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Trying to make nude Heather Mason mod for L4D2

Wed, 22 Jan 2014 21:20:27


I have two Left For Dead 2 skins I want to combine but I do not know how. I tried mixing certain files from both mods into one mod using GCFScape, but it never looked right (pink checkered pattern on head and/or body). The two mods I am trying to combine are: Heather Mason Replaces Zoey: and This Zoey nude mod that I downloaded more than a year ago from L4Dmaps: ... lthair.vpk (it is no longer on L4Dmaps and I can't find it anywhere else, also there is no author listed in the addoninfo.txt) Will this task require 3D modeling software and, if so, is anyone interested in helping me? Note: I made neither of these mods.