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Original pictures from "The Game"

Sun, 18 Aug 2013 13:05:26


Hey guys, here are the original unedited pictures that I've been using in my "newspaper", The Game, over in the comics-session. I thought maybe some of you wanted to see the pictures in full size and colors, so here they are^^ I've put them in this section because there is some nudity, though I don't plan on it to go totally hardcore. If it does, there will only be an absolute minimum of pictures. Oh, and to those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: Here, a bunch of nicely arranged pics : ) Article 01: New Ambitions [spoiler:3ugp8nuf] [/spoiler:3ugp8nuf] Article 02: Nude Army [spoiler:3ugp8nuf]Kind of screwed up this one by editing the colors and then saving the picture without even noticing. Sorry=( [/spoiler:3ugp8nuf] Article 03: Stolen Cellphone [spoiler:3ugp8nuf]There's also a picture of Ash's face in the article... Never bothered uploading it, but if you REALLY FRICKEN wanna see it in colors, let me know : ) [/spoiler:3ugp8nuf] More pictures from the rest of the articles will be coming soon