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Add breast bones from one model to another

Sun, 12 Jan 2014 12:14:10


Ok, this time I have no idea in how to make this. As always, the program used is 3dsmax. I have one mesh with breast bones (model A), they are parented to the spine and correctly weighted. I want to put them into other mesh (model B) with different skeleton. I tried : - Copying spine + breast bones to the modified mesh (B), adding them to the skin modifier and then doing a skin wrapping, but this comes with 2 skin modifiers working for separate. - Using skin utilities to combine two meshes, but this ends in having two spines also. - Merging the breast bones into model B, parenting them with the link icon to the spine and then, importing the weights from a .env file. This also breaks the chest polygons. I hope I've explained myself, I think I'm doing something very wrong as this has to be easier. I could create them from scratch, but I prefer to know if there is a proper way for making this right.