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Mass Effect: A match of endurance

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Here is the first part of the story, inspired and sort of requested by DemonicLemon. Mass Effect: A match of endurance "Good evening again ladies and gentlemen, here is your host Commander Shepard speaking. Tonight we have a special match for you all." "Our contenders are Ashley Williams and Miranda Lawson, they will both be hanging in the air with their pussies pressed against each other and a double headed vibrator inside. Every five minutes the rig will turn and the one that was down will be on top for the next five minutes until one of the contenders finally cums. The contenders can also try and make each other cum, by rubbing their pussies against each other or if they are really skilled try and push the vibrator further inside the other." "I have a remote control and every ten minutes I will turn up the vibrator, just to spice things up a bit. The loser of the match will be the first one to orgasm, so this is all about endurance people. Who can control their needs the best. The loser will be strapped down in our very special fucking machine and the winner gets to control it for an entire HOUR!!! The loser is going to have so many orgasm it will almost be brutal. Of course the winners round will also be shown, we wouldn't want you all to miss that." "It seems our contenders are strapped in and pulled up in the air. Let's not waste any time and get this match started." "Girls are you both ready?" "Of course Shepard, this time Miranda won't defeat me." "Let's see who of you two gets to start on top and who starts down. Ashley you start on top and Miranda you are down first." Damn Ashley is having the advantage at the start, hopefully she won't be able to use it yet. "Well girls let's get started, I will put the vibrator on the first stance for the first ten minutes." As the vibrator turns on Ashley and Miranda both try to focus and control the situation they are in. Miranda wiggles below Ashley trying to position herself, causing their pussies to rub against each other. Ashley surprised by Miranda's movements underneath her, causes her to moan and not being able to take advantage of being on top. Miranda finally stops wiggling underneath Ashley as she is getting used on hanging with her head down. The vibrator is slowly throbbing inside their pussies making them wet. Ashley and Miranda finally get used to hanging there with the vibrator inside and their wet pussies pressed against each other. Miranda looks up at the clock and sees that there is only thirty seconds remaining before she gets to be on top. Ashley also notices it and curses inside herself as she wasted her first time on top. The rig starts turning and Miranda soon finds herself on top of Ashley. Miranda doesn't waste any time and starts rubbing their cunts against each other. Ashley already prepared for this, but is still getting excited as her cunt clearly is getting wetter than Miranda's. While their pussies collide and Ashley's juices start running down her belly, she also begins to moan erotically as she is getting aroused by Miranda tribbing her. Wow Ashley is getting really wet, but I think I have enough time to finish her since I only have one minute left on top. It might be wiser to save my strength and hopefully Ashley needs more time to recover then I do. Ashley sighs with relief when Miranda stops rubbing against her pussy and looks at the clock. Miranda stopped because she only has fifty seconds left now. She clearly is preparing herself for my assault, but I must play this careful as I am closer to an orgasm than she is. "The first ten minutes have passed ladies and gentlemen and we still don't have a winner yet. Miranda clearly had the best of this round, but let's see if Ashley can turn this match in round two. Time to turn the vibrator up to the second stance." Both girls let out an uncontrolled moan as the vibrator starts throbbing faster inside them. Ashley is the first one to adjust to the new situation and starts sliding her wet pussy passed Miranda's and before Miranda can regain control, her pussy starts to get soaking wet as Ashley's wet love box rubs against her and the vibrator pulses faster inside. Miranda clearly has problems now that the vibrator is turned up a notch and Ashley can hear Miranda moan from excitement as their drenched pussies slide along each other. The moaning is slowly getting louder and Miranda's pussy juices start sliding down to her breast who are bouncing from Ashley's assault. "Well Miranda seems like you are enjoying this after all. You had me worried after the first round, since your pussy wasn't getting that damp at all." "Ahhh... this isn't over yet Ashley." "Come on Miranda, we both know that you want to be strapped down in the fucking machine." "Don't get... too cocky Ashley... your turn is 'uh' almost over." DAMNIT she is right, I only have thirty more seconds on top and she still hasn't cummed yet. As the seconds tick away Ashley stops her assault on Miranda's now sopping pussy and waits for Miranda's turn. The rig turns yet again and Ashley is down again now. Miranda takes a few seconds to focus and control herself as she was very close to cumming from Ashley's assault. Having taken a deep breath Miranda begins to push her dripping cunt along Ashley's. Ashley feels Miranda's juices drip on her pussy and is getting aroused by the fact that Miranda is close to an orgasm as well as she is. Both girls are moaning from the pleasure they are receiving from each other and the vibrator that is all lubed up from the girls their fluids, yet remaining in place and gives both girls the same amount of pleasure. I got to finish Ashley before the vibrator gets turned up again and she has five minutes on top again. Miranda increases the pace at which she rubs her pussy against Ashley's and both girls start moaning louder as they are both reaching an orgasm. This can't be happening, I almost had Miranda and now she is even tribbing me faster. I can't let that bitch beat me again. "Ohhh... how does this feel Ashley... ahhh." "Uhhh... seems like... 'heh'... you are almost cumming... 'euh' as well Miranda." "Not before you." Miranda looks at the clock and sees she only has ninety seconds left before round three starts. Miranda and Ashley both are starting to look tired as sweat is dripping down their bodies and falling on the ground. With sixty seconds left on the clock Miranda vigorously starts to rub down on Ashley's soaked cunt. Ashley's moans get louder and louder as Miranda tries to end it before round three. "Nooo, ahhh... stop it... I am almost 'uhhh' about to... 'ah' cum." "Yesss, cum for me baby, please do it." Ten seconds left before the round ends and the girls get a break of a minute. "Ohhh... I am so close." "Come on already Ashley." "Fife, four, three, two, one and the round is over. Ashley made it. Wow this was an exciting round. We almost had two orgasm. Both girls are nearly there. I am sure round three will decide who wins this. Let's spice up things and turn that vibrator to stance three." The minute passes and the girls are placed in position again with Ashley on top and Miranda on the bottom. "LET THE MATCH CONTINUE." "Well Miranda I hope you saved some of your strength for this round." The vibrator rapidly pulses now inside Ashley and Miranda and the girls are clearly having trouble not to get over excited and orgasm on it. I got to finish Miranda now, but tribbing won't be enough for it. I got to come up with something else. Ashley lifts herself up a bit and tries to control her muscles in her vagina in order to get a grip on the vibrator and push it further inside Miranda. Ashley seems to be having a good grip now and pushes herself down, but slides down the vibrator causing her to loudly moan. This is not good, Ashley is trying to push that vibrator further inside me. If she manages that I am finished. I got to get a hold of that vibrator myself and force her to make herself cum. Ashley again lifts herself up an inch and this time takes some extra time to tighten her vagina around the vibrator, which is difficult since it has become very slippery from their fluids. Miranda also tries to get a grip on the vibrator trying to hold it in place and make Ashley fuck the vibrator instead. Now that Ashley thinks she has a good grip she pounds the vibrator further inside Miranda, as Miranda wasn't able to withstand the force Ashley used to push it down. Miranda now finds herself in a bad position as she has an additional inch of the vibrator inside her and Ashley now has less inside. This can't be happening, she managed to push it further inside me and she is preparing for another push. Ashley quickly pulls herself up again as she hears Miranda moan's getting louder now that the vibrator is penetrating her even deeper. Ashley again slams down and another inch enters Miranda. Miranda now has eight inches of the vibrator inside her. I got Miranda now, all I have to do is finish her. I have never felt a pussy so wet as hers is at the moment and that girl can moan, unbelievable that she hasn't cummed yet. With only one minute remaining before the tables turn again, Ashley prepares her final push, tightening her pussy again. Miranda is trying to fight the orgasm that is about to come and looks up at Ashley and sees her about to ram that vibrator even deeper inside her soaking wet pussy. Ashley looks down and sees Miranda staring at her in fear. "Well Miranda I think it's time we finish this, you look like you are about to burst." With that Ashley rams the vibrator down another inch in Miranda, causing Miranda to scream,"I AAAM CUMMMINGG AHHH!!!" and explodes in a loud, intense and long orgasm. Miranda squirts all over the place as the vibrator penetrates her deeper, squirting on her own face and breasts and even on Ashley's face who is looking at her with a big smile on her face. "Wow Miranda what an orgasm, I hope you can repeat that a few more times, since we are going to have a really great hour together." "It seems I was right about you wanting to be strapped down in the fucking machine after all." Miranda hangs completely numb from exhaustion in the rig and Ashley loudly laughs at Miranda and starts to think about the things she is going to do with Miranda after the short break they are getting. Miranda told me payback's a bitch and I guess she was right. I am a bitch and she will feel that soon enough, my slutty fuckdoll. "Holy shit what an exciting match ladies and gentlemen. I am still having trouble to figure out what just happened in the end, thankfully we recorded everything so I can watch it again." "The match is over and Ashley came out victories. Time for us to setup the second part of this evening, where Ashley Williams is going to play around with the fucking machine in which the lovely Miranda Lawson is strapped down in. Get some food and drinks ladies and gentlemen and be sure that you return in thirty minutes when we continue this wonderful evening."
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Oh boy, i remember these stories!
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Second part of story is in making and nearly finished Tournament match 2.
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Give us a yell when it is completed.