some music that challenges masculinity Films and Shows: I tend to be drawn to stuff that crosses the line twice. Japanese gore flicks in all their campy glory, Superjail!, things like that, though I do like surreal stuff as well like Ugly Americans (they need the new season). Of course I like the simple awesome films as well, but the names of ones I enjoyed currently escape me. Games: The Brutal Doom Mod for Classic Doom, started to get into Sims 3, Garry's Mod of course, and others that currently escape me. Color: Shades of Red and Black. Food: Cream Soda. I'll add more to this when I can think of something.
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 15:12:57


Hello, My name is fagimuffin. i'm a fun loving guy who doesn't take most things seriously. despite that last sentence, and my avatar, i'm not here to cause trouble (most of us barney bunch members aren't liked on most forums) so please don't get angry at me if i make a mistake :oops: . but other than that, i'm just here to have some fun. i'm looking to also improve my posing and other work with ragdolls/gmod, too.
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 15:36:37


I suppose I should properly introduce myself as I neglected to do so in the last two boards. My handle is HuggyBear, formerly Huggybear742 (though I'm sure you figured that out ;) ). I was a long time lurker at the Lefora boards and was a hug fan or Rast and Timpossible's work on Rule34. It wasn't until about spring of last year that I bit the bullet and bought Gmod (along with a powerful enough laptop) and dove head first into posing. My early attempts were decidedly "meh," though through the encouragement and suggestions from the fine commenters here, I kept at it. I really struggled with the Gmod interface more than anything else and eventually cooled on the idea posing. It wasn't until I got my grubby little hands on Source Filmmaker last Fall, did I start having fun and produced poses I was happy with. I've had some experience using 3D posing tools like Poser, Daz3D, and even the terrible 3DSexvilla game, so SFM UI felt very natural to me. I would recommend anyone who's new to posing to give SFM a try. In my opinion, it's a much better posing tool than Gmod is, plus you can animate in it!
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:15:24


Good Day to you all. I am Tim. You may know me as Timpossible. I am a German and like all Germans completely and utterly crazy. I like to pose naughty Stuff in Garrys Mod. I would use this Source Film Maker, but I'm too lazy to learn a new thing. Yes, I'm just 24 years old and act like a 74 year old fart. I am an Actor. Yes. A real proper Actor with three years of Theater-School. So naturally I have not much work. But rejoice! That means I have time do make poses (and plan a nice suicide). I hope to become a good and well known Actor or if that does not work the future emporer of Germany. I think the latter is more realistic. I love Nerdy stuff. Comics Games (I'm one of this "Believe in the worth of this Medium. It has so much potential/Artsi-Fartsi" Games) Movies Theater Music Okay my Favorite Stuff: Movie(Live Action): Fight Club, Many Terantino Movies, RAN Movie(Animated): Akira, Ghost in the Shell, The Lion King Band: Rammstein and "Die apokalyptischen Reiter" (But I listen to nearly everything that entertains me) Game: Mafia 1, Red Dead Redemption, Silent Hill 2, TES (Every part i played but Oblivion) Actor: Christian Bale and Daniel Day Lewis Book: Der Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse TV-Show (Live Action): Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead TV-Show (Animated): Neon Genesis Evangelion, Archer, American Dad, Futurama, Full Metal Alchemist Political View: Hardcore Liberal (You shall be able to do whatever helps you being happy and free, as long you don't bother anyone in being happy and free or do thing that are REAL threats for anyone happines and freedom!) with a bit of Socialism in questions. (The Market has to be free but fuckin' FAIR!) Why the Fuck am i writing political stuff here? I don't know and I don't care. :D I just do it! :mrgreen:
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:23:17


Welp, might as well introduce myself, I'm TPS1...stupid name I know however it's an anagram of my more commonly used username. I'm into rock music however I listen to music groups such as Two Steps from Hell, Immediate Music, Brand X...ya know the general dramatic sort of music. I do have Gmod and Source Filmmaker however I can't really dedicate the time to making shit plus they're not downloaded. I want to get a career in voice acting shit like speaking in different voices can be fun as hell although it does strain your voice at times, on a final note I hate squeakers aka little kids, can't stand em if I'm playing a game of say Resident Evil or Team Fortress. I play a good selection of games from: RPG's, SOME shooters, stealth and terrible games such as Vampire Rain shit like that but I HATE CoD. I'm also a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead love it the TV series, comics and games also fun fact I've met Andrew Lincoln, this was before they started The Walking Dead TV series.
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 20:55:16


All right then, Let's get it over with. Hi, I'm Dr. Bigbob. Im not a doctor, I'm just interested in the female body. I'm a german and live in a german house in germany with a way too slow internet. I think I shouldn't say my real age (most people expect me older). I like to create 3D models in blender of every description. I also draw anime stuff with my tablet. Im very self-critical eminently by my drawing which I created. I also play piano, most of the songs who I can play are soundtrack from games (yea im a real nerd :geek: ). Stuff that I like Music: almost everthing Movie: Matrix 1-2 Games: TF2, Portal1-2, MGS series Food: Sandvich (dont worry i life healty) Television series: Scrubs, Hou I met your mother, Spongebob (the old episodes) Stuff that i dont like: gema, my art teacher, microphone raping kidys on servers, bronys, Pyromania update, my internet provier, one of our cats, two and a half man, bad internet, when someone don't response to me, my crunching chair If my english skills weren't so bad I would write more about me ( i wouldn't)
Mon, 28 Jan 2013 21:35:01


Hello, my name is Vitéz.I am a newcomer to nude posing. I did a few pictures about 3-4 months ago, those damn website redirections made me stop posing. Love:IBM Model M,Atari Jaguar,Gameboy Light. Hate:Call of duty,Battlefield,Crappy membrane keyboards.
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 02:37:45

Gilgamesh of Uruk

My name is Gilgamesh, fifth king of Uruk, slayer of gods, He Who Saw the Deep, son of Lugalbanda the Shepard, second king of Uruk. Okay, not really. I'm just a guy with an ancient Babylonian username. Because I'm [barred:a8rs3khz]crazy[/barred:a8rs3khz]awesome like that. I'm a web developer by trade, and a game designer by aspiration. Don't ask me to design a web page for you - I actually kind of suck at front-end stuff. I'm a back-end kind of guy - database-heavy, webservice-based three-tier-architecture type stuff. Anyways, my favorites: Music: Metal, chiptune and other game soundtracks, and baroque/romantic. A fan of Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Metallica (or at least, their good albums) for the first, Uematsu, Kondo, Ishimoto, and Masuda for the second, and Bach, Wagner and Tchaikovskiy for the last. Oh, and The Protomen, because they're awesome. I'll generally listen to anything, though, as long as it's good (and no scream/growl vocals - I ). Stick heavy electric guitars *and* an orchestra in a piece and I'm already there. Movie: I'm not much of a film guy. Inception would probably be my favorite. Actually, pretty much anything Christopher Nolan directed is generally awesome. I also like the good Star Wars and Star Trek movies (4-6 and the even ones, respectively), and I'm also partial to certain documentaries (I recommend "The Atomic Bomb Movie" - it has more explosions than some action movies). Games: Shooters. CRPGs. Classic JRPGs. Weird indie shit. I infuriate mainstream gamers by playing weird crap like "On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 3" or "The Last Remnant" or "Narbacular Drop", and I infuriate indie hipsters by enjoying "FEAR" or "Crysis" but hating "Braid" and "Deus Ex". I'll tend to analyze games as I play them, and I have folders full of ideas for various games. Right now I only have one project, on backburner, due to work being a bitch, but I'm trying to ramp it up. Honestly, I'm mostly here to lurk. I've tried several times to make this stuff on my own, and I'm just not as good enough to post any of it (also: not enough time to *get* good at it). I might critique a bit (all those liberal arts classes have to be useful *somewhere*), or maybe try my hand at writing scripts for comics, but I'm not going to be a major player here anytime soon.
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 02:41:49

Brother Antroz

I'm Brother Antroz, and I like spanking, Zoey, Rebecca...hell, too many ladies to count. :lol:
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 04:52:34


Hi, I'm <generic spare porn email name>, a.k.a. 30a30b, and I fap to all the stuff you guys make. Too much? Favorite color is PURPLE. Food is pizza. Games I am super into right now are Skyrim, Planetside 2, and watching Starcraft 2 as a spectator esport. My favorite music genres are metal, metalcore (the majority of my music), dubstep, light techno/dnb, altrock, and game soundtrack. Things I wish people would make more content of on this forum: [list:2rsf4efu]Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: the Clone Wars, or Star Wars in general Mortal Kombat (preferably 2011) Starcraft 2 Halo The Elder Scrolls Hell, even Pokemon xD[/list:u:2rsf4efu]
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 05:10:37


I'm Vaako. I don't game so much anymore, duty calls in life, but I try to use what spare time on the computer I have to animate.
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 08:54:09


"30a30b" said ...
Hell, even Pokemon xD
This is an interesting idea.
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 09:40:00


GiantKrill, resident pervert otaku. I like Japanese h-games and manga. I am also one of DE's few religious members. I'm of the opinion that whatever divine being is up there created sex for us to enjoy! On the previous forums I was leading the idea of DigitalEro creating its own point-and-click adventure H-Game. I plan on reviving that discussion soon.
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:28:46


Hello. i had been to the previous site before, but never got around to joining. I love work everyone here does. its absolutely amazing. I tend to skew towards scifi type stuff myself overall. I'm glad to see this place up and going.
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 03:38:50


"giantkrill" said ...
I am also one of DE's few religious members. I'm of the opinion that whatever divine being is up there created sex for us to enjoy!.
Many religious devoted to their religion are obsessed with suppressing natural needs and drives because of the sin concept, and towards that end they try to be less human. You don't. I like that :mrgreen:
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:35:19


Hello everyone, I discovered this nice place by following up a post from rastifan with an animation from fugtrup which led me to google digitalero which in turns led me to the steam group page to end up here (talk about a shortcut !). I have been looking around for a decent posing tool to put in pictures my dirty/perverted thoughts, I tried sexvilla and other shits the llast of them being XStoryPlayer which has the greatest engine I have seen yet but their content is... not that good (body deformations are awesome though). Since I arrived here at the previous forum I discovered that I overlooked SFM for what it could do and I am quickly catching it since then ;) I agree with HuggyBear, SFM is a really great tool ! I am interested in posing and modeling but I am primarily a developer. It's nice to finally find a place with likely minded people ;)
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 15:45:55


"byzboo" said ...
Hello everyone, I discovered this nice place by following up a post from rastifan with an animation from fugtrup which led me to google digitalero which in turns led me to the steam group page to end up here (talk about a shortcut !).
Thu, 31 Jan 2013 07:06:05


Hello I'm the wanderer just another randy that stumbled onto this site. Setup looks great and the models are pretty top notch not to mention the movies and gallery...some great stuff there!
Thu, 31 Jan 2013 21:07:10


Mostly a lurker since the last two sites? Not much to say >_> Keep up the good work! The models have a lot of uses but they're also pretty great for references when drawing.
Sat, 02 Feb 2013 20:17:17


Hello everyone! I am Zearoth! I've actually been around for a little while, enjoying these peoples' wonderful work, and even starting work on my own projects. I'm really looking to get into modeling so I can give back to such a generous community. So if anyone has a finger that knows where to point me, then please do!
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 17:52:38


Oh well time to do this on the new website as well. My digital identity name is Vitezislav. While gaming online many think I am Czech or Russian, but I am far from that. I am from the Netherlands. The name Vitezislav comes from Sergei Lukyanenko books, Night Watch/Day Watch/Twilight Watch and The Final Watch. Blind Guardian is my favorite band. The good, the bad and the ugly is my all time favorite movie, although I am also a huge fan of Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. J.R.R. Tolkien is my fav writer and his book The Silmarillion by far the best book ever. In my opinion is Bioware the best at making RPG. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are one of my favorite games. Besides games and making 3D art, is cooking a hobby of mine.
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 18:59:40


Hello, I'm beautifulmidnight, though most shorten it to Midnight or Beautiful, it doesn't matter which. A few things about me: Favorite hobby(-ies): Video games & 3D artwork, mostly. Favorite music: Everything. Favorite artist(s): Cristina Scabbia & Amy Lee. Favorite band(s): Linkin Park, Paul Oakenfold, Rob Dougan, Juno Reactor, EV, Three Days Grace, etc. Favorite movie(s): I'm a fan of Quentin Tarantino films. Favorite actor(s): Milla Jovovich, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, etc. Favorite book(s): Fight Club (anything by Chuck Palahniuk, really), Starship Troopers, Snow Crash, etc. Favorite game(s): Catherine, Tomb Raider II, Mass Effect 2, Fallout New Vegas, Resident Evil 2 & 3, & Skyrim. Favorite food: Sopapillas. Favorite colour(s): Black. Favorite TV series(s): Game of Thrones, sometimes True Blood. And lots of other shows that are no longer being aired. Perks: I have nice boobs and can get whatever I want. Kidding, kidding. Well, not about the boobs part.
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 19:35:59


"beautifulmidnight" said ...
Perks: I have nice boobs and can get whatever I want. Kidding, kidding. Well, not about the boobs part.
This is not a problem. We have nothing in the rules against nice boobs :P
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 20:07:40


There's something magical about that new site smell with lots of new folk to befriend! :D
"beautifulmidnight" said ...
Perks: I have nice boobs and can get whatever I want. Kidding, kidding. Well, not about the boobs part.
[scroll=8,left:o03p5mrz]RESISTING URGE TO ASK FOR PICS[/scroll:o03p5mrz]
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 21:04:16


"Rastifan" said ...
"beautifulmidnight" said ...
Perks: I have nice boobs and can get whatever I want. Kidding, kidding. Well, not about the boobs part.
This is not a problem. We have nothing in the rules against nice boobs :P
Yeah, I didn't think it would be a problem :D
Sun, 03 Feb 2013 21:15:33


"DemonicLemon" said ...
There's something magical about that new site smell with lots of new folk to befriend! :D
"beautifulmidnight" said ...
Perks: I have nice boobs and can get whatever I want. Kidding, kidding. Well, not about the boobs part.
[scroll=8,left:odx2eitc]RESISTING URGE TO ASK FOR PICS[/scroll:odx2eitc]
Thanks for the warm welcome :hello: :-D
Mon, 04 Feb 2013 05:26:02


My name is Sara. I'm not interested in getting personal so there's not much I'm going to say beyond that. I'm fan of the creations here of Miranda, Liara and various other Mass Effect characters, and Zoey from Left 4 Dead. I joined to try and make a difference by simply offering thanks in the most honest way that I can to what I take and enjoy from those of you making it. I've been enjoying the more recent flow of erotic art and animation based on the above and I hope there's much more to come.
Mon, 04 Feb 2013 21:35:57


Don't think I've properly introduced myself on the new forum. I've been around since the beginning, on the first forums as deathwing107 and on the freeforums website as deadbolt107. I make pictures and comics to the best of my ability with little or no post-editing. I enjoy making the pictures and even organizing the comics themselves, but delicate and time-consuming work like touchups and such I don't find fun in the least, so I don't do them. That is my one and only focus, is to have fun with this. Notoriety is only a plus, but even if no one viewed my content, I'd make it and post it on the internet. I also only use Garry's Mod and have no interest learning Source Film Maker at the moment. That's a personal choice. With that in mind, if I suddenly disappear don't be surprised. I either found something else fun that occupies my time enough where I don't have time to make new content here or possibly post here, or I'm consumed with work.
Wed, 06 Feb 2013 06:40:56


I'm Kiasyon. Commenter extraordinaire (crowd shouts "You suck"). I'm, Bisexual, a big fan of Mass Effect, especially since the vast number of romance options and multiple playthroughs have created infinite numbers of headcanons and of course all of the drop dead gorgeous characters can lead to an infinite amount of spank bank material. I was brought here by my search for more pics by Tim Possible (thank you google) and I found the old forums. I primarily use Gmod, but I'm debating on whether or not to try SFM out, but I figure I should at least get better at GMOD first right? I mainly stick to the sex poses forums threads, but I'm aiming to make an artistic nudes thread sooner or later when my gangbang and orgy binge dies down. :gni:
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 19:10:04


Hi everyone! I've been following this forum for a long time, since it was still on and I enjoy it very much! I've finally made an account and I'll soon start posting my stuff! Cheers! :D
Thu, 07 Feb 2013 21:47:59

Bill Cosby

BA ZIBITY GIN TRAN UG A FAN NENENENEN HA BIBBITY BOB IN GOOB LA NE TAG FOO FOO NE A GAH HU MA ZIGAGGITY NAB! Translation: Hello I'm Bill Cosby. Boobs are nice, so are the various other parts of the female form. You are all excellent at posing and making wonderful content for my fap-folder. Thank you.
Fri, 08 Feb 2013 01:23:10


Holy shit! Bill Cosby :D Lemme get some some jello pudding mate XD
Fri, 08 Feb 2013 05:57:31


His avatar is pretty damn epic :)
Fri, 08 Feb 2013 08:11:10


Hi, I'm LordAardvark, and I'm a recoverin- Oh, wait. Wrong meeting. I don't think I've ever formally introduced myself. I'm LordAardvark, as I am sure most of you know. And as most of you probably know, I do a lot of model and animation work, with the occasional still image and comic. I am also working on a map. The most defining characteristic about me, though, is that I am an asshole. I know I am an asshole, and do not try to do anything to stop it, for I believe in always being yourself. I also like bacon. And ass. I really like ass. Really like ass. Reaaaaaaaaally... ... I'm going to go stare at the source videos of my avatar for a while now. Excuse me. *grabs toilet paper roll*
Sun, 10 Feb 2013 10:41:52


"LordAardvark" said ...
I also like bacon.
Sun, 10 Feb 2013 11:01:32


I'm douji and I'm a modeller. Currently trying to export a model from blender to source but it's not going so well.
Tue, 12 Feb 2013 19:02:55

Shia la Bouffalant

What's up Perverts? :P Name's Ben, and I'd like to thank Rastifan for introducing me to this very forum. I love everything you guys do here! Credit also goes to Fourty (Fourtynights90 on DeviantART I think?) Okay, my Favorite Stuff: Movie(Live Action): Many Terantino Movies, The Terminator Movie(Animated): Monsters Inc. Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Ghost in the Shell Band: Rob Zombie, Daiki Kasho, Celldweller, Blue Stahli & Limp Bizkit (though I can listen to mostly anything) Game: Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Portal, Team Fortress 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Metroid Prime, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Far Cry 3 Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crispin Freeman, Sylvester Stallone, Peter Cullen, Steven J Blum, Terry Crews Book: Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story TV-Show (Live Action): Takeshi's Castle, 24 TV-Show (Animated): Gurren Lagann, Cowboy Bebop, Batman: TAS,
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 11:53:03


Alright! Time for an introduction. (I did actually sign up on this forum a while ago but I didn't have the time to introduce myself back then.) I am Redazo, an ordinary shy Swedish pervert and gamer, and I've been lurking around since the old forum and observing other people's work. But now I've decided it's time to reveal who I am. So here's a few things I like to do! [glow:94php6rm]Games:[/glow:94php6rm] I love playing video games like many others do as well no doubt about that and here's a few games that I enjoy playing: the Mass Effect trilogy. Any games made by Valve. Age of Empires II,III/Mythology. Minecraft and Terraria. And of course, Garry's mod. [glow:94php6rm]Movies:[/glow:94php6rm] The two first movies from the "Alien" trilogy and...eeh..well that's pretty much it. I rarely watch any movies at all. [glow:94php6rm]Other stuff![/glow:94php6rm] I love porn. That's pretty much the reason why I decided to join DE. Also If I'm not busy masturbating furiously to some extraterrestrial creatures having sex I'm probably busy with drawing extraterrestrial creatures having sex instead. I like to draw stuff okay?
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 12:39:07


"Redazo" said ...
I'm probably busy with drawing extraterrestrial creatures having sex instead. I like to draw stuff okay?
Welcome! We must see some of these in the future :)
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 14:10:18


"The 'Strayan Snip3r" said ...
"Redazo" said ...
I'm probably busy with drawing extraterrestrial creatures having sex instead. I like to draw stuff okay?
Welcome! We must see some of these in the future :)
I may have been exaggerated a bit too much about that. I am merely a amateur at drawing and I've never drawn anything porn related. I shouldn't have said that. :oops: I'm sorry.
Mon, 18 Feb 2013 05:15:58


Hey, this is my first time posting in this iteration of Digitalero. I was here two forums before, but I wasn't that active. You may know me on Facepunch, but I changed my name here to keep a little more anonymous (using my actual name as my username was never a good idea, in retrospect). I hope to post some content here soon enough, and I'm glad to see this forum going strong.
Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:46:23


Some of you may know me from steam or FP, but let me introduce myself anyway. Hi, I'm Demoness, I used to be 'turtlehead' or 'turtleh' before I decided to have a name change to something... better, to say it like that. I used to do a lot of erotic/sexposes back when the sexpose thread on FP was still allowed, made a lot of pictures with the nude Alyx which often included Vortigaunts or other beings... but mostly vorts because who doesn't like a bit of human on alien action? So yeah... here I am, I introduced myself before on the previous version of digitalero (not sure what my username on that one was), but I figured I'd say hi again. Here's a link to my deviantart which has a few of the latest pictures I did: Aaaannnndd... right now I'm working on possibly making a few pictures based on an enderwoman, we'll see how that goes.
Tue, 19 Feb 2013 11:50:16


My turn now~ The name's Cynthia. I'll be turning 21 on the 6th of March. Currently I'm working my fine ass off as a secretary and part-time translator, in Hungary. Following in the footsteps of my fellow forum users, I'll be sharing my favorite stuff. My favorite... ...thing in the world: Women, roleplaying, sleeping, drawing, video games, swimming. Nightwish, Disturbed ...genre of music: Everything goes, but above all, rock, metal and orchestral epics. ...color: Blue, red and all their darker shades. game(s): TES series, Guild Wars 2, TERA... that'll do for now. Way too much to list. Pastaaa~ ...relaxation activity: Drooling over a few saucy pictures on the Internet.
Tue, 19 Feb 2013 20:03:31


Hi , I'm Arielle , I'm french ! Things I like: Music: Ellie Goulding , Katy Perry , Rihanna... Movies: Scary movie series and other funny things. Games: Half Life series , Killing floor , Little Big Planet 2 , Tomb Raider series , and much more. Foods: Sushi , Maki , Japaness things. Drinks: Coke. Television series: Not my style , only Glee. Color: Blue ! Also , I'm a Girl. :3
Tue, 19 Feb 2013 23:22:11


Well i was drawn to the site, by the loving Admin Rafistan. And i wanted to try to make some pictures. so i will do that. Amateur pictures of course. Not in anyway good, And who i am? Lets keep that a secret :).
Wed, 20 Feb 2013 00:02:37


Well I am DoomPatrol85 :P Cosplayer/Photographer/Game Tester & all around gamer. My Steam name is of course DoomPatrol85 This is my youtube playlist I play why on gmod or any game And I am basically here to get good mods and try to make some pics at the same level of the best like Rastifan. Want to know more friend me on Steam and lets play together....on the games you sickos!!!!
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 15:22:56


Hi guys, I go by the name BlazBro on porn related sites. I used to make hair models for Super Deepthroat (I think 90% of the BlazBlue girl's hairs you can find will have been made by me). I'm new to SFM but I think it's pretty easy to use (I have experience with Flash, obviously). Only thing I suck at is doing stuff outside of SFM :( I need help with eye posing and shit. It's a nuisance.
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 18:17:55


Actually I introduced myself back in Lefora times once, but I think I'll decide to keep everything in secret from now on, haha. :D
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 19:00:55


But we all want to get to know you Fourty :D
Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:26:22


names chris loves what you guys do
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 04:29:28


Hey there, stopping by to say hello :) First off, I appreciate everything that's done here, this is easily one of the best Gmod resources in existence. Hat's off to you chaps, keep up the phenomenal work! Anyway, there's nothing terribly interesting about me. I do some posing in my spare time, mostly bondage-related. Also do some writing on the side, again bondage-related. In real life, I'm hopping back and forth between two part-time jobs while looking for something permanent in my field. Oh, and I'm a coffee fanatic :) See you all 'round the boards! :D
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 04:41:13


"Neehko" said ...
Oh, and I'm a coffee fanatic :)
Come in to my arms brother^^
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 04:45:30


"Rastifan" said ...
"Neehko" said ...
Oh, and I'm a coffee fanatic :)
Come in to my arms brother^^
Indeed, I shall return your embrace, fellow lover of caffeine! :D
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 04:48:24


I'm more a tea guy myself though one sweet coffee every so often in the morning is pretty good. I also fucking love caramel.
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 05:07:39


Fully agreed with the caramel love! I'm actually currently obsessing over this caramel coffee I've discovered, which I also sweeten to hell with sugar (I hate black coffee). It's insanely good.
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 05:12:30


"DemonicLemon" said ...
I also fucking love caramel.
Retreats in to the coffee dungeon... Arms him self with small packs of Eight O'Clock coffee bags, ready to throw at DemonicLemon if he tries to impose caramel on innocent people. I hate caramel :P
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 05:20:19


"Rastifan" said ...
Retreats in to the coffee dungeon... Arms him self with small packs of Eight O'Clock coffee bags, ready to throw at DemonicLemon if he tries to impose caramel on innocent people. I hate caramel :P
*levitates off floor, Ermac style* We love the Caramel, We spread the Caramel, We fight for the Caramel, We die for the Caramel. *Falls to floor* Erm, I mean, what's wrong with caramel? *shifts eyes left to right*
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 05:28:04


"DemonicLemon" said ...
*levitates off floor, Ermac style* We love the Caramel, We spread the Caramel, We fight for the Caramel, We die for the Caramel. *Falls to floor* Erm, I mean, what's wrong with caramel? *shifts eyes left to right*
Yes yes I know. I am one of the few who hates it. People often look at me like I am smallpox on two legs when uttering this.
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 21:01:23


Hey there. So I go by Terrami, Terra, TM, or just about any variation. Fun fact, my name is just a shortened version of Terraform The Mind, an old username of mine from ages ago. No one here should know much of me. I'm a new guy by any standard. I admit now that I am not much of a skinner, animator, or the like. I enjoy the work here though. ^_^ So what can I bring to the table? Well, it is my dream to be a writer. I saw you have a fanfic board here. I'm not that big into blatant smut but I've been complimented on my stories before. I'm sure I could entertain you all to some extent. At least, such is my hope. By the way, I don't mind telling you all my true name. It's Ryan, pleasure to meet ya! I hope I soon find my place among you all! See ya!
Sat, 09 Mar 2013 23:06:46


Greetings to the new arrivals. Glad to have you with us :hat:
Wed, 13 Mar 2013 03:32:20


"Rastifan" said ...
"DemonicLemon" said ...
I also fucking love caramel.
Retreats in to the coffee dungeon... Arms him self with small packs of Eight O'Clock coffee bags, ready to throw at DemonicLemon if he tries to impose caramel on innocent people. I hate caramel :P
I shall aid you in your plight against bad coffee! GROUND COFFEE FOR THE WIN! Also, hi, I am JustSomeGuy. I chose this name to be conspicuously inconspicuous. Is it working? So, i'm kinda looking into giving this a try. I doubt I will be much good, but I have always wondered how I would be if I were to try my hand at it. Also, I joined this through a major appreciation of the works of Fugtrup and LordAardvark. Since lurking the forums (and not registering) I saw a lot of really good people here. Now I have registered, and I shall hopefully contribute if I can.
Tue, 26 Mar 2013 21:52:30


Hello all, Marvelme long time lurker and admirer of the work done here. What to know about me, favorite games, Mass Effect, Gears of War, and some others Movies, I don't get into movies too often TV Series, um my user pic is of a guy from my favorite tv series Music nothing you'd likely know what do I rbing to the table, umm I'm a writer and a perfectionist my current undertaking is several Mass Effect related fics, that head towards bondage S&M. That's about it I guess and I'm a caffeine addict too though my choice is Mt Dew not Coffee. So um see ya around or um something also I'm tech-tarded so G-mod and stuff way above my head.
Wed, 27 Mar 2013 08:39:11


"marvelme" said ...
I guess and I'm a caffeine addict too
High fives my brother. I can't do a simple anal pose without my beloved coffee cup :mrgreen:
Sun, 14 Apr 2013 19:25:17


Hi there. Seems it's been a little bit since someone last posted, but anyhow, I'll post. IRL name is Luke. I'm a high school student. Born and raised in Scotland, still here today. My dream job is to be a computer technician, or something along those lines. Dunno what it is about computers, just fascinated by them I guess. I joined not long before posting this. I practice nude posing in Garry's Mod. Not too awful at it, might post some pictures at some point. I also want to try my hand at SFM. I didn't think I'd get into this whole nude posing thing, but, as it happens, I enjoy doing it. I like: [list:1pf5p2t1]- Dubstep - Rock - Classic Rock - Electro - Trance, a little. - Breakcore/Raggacore - Pizza - Cheeseburgers [/list:u:1pf5p2t1] Some of my favorite bands/artists are: [list:1pf5p2t1]- Skrillex (His older stuff was good, newer stuff, not so much) - Rise Against - Green Day - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Renard[/list:u:1pf5p2t1] I would share more, but I don't want to make this post longer than it already is.
Sun, 14 Apr 2013 19:28:22


Welcome TraumaLP :)
Sun, 14 Apr 2013 19:54:18


"Rastifan" said ...
Welcome TraumaLP :)
Thank you! Glad to be here.
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 01:44:47


Genre of music and band: Rock and metal mostly, been a fan of Nightwish for years and Iron Maiden. Movie: Star wars Trilogies, LotR and the Pokemon movies (been a devoted fan since it's beginning) Game(s): Killing Floor, TF2 and the Metro games. Food: Kebab and Pizza Colour: Deep blue Television series(s): Supernatural, 1000 ways to die, Ancient Aliens and Da Vinci's Demons I'm just an ordinary guy mostly, working as a cook in a chinese restaurant. I am into archery and backpacking. Live in Norway and have been a relatively common dweller here before i decided to make an account.
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 03:30:38


"Imtherofler" said ...
Live in Norway and have been a relatively common dweller here before i decided to make an account.
Hi there fellow Norwegian^^
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 06:42:08


Well, uh... I've been a lurker for quite some time, even dating back to the old website. Then some rules changed, so now I'm here. I'm also a Facepuncher, so I was familiar with Rastifan long before I discovered this place (he doesn't know me, but I know him ). One thing I enjoy is Source Filmmaking, because it's much easier to make pictures with compared to Garry's Mod. And I guess that's pretty much all I can say right now. So in conclusion: Hi, DigitalEro!
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:45:15


Visited here for a while, then joined after whatever happened that locked most of us lurkers out of the site. (Can one of the older posters on here explain what happened/Why we now need accounts to view?) Anyway, know nearly nothing about any of this stuff involving Gmod/SFM but willing to start learning if their are some good tutorials out there, more of a fan of people's work (seriously, some of the stuff on here is fantastic), figure if I ever have enough time (and hard drive space) maybe I'll start some of my own work. Now on to me actually. Currently working on a degree in an engineering field, but a sci-fi fan at heart (stuff like New BSG, Firefly, etc.) . Like classic rock, movie soundtracks and even a bit of funk once in a while. Also, can't stand the taste of coffee (sorry) and barely drink soda. I'm actually quite partial to flavored -carbonated water.
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 19:52:14


"Shepmind" said ...
Visited here for a while, then joined after whatever happened that locked most of us lurkers out of the site. (Can one of the older posters on here explain what happened
This was not something I wanted, but we was forced to do it this way. The massive number of none registered visitors was causing havoc on the forum resources. I was at some point blocked from my own forum here because the resource limits where busted.
Sat, 29 Jun 2013 23:59:54


Hello, I'm just little interested in SFM, so I'm here. I love make music and draw pictures.
Sun, 30 Jun 2013 02:01:15


"nfr" said ...
Hello, I'm just little interested in SFM, so I'm here. I love make music and draw pictures.
Short and simple, i like it :D Welcome!
Tue, 02 Jul 2013 15:08:23


Hi guys. I've bin Stalking Rastafin on Deviant Art for... I don't know how long, but I think that isn't relavant at this time. Anyway, decided to join when I saw someone here was working on a Nova model from StarCraft 2. Current hobbys include mainly Airsoft. Was into Gmod for some years, but a lack of time and money, forced me to put that aside. Unfortunetly, lost most of my stuff there due to some frustrated admins. That aside, this is a nice little forum you have here.
Tue, 02 Jul 2013 15:59:15


Well Hi guys...Oh man... I didn´t saw, that such a "introduce-part" on De exists :shock: well I think I have to introduce myself like everyone else so I have to say: "Hi I´m Knogga!" I´m registried on this side a half year ago, I think... I started some requestes on De, since I joined. I only work with SFM and become better and better with my artwork, even when I can´t beat the Gmod and SFM gods like Rastifan,Huggybear and Fugtrup and many more :) I´m a nice girl, who loves old school stuff-like Jazz and RockNRoll and loves the brilliant people, which are working here on this side, that´s the reason, I guess, why I am here :mrgreen: Well Everyone should realized, that my english is bad, but I hope you will understand the most of that what I´m trying to say correctly and pleeease don´t think, that I am rude, cos sometimes I do speak english like in my nativlanguage and that have in english a compleeetly different meaning. (In fact I´m a very polite Person) Okay that´s more than enough about me, Knogga out :!: ;D
Sun, 06 Oct 2013 14:54:56


Aright, lets set one thing straight, if you want it done, don't come to me. I'm basically the guy that you can have a ton of fun with (maybe learn something while you're at it), me friends usually call me Lawrence, as for gaming name it's LawrenceKiller - BoxSoldier. You can ofcourse ask me to do something, but you better not have a specified timeline because I'm the definition of laziness. Favourite band, Linkin Park. Movie, Anything to do with Lotr. Games, Spore, Tf2, Mount & Blade, The Elder Scrolls Series, and the usual flash game. Food, anything that's edible. Colour, Purple, because I'm like that! Television series, what's a television? Interests, Astronomics, The English language. Oh.. and I'm an atheist.
Thu, 10 Oct 2013 02:20:38


Yo guys, Yagskie here. Truth to be told, this is my first and so far the longest active forum I've ever been. I have some video editing skills with a couple of years of experience. I've never touch any 3D stuffs in my entire life, SFM was my first, and it did popped my cherry. My hobbies are usually surfing, and online gaming (DOTA2). I also like combative sports such like MMA. I been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) for 4 years for exercise. FOOD: Anything that does involve spicy foods LIKES: Sleep late, pranks, friendly MMA sparring DISLIKES: waking me up that with nonsense and unimportant reasons, disturbing while gaming or working MOVIES: any undead zombie genre MUSIC: old school alternative and acoustic rock
Thu, 10 Oct 2013 21:05:39


Why the hell not. SteamId: ras464 (nickname: DOGE) Music: Anything is fine. Mostly depends on my mood. Movies: Dead Snow, The Troll Hunter, Deadheads, Ghost in the Shell, Matrix trilogy and more (but my memory is baaaaad). Games: PAYDAY series, Dark Souls, Dead Rising: OTR...actually add me on steam and check out the list for yourself. Fav Food: I don't play favourites. Colours: Almost any color. Tv Series: FRINGE, Dead Like Me...and again my memory isn't doing it's job. Drink: Vodka That's it I think. If you wanna know something in particular just ask.
Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:25:13


Figure this is as good a place as any to make my first post. I go by lovecraftjack, or Frostmourne, but really, you can just call me Jack. I'm a kind of connoisseur of the macabre, I own dozens of literature books that most would deem dark or gothic, but I find the beauty in them easily. I got here by looking around for nude sfm models (guilty) and what I found was so much more. I've been a writer for nine years now, and I want to learn how to unleash my fantasies in animated form. I'm still learning, and I'm nowhere near good enough for anything of mine to be post-worthy(even though my friends think otherwise), and I hope one day to be as good as Vaako or LordAardvark, those two are a couple of my heroes, demi-gods in my book. So yes, funereal greetings to you all.
Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:38:23


"lovecraftjack" said ...
to be as good as Vaako or LordAardvark, those two are a couple of my heroes, demi-gods in my book.
Haha, while I am most appreciate of your comments, I can assure you we're not deities of any sort. Welcome to the forum regardless.
Wed, 23 Oct 2013 21:44:31


"vaako" said ...
Haha, while I am most appreciate of your comments, I can assure you we're not deities of any sort. Welcome to the forum regardless.
I'd be bowing right now if we were in person. I tip my hat to you sir, and I must give my utmost thanks for the welcome.
Sat, 26 Oct 2013 06:14:16


It likely would have made more sense to introduce myself before uploading stuff but... meh... I'm sure no one will complain. This persona is Fyzz. I hail from Canada. I love games and music. I started getting into SFM after stumbling across this website and have been having a lot of fun with it. I have a little experience in 3D modeling, but virtually none in animation, so I'm hoping my love for naked ladies will provide motivation/inspiration to get good. Not to mention the ridiculously talented people here from whom I can take notes. A few of my favorite things: Games: Dark Souls, TF2, Batman: Arkham series, Metal Gear Solid series Music: Yes. Almost all kinds. Currently listening to Pepe Deluxé and Five Alarm Funk. Movies: The Big Lebowsky, City of Lost Children, Watchmen, Cabin in the Woods Books: Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Neverwhere. It's been a long time since I read a book that wasn't a manual. Food: I can't choose one dish, but I love Indian and Thai food. Anything with curry is awesome.
Fri, 01 Nov 2013 06:52:11


Well since it makes more sense to introduce myself before I start uploading... well... hi. I'm Kushishekku or Kris depending which website i'm on. I stumbled across the old forum ages ago and just recently I've got the motivation to start doing posing in SFM. I will probably come close to some of you guys but i'll try. Also people who know me personally consider me pretty weird. I also draw stuff. Favourite; Movie: Too many to list Game: The Fallout series, Saint's Row series, Just Cause 2 among many. Food: I don't have a exact favourite but I love spicy food. Music: Anything that I think sounds good (mostly metal and soundtracks). Colour: Black and red.
Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:48:17


Hello new here
Wed, 20 Nov 2013 20:12:15


Welcome all new members :)
Sat, 30 Nov 2013 17:56:30


Hey guys hows it going? Baron, or BB if you want here and I've been lurking on this forum for months now. Been debating on if i really want to get involved into animation and after watching all the wonderful work here, I decided to jump in feet first. Of course, I'm drowning though. Think we all do in those first steps. Anyways, I can say that Marm, Fugtrup, Aardvark, Leeter, Yagskies, Beowulf and a couple others are my inspiration for learning. Anyways, I'm married, a gamer, learning to be a writer and hating my current job of employment for all its shittyness! Its been nice to meet you all and I hope we all get along nicely so!
Sat, 30 Nov 2013 21:12:31


hello skull231 here. like to play gmod and playstation.
Tue, 03 Dec 2013 01:55:52


Howdy howdy. Been lurking around here a while. Thought I might as well say hello, maybe even throw out some pictures of my own somtime. Three guesses what they'd probably be about, given my username.
Wed, 04 Dec 2013 21:30:54


Ho, hi Denny! So It takes me a long time to go here, to make a profile and finally present myself... I'm lurking on this forum since... since Rastifan speak it on DA long time ago. At this time i only used gmod to do some poster of some shit on TF2. And i don't known why i had that idea but one day i downloaded sfm and i try it, i don't make anything the first 7h and i shut it down for some months. And one other day i downloaded some models and use it for porn. Why? Why not. And i don't really speak english, i think you can see it. Favourite: Movies: pfff too many Games: TF2, and other shits Food: pizza Music: Nasty, and some shitty beatdown Colour: nope
Wed, 04 Dec 2013 22:10:16


Good to see you on the forum, Pino. I saw your animation on r34. It was very good!.
Sat, 21 Dec 2013 23:56:36


Hey, I typically don't make posts on these types of threads when joining a new community but that's just more the way I am, no disrespect meant. I'm more so here because of some of this boards art I found on a messaging board that was tagged with SFM. A quick Google Image Similarity Search and here I am to contribute some of the finished works I've completed using mostly your fine peoples models/maps/props and such. Music: Electro, Metal and Jazz Movies: The Ninth Gate Games: GTA and Hitman Food: What do you have? Drink: Water and Gin Color: Crimson (not meaning to be sick)
Fri, 03 Jan 2014 23:37:49


Hi, I just wanted to greet everybody on this forum. And I wish a belated happy new year.
Fri, 03 Jan 2014 23:59:32


Welcome everyone :)
Fri, 31 Jan 2014 05:31:08


Well, I can't recall when I actually joined DE anymore but I'm still fairly new. My name is Alex. But the title for anything and everything related to the internet or video games is Stealth2111. One or two other websites may have Hotshot2111 instead but, Stealth ultimately wins. I'm pretty new to posing and such but picked up pretty quick. Basics and a few extras anyway. I'm very detail oriented but lacking in the sense of clutter and object posing, meaning, scenes will most likely be plain or with objects in not so believable positions. Anyways... I love the shit and have a pretty bad addiction to new models and custom content. My everyday job as a U.S Soldier pits me with little tolerance for bullshit and not a lot of time for hobbies but I try. I'm blunt, honest, and dedicated. I also love my wife. :D I like video games, movies, and a few types of music. Should really ask for the details, my replies will be much more interesting. I don't know if anyone on here knows what ASMR is...but you should check it out if you dont. It is really nice. So, I hope I can make some friends and contribute, and thanks for having me.
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 03:07:26


Sup, I'm Lightning Bukkake of the Bukkake family. I hope to enjoy the various amounts of gmod/sfm porn with you all. :mrgreen:
Tue, 11 Feb 2014 05:20:24


Welcome to all new members :)
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 10:27:32


I'm a twenty-something year old guy who got semi-forced into a 3D animation course due various circumstances. Despite that I'm actually more comfortable with the 2D side of things! I've always enjoyed drawing, and I've been at it seriously for a couple of years now. Most of the time I'm drawing porn but I hope to get into character designing and concept one day. That said, I don't particularly hate 3D. I'm sure there's a lot I can pick up from learning the general 3D workflow. And if I'm already familiar with it, I might as well have fun and make some porn! Hell it might motivate me to practice it more. Oh, I guess I like videogames, "the animes", and cartoons about colorful horses. And I hate healthy sleep schedules apparently. I should be asleep RIGHT NOW. Nice to meet'cha.
Wed, 12 Feb 2014 11:09:18


"kergeros" said ...
And I hate healthy sleep schedules apparently. I should be asleep RIGHT NOW.
I know quite many artists to whom the term healthy sleep schedule is a mystery^^
Sat, 15 Feb 2014 02:58:35


"Goron_Ozzy" said ...
Introductory thread for everyone to get acquainted with one another! I'll get the ball rolling with myself! I've gone by a few names over my time at Ero (OzSnip3r, Captain Jack, and now The 'Strayan Snip3r), so you may have heard of my by any one of them. I've got some experience in just about everything, ranging from modelling and skinning, to posing and animating. Favourite stuff! Genre of music and band: Rock, big fan of AC/DC and The Who Movie: Particularly enjoy Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean, and the Bourne series Game(s): Halo, Command and Conquer, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft Food: Pizza Colour: Red Television series(s): The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones So, feel free to introduce yourselves!
Vin the wolf, humbly at your service. Part gentleman, part wolf. I am a firm believer in naturalism...and our desires are completely natural...thus I say, let us not be called perverts, for we are just more proud of the way our race works. Cheers mates, cheers loves
Tue, 18 Feb 2014 09:15:28


I found DE through a popular forum. One of the comments mentioned this site so I came for a look see. After arriving and looking around, I found myself admiring some of the talent on display here. I love artwork, plain and simple. This place appears to have that in spades. I'll contribute from time to time with images. For the now, my graphics card went on the fritz so I'm fixing to have to replace that before I can do new stuff. So this is just a hand wave to say hi everyone!
Sun, 02 Mar 2014 20:22:02


Hello Guys, I am MajinSM or maybe you will sooner or later know me as Sonic, also my Youtube Channel is called Sonicshadowfusion, so is also my steam profile. Yes I am a pretty big fan of that blue Hedgehog and I don't hide that I am a really fucking crazy guy. When I am not here, looking for ideas for posing characters or creating clips, I am doing LPs or I am just off working to earn my Money. I played several games in my Lifetime,( of course Lots of Sonic games,) in many genres and generations. before I started doing LPS I simplyy watched some and Thought "HEy! I can do that, too! Maybe" So I started. By the time of getting better and Better I got more and more interest of creating videos in many different ways. Also since, I got my Youtube Channel partnered, I figured I could do interesting stuff using SFM and getting into the stuff of animating. Since I am a passionate TF2 Player from time to time, I didnt hesitate to start playing around with the program until I watched some Tutorials and started doing some better animations, but still on the level of an amateur but that may change over time. I got to DE just recently by looking for some nude Models. What can I say? I am also just a man. Since I joined this forum I want to put effort into sex posing and stuff, I dont just want to abuse this place as a map/model source. Also I really have to say the Guys who do all the modeling and porting stuff do some great work, the few models I got from here are far better than the casual (or should I say non-porn?) models elsewhere on the net. Also we got Tutorials and supporting Members here for eveything necessary to create above-average pictures or animations. In just the few days I've been here already I learned a shit ton more than in a whole of 2 weeks straight animating (or a better word is trying to animata at all). I don't regret coming here :mrgreen:
Sun, 09 Mar 2014 23:52:37


hi, i'm not new here, but this is the first time i'm introducing myself here. i don't animate because i'm shit with computers. i just like to watch and critique. i'm also one of those few strange people who prefer liara paired up with male shepard instead of female shepard. condemn me all you want for that.
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 12:11:03


i'm new here and i'm bad at doing presentation... but, anyway i'm a 27yo interested in drawings, i've startet to use gmod as "sample" for my scenarios but after i've found this site i got interested in posing and texture editing, i'd like to intervene on 3d models too but i'm hardly unprepared and i got no tools (mabye i'll learn someday) sadly i got the "lurker syndrome" on forums.. i rarely write 'cause i'm bad at english, and 'cause if i don't have something really good to say i prefer to not spam i like this place btw :D
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 14:35:43


Welcome all :)
Wed, 12 Mar 2014 16:52:00


Any new girls are here? :mrgreen:
Thu, 20 Mar 2014 17:52:45


Ozzy here. New to the game but been a fan since seeing works on rule34 a year or so ago. Big fan of music: electronic, rock, but mostly metal (death, black, power, core/post-hardcore, etc.) Play PC games only since I'd rather not stick with a console. Fan of animes as well. Hope to stick around for a long time.
Sun, 20 Apr 2014 11:37:57


Heya, Little Red here. I'm very new to Source Falmmaker, very very new to this site and insanely new to being able to find a release for my creativity. I downloaded a couple of mods for SFM but I'm having issues getting them to work, it doesn't help that I'm pretty clueless about the inner workings of programs like this. I can add a folder to a folder but anything after that loses me :/ I'd really like to be able to make the kinds of pictures and gifs that I see on Rule 34 eventually, preferably based on Contagion. Music wise I like Rammstein, Oomph!, Ruoska, Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Florence and the Machine, Bye Alex and I've recently gotten into Corvus Corax, Omnia and Shinedown.
Fri, 02 May 2014 18:51:24

Evil Ash

Hey everybody, I go by 'Evil Ash' which I think I'm starting to realize might be confusing for some people here. I'm new to this scene specifically but very familiar with the tools and functionality of what is being done. I used SFM a fair bit when it first launched, and then it got used less and less. But now, after finding this talented community - I'm ready to give it a rebirth. I'm more used to 3DSM but the principles are the same. I work in film, so have lots of experience and understanding with real world lighting, editing, composition, etc. which I think translates equally to digital content creation. I've also been a modder pretty much since my first computer. I started out with modding games like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior, then Unreal, Quake III Arena, and up from there. A lot of my gaming purchases are based on whether or not they have any editing tools. I've done lots of asset conversions and creations for Source, so am familiar with that whole pipeline. I'm excited to take part as both a modeller, ripper, rigger, mapper, and animator. I'm pretty shit when it comes to textures, I think - but I can do that too. ABOUT ME Genre of music and band: Huge metal fan; Blind Guardian, Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Finntroll - but not limited to all that. Also like The Beatles, Daft Punk, Katy Perry, Die Antwoord, Moody Blues. So lots of variety. Movie: Huge fan of Ghibli films, Terry Gilliam, Guillermo del Toro, and Sam Raimi. My top woudl be Army of Darkness. Television series(s): Growing up, things like Gargoyles, The Storyteller (wish there were more!), Darkwing Duck, Jem and the Holograms - and now Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and It's Always Sunny. Game(s): Ultima Underworlds, Arx Fatalis, The Neverhood, Gothic, Risen, Undying, Blood, action/adventure. Food: A good burger, sushi, and pretty much any pasta. Colour: Purple
Sun, 04 May 2014 04:55:05


I'm confused, are you the same Ash we knew before?