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Making an animated series :D need a male voice

Fri, 13 Dec 2013 05:54:12


Okay, everyone. So I decided to make an animated series and to create characters by meshmoding a lot of stuff here, with xnalara, and a bunch of other stuff I found on the internet. I kinda wanna keep it a surprise until I release the first episode. But yes, of course a series would need voice actors. Now, I know there's no girls here, but if you think you can sound like this guy or sound like how you think he would sound like then pm me :D: I'm almost done with the first scene and basically, the horny king requests to see a female soldier and tries to fuck her by talking her into promotion, but she refuses and with a failed attemtpt to rape, she gets away half naked covering her boobs with her forearm and gets exiled from the country. I now need to do the fighting sequence and it'll be good. As for the after-lip synching. I'll just make camera angles of their mouths or faces to make sure it looks like they're talking. It'd be preferred if you can sound like a douchebag.