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Question about skin and morpher modifier 3dsmax

Wed, 25 Dec 2013 18:05:58


I decided to post this problem here because this is driving me nuts and I've already wasted around 3 holiday days into this :cry: Ok, which is your workflow in 3dsmax? We usually -as far as I know- use an already skinned character, so we have to work with the Skin modifier turned on and being careful with it because one single change below it could waste the rigging. Next, when it comes the hour for using the morpher modifier for the face flexes, all the skeleton stops working for me. I followed this tutorial for making symmetrical flexes for the face, but at the point of using the skin wrap and adding the mirrored flex on the original model, bones stop working. Do you use a single head for the flexes? I use the whole body because dettaching it from the model also makes the rigging unusable and then welding all the vertices again... I don't think that works very well. I hope I'm explaining myself. If you want any image captures just ask for them. Thanks in advance! *Edit Nevermind, I found I had to put the morpher modifier under the skin one, I said that in my post but somehow it works now. It seems the best solution is always taking a break from the work! You can delete this post.
Wed, 25 Dec 2013 22:03:41


I'm glad you figured it out on your own. Also nice to share your solution with the rest of us, so other people can find your post should they run into similar issues. :)