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Dangerous Sex Positions (And How To Do Them)

Sat, 21 Sep 2013 10:12:21


The Body Builder How To Do This: This one's actually fairly common. Start out against a wall, the woman will straddle the man, like a koala bear, and the man will then insert himself into the woman. The wall will provide great leverage at first...until.. What Could Go Wrong: Sweat. The sweat glands from a woman's back will inevitably trickle down to her rear, making the main support zone for this position slippery. If in the heat of the moment one of the partners loses their grip, the penis could be bent the wrong way and the woman could suffer serious spine and head injuries. The Triple Lindy How To Do It: This is a position that takes strength for both parties involved. The female must have relatively strong abdominal muscles and be able to align her spine with the man's penis throughout the entire experience. The man must be able to lift the woman to the point of insertion, then settle her lower region comfortably into his thighs while leaning back, using the woman's front half as balancing weight. What Could Go Wrong: Since the man's strength is all that is really keeping the woman safe as she is being pleasured while held up and craning her back like she's a mermaid at the bow of a ship, the worst case scenario would be: man drops woman, woman gets concussion, vagina breaks penis, man's knees knock the wind out of the woman, making this one of the most daringly dangerous sex positions to do without leaning on anything. The Incline Leg How To Do It: Don't. What Could Go Wrong: The female will inevitably break the penis if she is on her tippy toes. Which, if you want some honest sex advice, is a real mood killer. The London Bridge How To Do It: To start this position, the man must get on all fours, facing upward. If you've gotten this far, as a couple, congratulations to the man for being an Olympic gymnast. Next, the woman must somehow straddle the man without knocking out his legs from under him. It's a very delicate balance. What Could Go Wrong: The pressure of the woman's body weight, even if she's Kate Moss, would put such a strain on the man's wrists and ankles, that (even if he could get to the start position) wouldn't translate to a finish for anybody unless the woman is both taller (and lighter) than the man. If the man's hands slipped and the woman came down with him, the woman's center of gravity would be sitting at a shock point to the man's spinal cord if they landed in the right spot, drawing the possibility for intense back injuries, minor pelvic injuries, and a really hurty butt for both parties. The Pair of Tongs How To Do It: The man steps over the woman's leg, holding the other leg up, and enters the woman while she dangles in the air, being held up by only the strength of her stronger arm, G.I.-Jane-style. The man holds the woman as she holds on for dear life. What Could Go Wrong: The amount of weight that would be leaning on the man's left arm in this position would not only drag him down, but would probably strain/pull any of his muscles if this position were attempted for more than about a minute. Kind of like when you carry all the groceries in one hand and decide to brave it until you get to the kitchen... only during sex. Also, that is not an optimal angle for a man to comfortably wield something that is meant to be parallel to the ground. The man's penis, and any muscles involved in this position, could be tugged in the wrong direction (left or right) if the woman's super-strong arm decided to give out at any point, bending the penis to the shape of a horseshoe or picture-frame-corner. Got some weird sex positions to share?
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This gives me ideas for a variety of comedy poses :mrgreen:
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I posted this awhile back, to provide inspiration for more variety in poses.
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