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How can I get started with 3d character animation. ... rials.html Blending IK and FK - Rule of Thirds - ... ure=relmfu Line of Action - Valve's SFM Tutorials - How do I set bodygroups? Right Click on the model and select "Show in Element Viewer" there is a field where you can enter numbers for both Bodygroups and Skingroups. This models crashes when I try to load it into SFM. Edit the model (.mdl file) in text editor that supports binary files, like Notepad++. The first line will say IDST and then a number. Change it to IDST or IDST0. How do I add resources from other games Use GCFScape to extract them into a directory in your source filmmaker folder. Then edit the gameinfo.txt in your usermod directory to reference the new resources. eg:
         Game            |gameinfo_path|.
         Game            tf_movies
         Game            tf
         Game            left4dead2_movies
         Game            Portal2
         Game            Gmod
         Game            l4d
         Game            cgtextures
         Game            hl2
My model's hair is transparant when I shine a bright light on it. Either comment out $phong 1 in your material files or add $ambientocculsion 0 Maps and Materials won't work in SFM There are two python scripts here that will fix that: ... ustom_Maps My models are covered in a purple and black checkerboard pattern SFM is having trouble with the materials, batch import/export them with VTF edit and they should work fine. I can't pose eyes! The model might not have been compiled with the right eyepose support. If you can decompile and recompile the model you'll need to add these lines to the QC
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_rightleft
Hair fringes are transparant (Like on Chell) The model needs to be recompiled with these in the QC