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The Dirty One's Dirt Pit

Sat, 24 Aug 2013 11:27:42


Hey, everyone, this is my first submission. I love SFM and wanted to share my latest movie with you all. It's much longer, but NaughtyMachinema has a filesize limit. I'm looking into compositing with after effects, maybe I can get a cum shot going or something? Anyways, here she is. [naughtymachinim2:6afhs2dn]8111[/naughtymachinim2:6afhs2dn]
Sat, 24 Aug 2013 18:38:04


I like the facial expression like nununununonononono plz dont and the hand motion was k the monster/the thing that hangs on ceilings in half life 2 motion looks like the ones from puppet shows, like up/down i thought it was unrealistic at first and maybe made in gmod, but then i wouldnt know how to fix it myself, maybe add more movement to the spine bones? xD idk, but i guess it makes sense since only her lower portion is getting fucked, but most ppl move a lot when getting anal, mostly moving their stomaach area/spine bone good job anyway, i like monster action.
Sun, 25 Aug 2013 05:01:04


Thanks for the comment. :D. I'm still working on this one, that's what I love about sfm, you can spend hours on the same clip and it just seems to get better the more you work on it. What I need to do is disable the lock with the hips at the the time of pull out and I know it will look a thousand times better. I'm also planning to extend the scene and making more thrusts. As for the stomach movement, I have that one locked to keep her arms from going crazy, lol. I'll find a way around it. I don't know if ppl know that it is very possible (and rewarding) to use a graphix tablet. The camera is damn near impossible to work with, but if you make a camera, lock it's selectability and constrain the right parts, you can have very precise movements for the ventriloquism feature, that's how I control appendage movements and facial expressions. Using an Intuos 4 on my end and loving it!!! :D