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Map loaded right, then few days later, didn't. HELP!

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 06:02:23


Hey guys, I am kinda new to all this stuff and learning by going through a lot of these forums, but a problem has arisen that I cannot figure out. So I was working on FunnyStar's L4D2 "Highway" map the other day, putting windows and stuff to prepare for animating. Everything loaded fine, textures, objects, models, etc. But then yesterday, I went back after working on some other stuff and suddenly the map is missing pretty much everything. The beds, trees, signs, posts are not appearing, but their shadows are. I can't for the life of me, figure it out, I have L4D2 content in my SFM folder stuff, I mean it worked just fine the other day but now nothing is there except for the walls and roof of the building pretty much. If anyone could help me, it would be very much appreciated. Keep in mind that I am new to this and still don't have a full grasp of terminology and/or what file does what in SFM. Thanks in advance.