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Marvel vs. Capcom Models

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 20:06:50


Hey fellas this is the very first time I ever posted something at a forum, and the reason that I'm here is because I found some interesting addon for Gmod on a Russian site called, and on that site, i found this file that contains 2 decent models of Chun Li and other models from the game Marvel vs. Capcom. Seeing that there are a crapload of people seeking for those i wanted to share what i had found with everyone that come here. I dunno who did the ripping and if you reading this is the one, you rock pal. :lol: link for the file .rar: ... BlaaGXE%3D please visit the site of those guys to suppor'em :) P.S? sorry for the unfashion post, I dunno how to put pictures. :????: