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Wed, 08 Jan 2014 05:02:58


I want to make a few basic things clear here. And I will make it short. On DE you may critique the quality of a pose to your hearts desire. But any member are free to use any material at their own leisure and I will have zero tolerance in the future regarding complaints about what models the members use, how much they use them and what game they are from. As long as they are within the rules, they are allowed. If you dislike certain models or the game they are from, you are free not to look. I don't like or I am sick of a model does not in any way qualify as critique. Personal preference does not decide what is posted here. And I won't allow it to affect it either. You don't need to be educated to know what incident I am referring to, and that will never happen again. Anyone who wishes to be a member on Digitalero is well advised to remember that. None of this is open for discussion. Rast!