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[Not fixed] 3dsmax Swap one rigged body to another

Fri, 27 Dec 2013 15:27:14


Its me again, as usually in the support forum :lol: Until now I've been working on "bodyhacks" and adding clothes to my models (like topless Juliet-Ash). Now I'm really stuck. I have this new model fully clothed and all rigged up with its single skeleton. (purple one) And I want to make her naked but keeping her original arms + head. So, I adapted the mesh of a nude model (green one) and attached them all together. This new model has of course its own skeleton. I tried : - Combining two skeletons into one and then using the clothed model with skin utilities with the "hacked" one. Didn't work. - Deleting the nude mesh's rigging and swapping to the clothed one, using again skin utilities combining the clothed and, error. - Making a new model with both original and naked combined but without skin modifier and then above it using a skin wrap modifier. Didn't work. I am tired with this trial and error so, the question is, how do you guys usually do bodyhacks? Which is the ideal way? Without having to redo all the model from scratch and using each rig from each model. *Edit , this image explains a little more what I want to do and it shows both skeletons. **Edit It seems working with skin wrap does the job. All I had to do was in this order : - Create the modified model (A+B) without skin modifier and bones. - Put it at the same coordenates of the Original rigged model. - Create a Skin wrap modifier in the modified model and add the original model. - Push the Create skin button and delete the Skin wrap modifier. And... thats it. I was trying to get skin utilities working but... they didn't work properly. So, as always, problem solved thanks to taking a break from work :)
Fri, 27 Dec 2013 21:51:44


I usually just use Skin wrap. If that doesn't work I remove the old skin, combine the models, add a new skin modifier and basically edit the default rigging that 3ds Max generates.
Fri, 27 Dec 2013 22:03:18


Just at the same time Ganonmaster! I always run asking for help here and in a hour or less I've already figured out how to solve the problem :P Thanks for answering anyway
Sat, 28 Dec 2013 19:38:36


Sadly, the Skin Wrap method works perfectly in 3dsmax, but when I compile it, the new mesh doesn't show correctly. I tried changing all the values of the modifier like falloff or face limit, but I don't think thats what causes this problem because it show fine in 3dsmax 2012 and even 2014. When exporting the .smd file I tried different combinations, but that doesn't matter because the .smd is also showing fine in 3dsmax when it is imported. I thought it could be a .vmt problem or some strange normal map, but I checked them all and nothing. Then of course checked the .qc file in case I've been compiling the wrong file. Exporting the new mesh with the original skeleton alone works fine. the problem is when I "merge" both of them using skin wrap. I'm afraid I have no more ideas for fixing this one. :????: Did you ever get a problem like this?