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Wed, 13 Feb 2013 08:50:45


I'm bringing back the discussion I started on the last forum on the topic of the storyline for DE's own H-Game, which we decided to make into a point-and-click adventure game. Here's the story so far:
You are Dean, an ordinary 18-21 year old guy who's a huge fan of DigitalEro, which in this world is an established Entertainment Company with corporate headquarters and their now infamous, newly opened Clubhouse nearby. One night, you decide to try sneaking into the clubhouse to try to sneak a peek at some of the ladies in action. You end up getting caught by the DE poster-girl Sandra the Daywalker, who mistakes you for a customer and gives you one wild night. Upon losing your virginity to her, she accidentley transfers some of her erotic power to you. Afterwards, you finally tell her that you're not a customer, but instead of tossing you out, she's actually grown rather fond of you, and wants to keep you around. So she convinces DE corporate to give you a job at the clubhouse doing menial tasks. Upon starting work at DE, though, you learn that the company has hit some hard times-building the clubhouse was expensive, and there isn't much left to finance the other goals DE had, such as securing the funds for the building of a DE island spa and resort. They also are in need of fresh new girls to help bring in new customers. Because of your newfound sexual powers and confidence given to you by Sandra, you make a promise to her to help improve the company. Sandra sends you to the corporate headquarters to look up the various needs of the company. Here, you'll find the various goals needed to help DE get to the top! From here on you'll go on various missions to secure funds and attract new girls to DE, which will all end up with you bedding tons of gorgeous women from across the multiverse! Help Zoey to the safehouse and learn a brand new definition for "safe sex"! Help bikini-clad ladies out of their swimwear at the island resort! Travel to the fantasy world that Sandra comes from and learn endurance-enhancing spells from Lilith and her partners! Meet hot alien chicks and have a close encounter of the erotic kind! It's hard work, but you're just the guy to do it!
Here we'll discuss details for the story, come up with new ideas, etc. Have at it!
Wed, 13 Feb 2013 22:38:43

Gilgamesh of Uruk

This is somewhat tangential to the subject at hand (it deals with text-based adventure games, not point-and-click), I recently read this classic guide to designing adventure games. Most of the game references will fly by you (the only one I've played myself is Colossal Cave Adventure), but the theoretical work is fundamental. And it's not at all a hard read.
Wed, 27 Feb 2013 09:58:58


Roth wrote his own version of the beginning of the story, it's pretty good! <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?f=15&t=379&p=4359#p4359</a><!-- l --> Also here's an updated version of Dean's Bio:
Dean is a decent everyday kind of guy who happens to be a huge pervert. He's a bit of a slacker, and typically works towards his own gratification, but when someone really needs help, he'll try to assist them. Before DE, he was kind of shy, but losing his virginity to Sandra (and accidentley acquiring some her her seductive power in the process) empowered him to act more boldly. He lives in a run-down apartment in the city nearby DE's corporate headquarters and the Clubhouse. He's not very muscular, but toned, with a bit of a smaller frame, about 5" 6'. He's about late high school to early college age, between 17-21. He would have short black or dark brown hair, maybe blue or green eyes. He's got scruffy-looking facial hair. His clothing is simple, just a black T-shirt with blue jeans held up with a brown belt and brown sneakers. Alternatively, he wears a classy-looking suit once he starts to become more important at DE.
I imagined Dean having a similar face to Nero from DMC4.
Thu, 28 Feb 2013 08:21:16


i kinda skimmed over the story written by roth, just cause i some times eye this thread because ive been planning out (but not developing) a flash game to possibly release to DE. so ive been lurking on this thread for a while. anyways... but when i put the pieces together like the way i did, it resembled some one... if Dean is a sneaky type, going from Zero to Hero, and looking like this...
"giantkrill" said ...
Then he may resemble him too much... Let's make sure he doesn't end up a whining all the time.
Fri, 05 Apr 2013 19:07:28

Soraku Fett

"AbsoluteZero" said ...
i kinda skimmed over the story written by roth, just cause i some times eye this thread because ive been planning out (but not developing) a flash game to possibly release to DE. so ive been lurking on this thread for a while. anyways... but when i put the pieces together like the way i did, it resembled some one... if Dean is a sneaky type, going from Zero to Hero, and looking like this...
"giantkrill" said ...
Then he may resemble him too much... Let's make sure he doesn't end up a whining all the time.
As bad as that would be, it'd be worth it in the long run... Alright, let's give ol' Jackie-boy a break.
Sun, 23 Jun 2013 08:26:15


I feel like I should define Sandra's personality in this story a bit, and her relationship with Dean. It's heavily based off of the way I personally see the character.
The Sadomasochistic Sandra the Daywalker is known for being very much in control when it comes to the things she wants, (Especially in the bedroom.) Infamous for her wicked, almost borderline cruel approach to sex, Sandra is a master of blending the lines between excruciating pain and unimaginable pleasure. She's known to leave her partner(s) lingering on the edge of climaxing for an agonizing amount of time, not allowing them to release until she allows it. As a result some members of DE are actually quite terrified of her, yet respect her for her abilities. Being in control comes so naturally to her that she's pretty much never been out of it, until Dean comes along. Dean comes as an absolute surprise to her-despite being in total control in the beginning of their first encounter, something about him made her want to lose control. This feeling is something she has only for him, and the thought of it scares her, yet simultaneously excites her in a way she's never felt before. She's actually slightly embarrassed that it happened, a feeling that until now has been alien to her, yet she simultaneously yearns for more. This life-altering experience actually changed something within Sandra as well; she now sees a certain responsibility as DE's poster girl, and is worried about the fate of the company. She sees the potential within Dean to save it from financial disaster...
Fri, 11 Oct 2013 11:41:39


I had a thought recently and would like everyone's opinion on this. The fact of the matter is, nobody seems to be interested at the moment in making a model of our lead character Dean. For the game to even get off the ground we need this character modeled and useable in Gmod/SFM. So I had a thought about leaving Dean out altogether and using an existing one in his stead. My first thought was Ellis. He's already available clothed and nude, and seems to be generally a popular male character. of course the basics of the story we've come up with so far will remain, with Sandra the Daywalker bestowing her gift to the lead character, but if the lead is Ellis a few things will need to be changed. For example, if Ellis becomes our lead character, I'd like Zoey to play a bigger role in the story as well. Perhaps she's the main reason why he joins DE in the first place? What are your guys's thoughts on this? Should we have an original character, or should we make Ellis our lead?
Sun, 27 Oct 2013 10:18:56


-Okay, since my friend agreed to make a head model sometime, having a model of Dean is back on track for now. Also I had another story idea. In the DE story written by Roth a little while back, Dean asks Sandra about using protection, and that got me thinking-Dean's going to be fucking a whole universe of women, you'd think a guy with his enhanced potency would be causing pregnancies left and right, right? Very easy to remedy, though, THROUGH THE POWER OR WRITING! Sandra wasn't worried simply because, as a Daywalker, her DNA is not compatible with human DNA. As everyone knows, creatures of different species cannot produce children due to their DNA being incompatible. Sandra wasn't worried because it was impossible for Dean to impregnate her to begin with. So, when Sandra ends up accidentally giving Dean part of her power, she ends up causing a slight genetic mutation in him that causes him to be half-daywalker. This mutation causes Dean's DNA to become incompatible with, well, practically everyone. Also, while Sandra may be full Daywalker, the half of Dean that's still human also prevents pregnancy with her. So no matter how potent he's become, he no longer has to worry about pregnancy ever again. Of course, in the unlikely event that he ever wanted kids, this mutation could be possibly reversed. But given his situation with having to save DE through sex, that's not likely to change anytime soon. EDIT: Also, from here on in, I will refer to DE and it's clubhouse as an "Escort Agency" rather then a "brothel". It's just better sounding. I'd prefer to keep things classy, to an extent.
Sat, 02 Nov 2013 21:59:47


I had a thought recently after posting that thread about Tantric Sexuality. With the current direction the game seems to be going in, the story has to be great in order to hold it together. It's got to have purpose and thrill to it for it all to work. So far the end destination for Dean's story seems to simply be to have a lot of sex. Which is fun and all, but all stories need to have some kind of ending for it to culminate to. Characters need deep motivations and emotional investment in something to move them forwards, that's what makes them interesting. So the thought crossed my mind of injecting a mystery into the story. Something that keeps the player on edge a bit while they're playing through. Maybe, Dean finds out that there's some kind of little conspiracy going on with DE's higher ups. There's rumors of their being a sort of secret society of sorts that includes members of DE corporate's upper echelons. Maybe something happened in DE's past that causes Dean to want to learn everything he can about this innermost ring of the company, and the only way to get in is through moving his way up the ladder through his sexual power. Maybe Sandra has heard about the inner circle, but isn't allowed in, but is curious. So, she sees the power she accidentaly gave Dean as a possible way in? She's wants him to climb the corporate ladder using his gift so that they can find out what's really going on. So, that means Dean's gift has to be kept a secret. This gives a bit more thrill to the story. A few twists here and there will give the players something to think about between sexual encounters, and maybe cause some of the sex scenes to possibly become even more thrilling when the girl you're with might actually be an agent of the inner circle trying to get rid of you! What do you guys think, would adding a mystery to the story make it more interesting?
Sun, 03 Nov 2013 00:00:18


That's pretty cool like a mass effect romance game. haha. Good way to do a story.
Tue, 05 Nov 2013 23:58:20


Here's another idea that might help simplify things down a bit. Maybe we should go with an episodic model. Making the whole game with all the things we want in it is a lot of work, so maybe we should do it in chunks, with each chapter taking Dean to a brand new set of areas with new girls to seduce. Each chapter will have certain goal that helps Dean to climb the corporate ladder of DE while taking him closer to the mysterious truth about the company...
EPISODE 1: After sneaking into DE and losing his virginity to Sandra the Daywalker, the DE poster girl pleads Dean to keep his newfound power a secret, in order to protect him from being thrown out. In order to make sure that he stays, Sandra tasks Dean with getting into the favor of the girls at the clubhouse. In the clubhouse, you'll meet several of the girls, some of which you will meet again in future episodes. During this trial, Dean will discover that there's something odd going on within the clubhouse's walls, and will solve the riddle of why Sandra wants Dean's power to be kept a secret...
EPISODE 2: The existence of the mysterious Secret Society at the center of DE is revealed, but who are they, and what do they want? The only way for Dean to find out is to climb the corporate ladder and see for himself. Here, Dean will take on several missions for DE to secure funds for their latest project, and get in the company's good favor. He'll mingle with the rich and snobby, and press flesh with their hot daughters. It's a tiring job, but Dean's just the sexually endowed guy to do it!
EPISODE 3: The island awaits! DigitalEro's seaside resort with a sexually charged twist is now open, but the locals are a tad iffy about it. In order to prove his mettle to the company, Dean must do a little PR work and convince the islanders that the resort is a good thing. Apart from seducing the local women, fan favorite girls from previous episodes return, bearing their bodies in scandalously sexy bikinis that are just waiting to be ripped off!
EPISODE 4: Having proven his worth to the company, Dean is finally introduced to the strange men who work in the shadows of DE. One final test is required, though: A forbidden technology once thought to be lost will unlock the gates to new worlds to explore, and open up a whole multiverse of women to introduce to his cock! Take command of a small group of eager associates and explore this brave new universe! Unite the galaxy in sexual harmony and reveal your destiny!
EPISODE 5: The truth is at long last revealed! The secret cult that lies at the center of DE welcomes their newest member with open arms (and legs!). Take part in mysterious sexual rituals, learn how they've been controlling you from the beginning, meet a few familiar faces (and fuck them!) It will all come down to a choice for Dean, will he accept his destiny and ascend to sexual godhood, or will he refuse to bow before the might of the Inner Circle?
So yeah, I kinda sorta decided to make it all lead up to Dean becoming a literal sex god, lol.