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Disclaimer: To conserve space I have not done a separate paragraph for each conversation from each different persona. To the best of my ability I have tried to punctuate properly. Thanks and I hope you enjoy. A LITTLE R & R - A Lara Croft Story - The Boys [center:2zyek2te]Prologue[/center:2zyek2te] " Lady Croft we're 30 minutes out from Fairoaks private airfield," the pilot intoned over the comm. Lara had piloted her jet outbound but left the return flight to her crew. It had been a long but successful solo infitration and recovery mission. But her dicey escape on foot had left her whole body aching from the climbing, jumping, and short falls. She turned to her massage therapist. "Thanks Agnetha. I feel so much better." Lara slipped off the table, quickly dressed, and settled into a nearby chair. She took out her cellphone "Secure channel Croft Manor". After a few rings Winston answered "Good evening Lara." "Good evening Winston. We will be landing soon. I'm looking forward to a little time off. Is everything ready?" she asked. Winston replied, "Yes. Your bike is in the garage and the new motorcycle suit and your gear are in your locker at your private hangar. Your meeting with Connell, Rupert, and James can begin as soon as you arrive as requested. All three have been completely cleared. Minimum staff on duty for the week but more on call. The recovered pieces have been returned to the museum." Lara smiled at Winston's emphasis. "And Doppie?" she asked. Winston's response reflected his deep concern "I must warn you Lara. She is in a real state. I can't recall ever seeing her like this. Because you've been gone several weeks she's upset you're going right in to a meeting as soon as you arrive instead of being with her. You know how she feels about these meetings anyway." She sighed "I know how she feels but I need to take care of that side of my business. It's important to me. I'll be all hers afterwards and I know we'll be going for a long horseback ride as soon as my meeting is over. " "That is your arrangement with her. Will you be coming directly from the airport?" Wilson asked although he knew the probable answer. Lara thought for a moment and answered, "No I'm going to take the backroads, test the suit, and enjoy the ride. Lara out." [center:2zyek2te]Part 1[/center:2zyek2te] Lara walked briskly across the hangar to her private locker room. She opened her locker which contained her helmet, boots, and gloves. When she saw the new shiny black suit in the back the first stirrings of arousal came over her. This was going to be a field test and she hoped the suit would be as tactile as promised. She quickly stripped off every piece of clothing and began slipping into the suit. The material, developed by Croft Labs for synthetic medical applications, was thin, lightweight, and extremely stretchable. From toes to shoulder it defined every muscle, shaped to her buttocks, molded around her vulva and labia, and fit tightly over her breasts and nipples. She zipped the suit to just below her breasts. In the full-length mirror the suit fit like a black second skin and felt like she had nothing on. Nothing was left to the imagination either she noticed. Lara put on the rest of her gear and walked out the other exit into the the garage where the bike was sitting under a tarp. She pulled off the tarp and the 1950 Vincent Black Shadow C series motorcycle gleamed in the lights. She got on the bike and started it. Even though she'd been expecting to feel some vibration she was unprepared for just how much of the engine's revs came right through the suit. It felt like she was sitting naked on the cycle and made her pussy moisten in response. "Oh God," she laughed, "this will be a great ride if I don't wreck." Besides having been her father's cycle there were many reasons she loved this bike but one in particular was the small rhinohorn at the front of the seat. She could feel how wet she was getting but slowly slid forward and pushed down anyway. The sensations she was experiencing were nothing to compared to the pleasure that swept over her when her clit touched the cycle seat. She moaned in ecstasy then moved back a little. "I'd better get going" she thought to herself and drove out. The sun was directly overhead as she rode south from Fairoaks airfield into Surrey. The revs of the engine were keeping her very aroused through the new suit. She stopped at a light and saw a young boy in the car next to her gawking at her erect nipples jutting against the fabric. She arched her back to emphasize her breasts and nipples even more and laughed at his priceless wide-eyed reaction. Otherwise it was an uneventful trip to the historic road turnoff. The old historic road was usually deserted, very uneven, and it could only be travelled at a reduced speed - exactly why Lara had chosen it today. The engine vibration, the bumps in the road, and constant shifting in the seat were insanely pleasureable. In fact, she had never been able to complete the section without orgasming and was sure today's journey would be no different especially in this suit. Once she had tried navigating the stretch standing up a little on the pegs but had nearly lost control of the cycle. As she approached the section she felt a flush of wetness in anticipation. Because she was already so aroused she didn't make it very far. The bumps in the road made her breasts bounce and her nipples rubbing against the fabric made them even harder and more sensitive. A jolting bump slid her far up onto the rhinohorn and the contact spread her apart pressing her clit hard against the top. She spasmed at the contact but before she could slide back another big bump slammed the bike hard against her and pushed her over the top. She came violently. Fluids pulsed out of her pussy with each spasm, the warm wetness spreading over her lower buttocks and upper thighs inside the suit. She managed to pull over, stop the bike, and climb off as spasm after spasm wracked her. Inside the suit she could feel the wetness begin seeping down her legs. When she had recovered she got back on the bike and noticed she had covered less than a kilometer of the section. Lara resumed driving, set on finishing the rest of the road. But between the vibration of the engine, the constant rubbing on her nipples, the sliding of her soaking wet pussy all over the seat, and the bumps and jolts to her clit she was coming hard again a short time later. Orgasmic pleasure engulfed her and more waves of wetness soaked her inside the suit. She pulled over again until her orgasm subsided. Lara was barely able to make it to the new Croft Manor without coming a third time and arrived very wet and very aroused. [center:2zyek2te]Part 2[/center:2zyek2te] It was a short walk from the garage to the front door of the new Croft Manor. After the fire it had been faithfully rebuilt on the outside but some major changes had been made inside. Her stomach knotted a little when she thought of some of the changes that had been made. Inside Winston was there to greet her. "Good evening Lady Croft. It seems you have enjoyed your ride immensely. You are flushed and glowing actually," he said, stating the obvious. He offered her an energy drink from the tray he was holding. She drank it down quickly then she opened a bottle of water from the tray and began sipping it. "The suit must have been effective then and met your design requirements?" he asked. "Yes extremely tactile. Almost too much so," she laughed. "And the old road was also enjoyable?" he queried. Winston knew why she took that road so frequently - in fact he knew alot about Lara but was always loyal, very discreet, and totally dependable to make any arrangements she requested. Teasingly she held up one finger then a second finger and winked at him. " Yes you dirty old man. The inside of the suit will need to be cleaned I'm afraid. It passed the waterproof test I gave it swimmingly as well," she smirked. " Good!", Winston replied trying to keep a straight face, "A new experience for you then! I will see to the suit when you're in your meeting." "LARA!" The shout reverberated throughout the main hall and Lara saw Doppie angrily sprinting along the upper balcony. "Oh no," Lara thought, " She can't see me now in this condition", but there was no where to go. Doppie came running up and then stopped short. The angry frown on her face hardened into a very dark scowl of rage. Her eyes flared as she recognized Lara's high state of arousal - the blush on her face and the spikes of her nipples against the suit. She sprang at Lara and got right in her face. "Cancel your meeting! Now" she demanded. Winston turned and walked away to give them privacy. Lara hesitated then stammered out " Doppie... I'm know I need..." Doppie didn't let her finish. She grabbed the back of Lara's head and kissed her hard. Her eyes blazed hot as she jammed her tongue deep into Lara's mouth. Lara was shocked and overwhelmed at the ferocity of the kiss and the rage behind it. Before Lara could react Doppie ripped the zipper of the suit down, jammed her hand inside, and slammed two fingers deep into Lara's soaking wet pussy. Lara's body jerked in response then jerked again when Doppie ripped her fingers out of her as violently as they had gone in and broke the kiss sharply. Doppie stepped back, sucked her fingers dry, then licked at the rivulets on her hand. "This should have been for me. You should be giving yourself to me. Go to your damn fucking meeting then.", Doppie hissed and started running up the stair. "I promised I'd be with you tonight Doppie. We'll go riding at 7 tonite as scheduled," Lara cried out after the fleeing girl. The venom and unconcealed threat in Doppie's voice was unmistakeable, "Yes we will and it will be a very long ride!," and the upstairs door slammed shut. Winston approached her quickly. "Lara you were gone for weeks and I know you couldn't make contact with anyone. Then we saw the images of the explosions and the cave collapsed and we didn't know if you were ok until you could contact us safely. She was so worried for you. I can reschedule your meeting if you want to go to her. We just fed your guests lunch while they were waiting so they probably wouldn't mind too much coming back to meet with you at another time." Lara stared at the floor. "No Winston. Doppie and I have talked about this many times about why I do this. I killed so many men this time. Buried so many in that cave. Until I resolve that in my head I won't be any good to her. I have to do this first." Wilson kissed her on the forehead and said "I knew you were deeply affected this time. I don't know how or why but I know these meetings work for you Lara. Go to your meeting. Get your head back in it's proper place. There will be hell to pay later with Doppie but take care of business first." Lara walked away to the left door beyond the stairs. "I'm sure I will have to pay and pay for this,"she thought ruefully to herself. [center:2zyek2te]Part 3[/center:2zyek2te] The short hallway had three doors at the far end. The middle door led directly into the gym. The door on the left was the men's locker room and the door to the right was the women's. She could hear the men laughing inside and their high spirits boosted hers. She opened the gym door and walked in. They had been using the exercise equipment and sweat glistened on their bodies. "Hi guys. Sorry I'm late. Thank you for being so patient but if you can just give me a moment to shower and stuff we'll be able to start our meeting. Please stay as you are." They returned her greeting then Rupert added, "Nice suit Lara." She'd forgotten to zip it back up! "Damn nice if you ask me," James added. Connell grunted his approval and stared. Lara gave them a slow pirouette and then ran into the women's locker room through the gym side entrance. Inside Lara stripped off her boots and then unpeeled the suit. From her hips down it clung wetly to her skin. "Dang Lara. You get so wet," she thought. She smiled briefly but then when she remembered the image of Doppie's dripping hand and the fury in the face behind it her smile quickly faded. She pushed that thought out of her mind and placed the suit at the end of the bench nearest the hall door. "Fuck it," she murmured, "I'll deal with Doppie later." She grabbed another energy drink from the minifridge, relieved herself, and went into the showers. Her mind raced as the water cleansed her body, "Connell. Rupert. And James too? Three Lara? You naughty, greedy slut!" she thought and grinned broadly. She stepped out and as she dried off her body she felt her pulse quicken, her pussy moisten again, and her nipples get hard and erect with anticipation. She dropped the towel, reached for a robe, then decided it was pointless. "How do you like this suit guys?" she asked as she stepped out into the gym and strode towards them. They murmured their approval but when they started to disrobe she stopped them, "Allow me please." She stepped into Connell's waiting arms, kissed him, and pulled off his tee, "Dear Connell my rugby champion." The other two closed around her, holding her and kissing her, fondling and groping eagerly at her body, kneading her breasts, and exploring the wetness between her legs. She let them explore her. This is what she had needed. To be kissed, hugged, and fucked by men who cared for her and weren't trying to kill her. "Rupert my fellow British equestrian," she said and pulled his shirt off. Brief memories of their past relationship flashed before her eyes. She shivered in anticipation. "And James. My great big Scotsman. Congrats on winning the caber toss at Nationals again this year." He was massively built and towered over the other two. They were all athletic, in superb condition, and were medically safe. Mandatory testing was required before any meeting. Lara now had a very short list of possible male and female partners and these men had been three of her favorites for years. She slipped out of their hands and keeping her eyes focused on the floor dropped to her knees. She usually held her meetings here in the gym because the floor mats were firm cushions for their bodies and easily cleaned. And of course the equipment in the room often came in handy too. Quickly she removed James' shoes and socks, then Rupert's, then Connell's. She slowly lifted her head to see Connell's rock hard erection thrusting against his gym shorts. Lara grasped the waistband and pulled them down. When his cock appeared she sucked him greedily into her mouth. She went all the way down on him with his cock pushing down her throat. He smiled down at her, she gave him a wink, and then she pushed his shorts off and slipped his cock from her mouth. She was sloppily wet now and could feel a trickle begin to run down her inner thigh. Next she turned to Rupert and, while removing his shorts took him all the way in, deep in her throat, and back out as well. Then she turned to James. "Oh my James! For me?" she chirped. James's cock was huge, inches longer and much thicker than the other two, and the tip had escaped the waistband of his shorts. She pulled them down and then moaned eagerly as she stretched her mouth around him. "Do it Lara!" Connell exclaimed. Slowly she started taking him in and tilted her head back to align her throat properly. She slid her mouth forward adjusting as he went in and down her throat. James moaned and Connell and Rupert clapped when she took it all in. Then she slid her mouth slowly back off. "Great job Lara," Connell remarked "Well done." "I have you to thank for that skill now don't I? And I do thank you," she laughed. In her late teens she had become sexually involved with the older Connell and he had taught her how to do deepthroat properly and had willingly let her practice and practice. She had learned much more though. How to prolong the pleasure, give her partner release when she wanted it, and make it even more intense. The power and control had become stimulating and sometimes orgasmically satisfying for her as well. They were ready and she was more than ready.
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[center:184kn227]Part 4[/center:184kn227] "Let's start by having all three of you in me, please," Lara purred. She patted the mat beside her and coyly said, "I know where Connell and Rupert want to fuck me first so James if you would please lie here. I want that monster in my pussy first anyway and I know you don't mind." When he laid down on his back, she gave the tip of his rockhard cock a kiss, knelt over him, and guided him into her. She gasped as her vagina stretched wide and then she began to lower herself onto him. She slowly slid down the length of his shaft, as it stuffed and stretched her, and shuddered convulsively when she had all of him buried deep inside her. "Gawd that feels so good James," Lara murmured. " You always feel amazing Lara," he repied, "Always so warm and wet and tight!" "Rupert I know you always want to bugger me" she panted. In her late teens Lara had experienced unsatisfactory anal sex twice before meeting Rupert. They had been friends for awhile, horseback riding and competing together every weekend one summer, before Lara had cornered him in the stable and fucked him. On their 3rd tryst he orally made her come twice and then broached the subject. She had reluctantly acquiesced but became an anal devotee from then on. He had made sure they were both well lubed, used his hands in her vagina and on her clit, and then had penetrated her slowly and gently. He proved to be very skilled and Lara came repeatedly that time and every time thereafter. Lara quickly learned and copied his methods to use on her female partners or give direction to partners anally using her. Rupert had already lubed up. He massaged a dab in and around her anus making her tremble in anticipation. He knelt behind her and then, as always, gently and slowly penetrated her. The sensation was intense as his cock slid along the stretched tissues enclosing James' throbbing cock. She came before he was all the way in, soaking herself and them in the process. James somehow kept control as Rupert finished inserting himself fully and then stopped to let Lara's spasming subside. Lara placed her hands on James' barrel chest and straightened her arms. It brought her head up high enough for Connell to step forward and slide his rockhard cock in her mouth and down her throat. They all began sliding in and out of her and Lara's body rocked to their thrusts. She began moaning as the pleasure built up within her again and she came hard this time. They kept thrusting in and out of her through her orgasm and a short while later through another as well. She was quickly building to a fourth when she felt Rupert hilt himself in her ass and start jetting cum into her. Almost immediately her pussy was being warmly flooded by James too as he came. Lara felt him blast and blast into her and was always amazed at how much he could cum. Horses at stud might've been his match she had once half-joked to him. That pushed her over the edge and as her orgasm started Connell began coming in her mouth. She swallowed a full mouthful then let her mouth fill as his orgasm finished and she swallowed again. Not a drop had escaped. One by one they slid out of her and moved apart. Rupert went to the training station to clean up and James grabbed the lube applying some to his still hard cock. "Oh my god" Lara murmured, "I guess it's freestyle now." James grabbed an exercise bolster, picked Lara up by the waist like she weighed no more than a feather, and gently draped her over it. With her ass pointing skyward he slowly moved forward and the mass of his hips and thighs spread her wide planting her head and shoulders firmly against the mat. The abject vulnerability of her position was erotically stimulating. She motioned the other two to sit on either side so she could stroke them while they watched. The pressure of the tip of James' cock against her anus signalled it was time to be stuffed. She relaxed her body. "Ready," she cooed. James began penetrating her anus, stretching it further and further. Discomfort became pain but tolerable pain and then intensely pleasurable pain. Lara moaned and moaned as James delved ever deeper until she felt his big balls bump her pussy. Lara spasmed convulsively and soaked them in response. "Glad to meet ya!" she laughed. He pulled back, almost out, then slid all the way back in. She whimpered at the pain and moaned as her pleasure built. James knew he didn't need to stop as he had fucked Lara in the ass many times before and kept on stroking in and out of her as she moaned and whimpered beneath him. He knew it hurt but also knew that pain was intensely pleasurable to her unlike anyone he had ever met. He so rarely found a girl that would even try and Lara was always willing to let him. Usually she would only let him take her there once each time they were together. After a short while Lara felt him lunge all the way into her and he started cumming. Huge streams of cum again poured into her and then backflowed out of her anus mixing with his cum already dripping from her pussy. Her pussy clenched ,convulsed, and she came so forcefully that fluids spurted out of her shooting all over them and the mat beneath her. A pool formed on the mat mixing with the thick threads of cum dripping off her. When James withdrew from her she kissed the 2 cocks she'd been stroking, got up, and dashed to the women's locker room. "I'll be right back for those,"she giggled. [center:184kn227]Part 5[/center:184kn227] After she had expunged what cum she could from her ass and vagina she returned to her men. Connell had plundered her ass and Rupert her pussy in a double-team as she hung from the rings. The rest of the afternoon she fucked them all slowly and repeatedly either singlely or two at a time, with an occasional break as needed. The afternoon settled into a sexual haze of cocks, cum, and orgasms. Someone's cock was always ready for her and she used them in her mouth, pussy, and even let Rupert and Connell back into her tender aching ass. A few hours later James had Lara off the floor with her back against the wall. Her arms were draped loosely around his neck, her head laid lanquidly on his chest, and her legs hung limply outside his hips as he lifted and lowered her up and down on his cock. He started cumming in her pussy again and as she climaxed with him she knew it was time to start bringing the meeting to a close. After Lara dismounted she went to the station, cleaned herself up a little, then grabbed the lube, the tissues, and a cushion. Lara then walked to the middle of a mat and sat down placing the cushion in front of her. This was the final part of her cartharsis and she would always end her meetings this way. "You first Connell if you please." Connell sat down in front of her on the pillow facing towards her. He slid his legs over her thighs, shifted his hips closer, and then laid back. She adjusted the pillow which arched his back more and brought his hips closer to her. His cock and balls were at the highest point of the arch as if they were an offering at the top of an altar. Lara took his cock in her hands and began stroking him, occasionally licking him or sucking him briefly into her mouth. He began writhing in her lap and she saw his ball sac tighten. Knowing he was close she stopped stroking, squeezed him tightly with one hand, and gently pulled his ball sac down to relieve the urgency. Pre-cum oozed from him and she took it with a gentle kiss then resumed her ministrations. She brought him close several times until she was almost unable to stop him from cumming. Before Lara resumed she pushed a little lube out of the tube next to her. She put a dollop on her index finger then gently slipped her finger inside him, expertly located his prostate, and began to gently massage it. Lara went down on him and her mouth followed her hand up and down the length of his throbbing cock. Connell was groaning and writhing helplessly now seeking release. She felt that special rush of power she got from knowing that his body, his cock, and rapidly building orgasm were totally in her control. Her nipples hardened and a sweet flush of wetness seeped between her legs. His body arched off the mat as Lara took him over the edge. Even though he had cum several times already his cock erupted. Lara swallowed repeatedly as spurt after spurt splashed into her mouth. She pumped and ravaged his cock, trying to wring every last drop from him she could. He finally stopped cumming and collapsed back onto the mat. "Enough Lara," he groaned, "please." As his cock quickly softened she gently pressed out the last of his cum into the palm of her hand then licked her palm clean. "Mmmmm," she sighed. Connell sat up, hugged and held her, then kissed her on the forehead. He weakly stood and said, "Thank you Lara. You are incredible! The best sex always. Bye Rupert. Bye James. Hope to see you guys again real real soon." He winked at Lara, waved farewell, and headed for the showers. As she turned to get some tissues she noticed she was sitting in a small puddle. "I get the wetspot as usual," she laughed to herself. She looked at the other two men and they were both rockhard. "I see you both enjoyed the show. Rupert has been waiting the longest though, so if you don't mind James I'll meet with him first." James laughed, "I always enjoy watching you do exit interviews." They all laughed at his cheesy joke. Rupert positioned himself on the cushion in front of her. Lara brought his cock to her lips and immediately went down on him. Lara repeated what she had done to Connell, getting him close again and again, while becoming very aroused and very wet herself. When Rupert began begging her to let him cum Lara lubed her finger, penetrated him, and massaged his prostate. It took very little stimulation before shots of cum began streaming into her mouth and down her throat. His orgasm set her off as well. Spasms shook her body as she plundered his cock and balls for all the cum he had left to give. A last few droplets drained out of his softening cock and onto his stomach. Lara leaned forward and licked it off of him. Rupert rolled away groaning. James came over and handed her a towel and some water then helped Rupert to his feet. Rupert kissed her and headed to the showers exclaiming, "Damn Lara you are the best! I think my balls will ache for a week! As always. Take care James. Until next time." [center:184kn227]Part 6[/center:184kn227] Lara's cleaned herself off and wiped up the pool of wetness and cum she was sitting in. She slid the cushion aside because with James' massive torso it wouldn't be needed. As James sat down in front of her he was chuckling to himself. "What's so funny?" she asked as he slid his legs over her thighs. "You had him begging, fucking begging, to cum," he laughed. A wicked smile flashed across her face as the thought of how she was going to make him beg. Her great big, caber-tossing Scotsman with the huge cock, big balls, and oceans of cum would be begging for it too. Because of the size of his hips the tip of his cock was right in front of her. Lara took as much as she could, at that angle, into her mouth. With hands and mouth she teased and played with his monster cock for a long time, relishing the power of bringing him close again and again. Slick wetness seeped out of her as Lara got more aroused and excited as well. The next time Lara brought him close she did not stop his balls from rising. Instead she clamped her strong hands around the base of his cock and squeezed it tightly. His cock spasmed in her hands but only two small but powerful spurts of cum shot into her sucking mouth. "Perfect," she thought to herself as James moaned in frusration. When his pumping actions stopped she pressed his sac downward to decrease the urgency then began stroking his cock again. Within minutes his hips were thrusting up and down as he sought release. Again Lara clamped her hands around him tightly and greedily swallowed the little bit of cum that managed to pulse through her grip. Frustrated again, James groaned loudly. "But not begging yet," Lara thought. The third time she forestalled him it was enough. "Lara! Please," he groaned,"Please quit playing!" "And what would you like me to do instead? Stop?" Lara teased. "NO!" he gasped, "please please let me cum! I'm begging you! Take it. Take it all! Please." Retaining her tight squeeze Lara slid her legs out from under him and repositioned into a prone position. Gently she took a huge ball in her mouth and pulled it downward. She shifted her mouth off it and onto his other ball and gently tugged. Alternating from one to the other she was able to overcome the amount of rise her mouthing caused and pulled until his sac was down far enough to resume. She kept one hand clamped around the base and lubed up the other. James recoiled when he felt two fingers press against his anus but quickly surrendered to her probe. Lara gently penetrated him as far as she could just barely reaching his prostrate. She began by separating her fingers wide and then slowly back together again and again. It was an excrutiatingly stimulating massage and James' ball sac was tightening quickly. Lara kept her lock grip on the base of his cock and tugged his balls with her mouth to keep them down as long as possible. Suddenly James convulsed and she couldn't suck a ball in time. He was going to cum and she could no longer postpone him. Lara raised her head upwards as she pulled his cock down towards her mouth and pressed his prostrate. Too late! Like a firehose the first flood of cum hit the top of her head and fanned out over her hair, shoulders, and all the way down her back. Instintively she closed her eyes and the second huge stream exploded onto the bridge of her nose and splashed across her face. Her eyes, cheeks, temples, and forehead were coated in wet warm cum. Unable to open her eyes she tilted her head back with mouth open, but misjudged,and the third blast soaked her chin, neck, and upper chest. Cum was shooting everywhere now. Lara orgasmed as she reveled in her cum-fueled lust ejaculating her own fluids down her legs repeatedly as she came and came. Somehow Lara still kept control and she stroked him non-stop, massaged and gently pressed his prostate gland with her fingers, and reveled in each stream of cum as she moved his cock around her face. When the flows became weaker she finally slipped her mouth over the tip and used both hands to milk his final spurts from him. She kept him in her mouth as he softened and pressed the final drops onto her tongue sucking and swallowing greedily. Lara sat up and cum ran down her face and body to drip off of her in long, thick strings. Blindly she found the towel and managed to dab her eyes clear. James helped her to her feet and as she slipped into his arms she gently touched his finally soft penis. "Want to go again?" she joked. He slipped a hand down her butt and pressed two fingers into her very tender anus. James laughed, "Even if you offered me a second round of this I don't think I could." She kissed him and squirmed off his fingers exclaiming, "No! I'm not! Every time I've let you do that more than once for your birthdays I was in bed for a week!" James sauntered off to the showers laughing, "You loved it! Maybe next time then. I do have a birthday coming up soon too." Lara laughed, "You rogue! So what if I did? Next time...hmmm...maybe...maybe NOT!"
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Gilgamesh of Uruk

Pretty good story so far. It seems to meander a bit, and the dialog seems a bit stiff, but well done nevertheless.
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Thanks for your critique and your point is well taken. Currently working on Part 8 and I will review both 7 & 8 to address those issues. :)