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Welcome To Allgayart Galleries! We Want Your Art! <3

Fri, 02 Aug 2013 20:30:32


Hello Forum, First off, i wanna thank all the awesome people who joined Allgayart Forums and been with it the past 1,4 yrs. Due to many requests from artists and members for easier access to images, i've opened Allgayart Galleries. AGA forums are connected with the site, but our main focus are the images and sharing the talent and of course presenting tons of gay smut. We'd love you to join and upload all those delicious YAOI / GAY images you've gathered from the internet. If you know how Rule 34 works, you won't be having any problems with Allgayart Galleries. The site works with the same idea as R34, only difference is that it's for gay art. We also care about our artists and how people talk to each other. Each member is important. The site is user friendly, registering is instant and uploading images takes only couple clicks. Rules aren't strict and our mods and staff is wonderful. So yeah! Get a new home from Allgayart Galleries for your artwork, or just be awesome and upload & tag! Either way, you're very welcome to join! <3 [center:1rg4619r] [glow:1rg4619r]http://WWW.ALLGAYART.COM[/glow:1rg4619r][/center:1rg4619r]