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[Age of Chivalry Map Pack] 32 MAPS FROM MODDB! Ele-B Upload

Wed, 30 Jan 2013 19:53:52


Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------------------- I DO NOT OWN THESE MAPS. I DID NOT MAKE THEM. THEY BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS BE IT FROM THE AoC COMMUNITY OR FROM THE AoC DEVELOPERS THEMSELFS! You can find the community topic page for this Map Pack in the link below: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview While searching for some good maps to pose on, I had the idea to check to see if Age of Chivalry had any good ones to spare. I like the current ones, but their settings are rather limited for my needs. Fortunately, I hit a rather successful jackpot. Though I'm sure anyone and thier pet monkey that they left at Ikea could simply type in Google Search, "Age of Chivalry Maps" and come up with the same results as me, I decided to let everyone else here know about these maps and to make sure they get their use from the posing community. In this Map Pack contains 32 Maps that are from various sources. Some from The AoC community and possibly some from the Aoc Devs. I'm not going to go over every single map in it accept for the one that made me download the pack faster than DigitalEro frequantly goes down for Maintenance or some unknown reason. This is only one of the maps out of 32 but it was the one that caught my eye when I was browsing the topic about the package. Perhaps it will catch yours as well. It's called aoc_banditwoods. It's a beautiful map that contains a great amount of color and enviornment and it's certainly worth it to download this pack specifically for this map. Take a gander on this non-edited screenie below: But hang on. Not all the maps look this good. Again, some are community maps and may not be entirly useful. They are useable though. Unfortuntely, a good amount are missing textures, so it's not unusual for maps to have black and purple checkers. This is not my problem, nor do I beleieve there is a fix for it. Do not come onto this thread and complain that some textures are missing. You'll just need to deal with it and remember that you're a modeler/poser and do with what you have. However, if you do happen to know what is missing, than please share it with us on this thread. ^^ [TIP:] aoc_banditwoods has an issue where specific objects will have an extremely bright, such as your tool gun and some rocks that look like Geode rocks from Skyrim. This may be the case with other maps as well. If you experiance this, type mat_specular 0 in your console. ------------------------------------------------------ Requirements ------------------------------------------------------ This is NOT an all-in-one package like Neotokyo or Blade Symphony. You NEED the Source Mod Age of Chivalry installed on Steam and mounted in Garry's Mod to make these maps work! ------------------------------------------------------ Download Link ------------------------------------------------------ This is a Link to the Download off of ModDB: The File Size is 200MB. It's 32 maps, so I'd say it's worth it. Installation: There are a few ways you can probably go about this. -The way I did it was the way I do everything. I made it an addon. . I made a folder to hold the content. You can name this folder anything. . Inside that Folder, I made a new folder called 'maps'. . Extract the Map Pack in a temporary folder, and move all the .bsp files, Graphs folder, and Soundcache folder to the 'maps' folder you recently made. . Copy and paste an 'addon.txt' from any other addon you have and place it in your folder. Copy your entire new folder that contains the maps folder and the addon.txt and mov it to your Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Addons folder if you have not done so already. You are done. Another way you could do it is to simply place the .BSA files, the Graphs folder, and Soundcache folder and put them in your Garrysmod/Garrysmod/Maps directory and paste them all in there. This is more of a lazy way to do it. I prefer to have them as an addon to manage them easier. It's up to you. Now have fun with the maps and make some great poses!!