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WARNING! Spoiler alert! This is a rough BDSM scene between consenting adults. A LITTLE R & R - A Lara Croft Story - Doppie's Revenge [center:1aqowqxv]Part 7[/center:1aqowqxv] Lara walked into the locker room and glanced at the clock. To her horror it showed 6:57 PM. "Bloody Hell!" she thought to herself, "I'm going to be late! Doppie is going to be even madder! She's going to kill me!" She punched the intercom for Winston. When he answered she said, "My meeting ran long. I have to shower and get cleaned up. Please let Doppie know I'm sorry and that I'm running late but will be there as quickly as possible." "I will Lara," he replied, "I'll send Agnetha to clean up there." She ran across the locker room to her private elevator. As soon as the doors opened into her rooms she went to the food and beverage table. Lara poured a shot of Macallan 12 Scotch then drank it slowly as she wolfed down some food. Lara poured a second shot and slammed it down before heading to her bathroom. Lara thoroughly washed and cleansed her body of all traces of cum. While her engorged labia and the discoloration of her tender anus were damning enough proof of her recent sexual exploits she didn't need Doppie to freak out about that too. She finshed freshening up and somewhat fortified by the scotch she opened the door to come face to face with Doppie. The dark yellow of Doppie's eyes conveyed her intense wrath. Lara's false bravado was stripped away in an instant. "Submit," Doppie hissed with scarcely contained fury. Lara opened her mouth to speak but Doppie covered Lara's mouth and screamed the control word at her again, "SUBMIT!". In resignation Lara closed her mouth and nodded her head signifying her acceptance of Doppie's control word. They only had two. "Obey" was for play and "Submit" was for punishment. Doppie wheeled and strode across the room to their bed, her spike heels clickly loudly on the floor. Lara thought she looked gorgeous in her custom-made black ensemble which included a choker, opera length arm sleeves, and a crotchless body corset with straps around her bare breasts. "Come!" Doppie commanded. Lara meekly moved to the side of the bed and stood feet slightly apart and arms at her sides. Doppie slipped her hand between Lara's legs, touched her swollen labia, then slid her fingers further to probe her anus. Lara flinched but did not dare resist. Doppie clenched her jaw, seething with rage, and withdrew her hand. On the bed was a ball gag, padded wrist and ankle restraints, slave collar, and an orange and black riding crop. Doppie picked up the ball gag and Lara obediently opened her mouth. She pushed the ball into Lara's mouth, moved behind her, and expertly tightened the strap. Lara stood submissively as Doppie fitted the cuffs and collar and adjusted for tightness. Doppie connected the wrist cuffs together, picked up the crop, and motioned Lara towards the elevator. Behind her Doppie's eyes changed from dark yellow to bright fiery orange. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] Lara took three steps before the stroke hit her across her buttocks. It wasn't a particularly hard hit but enough to leave a red streak. Shocked Lara wheeled around and Doppie swung again. The keeper at the end of the crop hit Lara's left nipple perfectly - a tap that stung fiercely. Fire orange eyes glared at her and Lara knew Doppie's sadistic persona had already manifested. Doppie drew the crop back and her gaze shifted to Lara's right breast. Lara understood what she wanted and obediently pushed her right breast forward. Doppie let Lara's nipple harden for several seconds before flicking the proffered tip. Lara let out a muffled cry as her nipple throbbed. "I know our compact permits you to be with a man from time to time. But you didn't just fuck one Lara. You didn't just fuck two did you? No you fucked three men!" Doppie ranted on. "You've been extraordinarily bad and per our agreement you will be punished accordingly. Now stand still and keep your eyes closed," Doppie commanded and stepped back. Lara heard the crop cut through the air just before the shaft struck her right breast below the areola. She writhed and moaned in pain. The second blow hit her left breast just below the nipple too. Lara whimpered and squirmed but the pain was exquisitely pleasurable and she was getting wet. "Stand still," Doppie whispered. Doppie aimed carefully and swung overhand and down. The blow was precisely struck and the tip of the keeper snapped the top of Lara's mons. In agony Lara hopped and danced, whimpering and moaning, until the sting began to subside. Doppie motioned Lara on towards the elevator and laid another red streak across Lara's pale cheeks. Lara moaned but did not turn around. When they got in the elevator Doppie pushed Lara to bend her over. Lara braced herself against the side wall in obedience. Doppie punched in a unique code and said "Saferoom." The voice recognition software activated and the elevator began to descend. Lara whimpered and moaned as Doppie put another stripe on her ass, watched it bloom, then added another. When the elevator reached bottom there were several red streaks on Lara's buttocks and both girls were wet. During the rebuilding of Croft Manor a saferoom had been included under each of the four wings connected by tunnels that could be sealed off if any were compromised. After Lara and Doppie returned from The Clinic this one had been immediately repurposed, furnished, and equipped for S&M. Several spotlights focused on the suspension area and Doppie led Lara there before walking over to the control console. A huge monitor on the wall in front of Lara came on and images of her from different angles appeared on the screen. There was a soft hum and a black trapese bar lowered stopping right above Lara. Doppie separated her wrist cuffs, placed each of Lara's hands on an end of the bar for her to hold onto, and then chained Lara's wrists to the bar. She went back to the console and raised the bar until Lara was lifted off the floor. Doppie pulled an extendable spreader from a nearby drawer and went back to where Lara hung, attached the spreader to her ankle restraints, and extended the bar to it's full 48" length. Pushing small emblems on the floor behind Lara revealed hidden hooks that Doppie attached to chains at each end of the spreader anchoring it. At the console Doppie raised the bar until Lara's body was stretched taut. From another drawer she took out a flexible rod of progessively larger anal beads, lubed it, and approached Lara. Lara was dripping wet and a slender string was oozing towards the floor. Doppie inserted the rod past the first bead and sucked the wet strand into her mouth. Her tongue lanced Lara's clit as her mouth closed over Lara's pussy. It took just a few moments before Lara came, a gushing flow that Doppie lapped up greedily. Just as Lara's orgasm peaked Doppie inserted the next ball and tongued Lara's clit again. Lara's felt a sensual twinge as her sphincter opened up then closed behind the ball and she kept cumming. Doppie continued sucking up the juices draining from Lara's pussy and licked Lara's clit each time she'd insert another ball, until the rod was hilted to the ring. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] [center:1aqowqxv]Part 8[/center:1aqowqxv] Doppie left Lara still spasming, picked up the crop from the console, and menacingly swished it at Lara as she walked over to a cabinet on the other side of the room stopping briefly to place the crop on a side table. Doppie opened the large bottom drawer underneath and pulled out her custom strapon harness. She pulled out the top drawer revealing a large selection of dildos laid out by increasing size and diameter and a small box with snaplock pins. Doppie took a pin and pushed the shaft facing inwards through a slot in the bottom of the center harness strap until the flathead was flush. She placed a second pin behind the first also facing inwards. Doppiie selected a dildo 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter, simply coded 7.0x2.0, snapped it onto the first pin, and gave it a quarter turn to lock it in place. Next she took a 6.0x1.5 dildo out of the drawer and snaplocked the second phallus behind the first and lubed it up well before coating her anus. Doppie spread her legs apart and slipped the smaller dildo past her sphincter before inserting the 7" toy into her pussy. Doppie slowly pushed both all the way in, relishing the double penetration, and buckled her harness together. Doppie opened up the cabinet door to reveal her assortment of whips, floggers, paddles, and other devices. Custom-made from the finest materials they were fire orange and black with left-handed grips like the crop. Doppie picked out the beginner flogger, a light instrument with short suede straps, usually the type of whip used to tease and administer a first blush on their guests. Doppie normally used a flogger or martinet with longer, heavier falls on Lara to acheive a brighter pink quicker. Lara was now more perplexed than ever at what Doppie was preparing for. Then Doppie moved to the adjacent cabinet and opened it revealing Lara's matching set. Crafted in black and pink, with righthanded grips, it had every item Doppie's did except one. Doppie picked the beginner flogger from Lara's set and hefted it in her right hand then approached her helpless captive. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] Doppie saw Lara's questioning glance at the floggers and Lara's eyes widened in dismay when Doppie answered her unspoken query, "Lara this is going to be an extreme punishment session although for the way you've made me feel I could rationalize giving you a maximum session. These are just the beginning as I am going to punish you thoroughly and you'll need to be totally prepped." Lara had not endured an extreme or maximum session since The Clinic and she had only expected a severe session like she had been given in the past. Lara whined in protest. "You still don't understand what you've done to me," Doppie fumed, "This time you've hurt me the worst ever! You were gone for a month which means we haven't been together in a month. You should have come to me first! Yet you made me wait while you immediately had sex with three men for hours. Three! And when you do finally come to me not only are you late but you are swollen and sore down there because of them. So do you understand now why you are going to be punished and accept that what's coming is fair... even merciful?" Lara realized, that while well-intended, putting her "meeting" first so she could give Doppie her full attention had wounded Doppie terribly and that injustice explained the magnitude of Doppie's justifiable rage. Lara nodded her head affimatively in abject acceptance. "Good. Well you're all mine now. I'm going to do the front of your body before I move you to your 'Horse' for your ride," Doppie pronounced. She touched the knob of her flogger to Lara's wet pussy before sliding it back along her swollen labia to push against the anal rod making Lara flinch, "I know you enjoy pain and most of this session will be pleasurable for you. But I'm going to give you a lot of pain and want you to remember later that you came to me already like this." Doppie stepped back and, with a left hand/right hand rhythm, started drumming Lara slowly and softly. Warm pink patches began to appear on the front of Lara's legs and torso. Lara began moaning softly and wetness trickled down her leg to her knee as she built towards an orgasm. For Doppie the gentle shifting of the dildos inside her as she swung, the sounds of Lara moaning, the slaps of the floggers, and the blushes on Lara's body, were rapidly stimulating her to her own orgasm. She continued flogging Lara's body from her knees to her shoulders until she was entirely pink. Sensing Lara was as close to coming as she was Doppie backhanded each of Lara's breasts right across both rockhard nipples and dropped the whips. Swiftly she pulled Lara's hips toward her hungry mouth with one hand, slipped her other hand behind Lara to grab the ring, and began orgasming. As her orgasm rocked her she tongued Lara's clit savagely and popped the first large bead through Lara's sphincter. Lara squealed as her orgasm exploded in shockwaves of pain and ecstasy. She ejaculated into Doppie's mouth and soaked her face with wetness. Doppie jerked the next bead out of Lara and continued ravaging her clit. Lara kept spasming in an extended climax as Doppie pulled each bead out of her tender anus soaking her legs and Doppie's face with more fluids. Shockingly, as soon as the rod was out, Lara felt the tip of the rod probing her anus. Doppie gently licked her clit and began popping the anal beads back into Lara's convulsing body. Lara whimpered as the anal contractions after each ball engendered sweet pangs of pain, heightening her pleasure even more, and added to the long orgasm Doppie was giving her. Doppie slurped greedily until Lara's orgasm had finished, then picked up the floggers, and sucked both of Lara's puffy nipples to painful hardness. She strode to the side table, placing the suede floggers with the crop, and then returned to her cabinet. Surveying her collection she selected another flogger with longer, thick leather straps. This whip was a heavier prep instrument and when used properly would induce a bright pink color, would sting more, and had an additional effect of imparting a hot heat to Lara's skin. Doppie took Lara's matching flogger and gripped it tightly in her right hand. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] Doppie stood in front of Lara and started drumming her with the heavier whips watching each spot blush to a bright pink. Lara's moans gave way to mewls and whimpers and along with the heavier slaps the leather made Doppie kept getting more aroused. Lara loved being warmed up and the heat and sting of the leather was intensely pleasurable. Lara approached orgasm quickly but this time when Lara was ready to climax Doppie dropped the martinets on the floor and slipped behind her. Doppie slid her hand around Lara's hip, cupping her pussy, and began rubbing her clit making Lara climax immediately. In a sadistic rush she pulled the bead rod out of Lara in one long pull as Lara kept coming. Lara yelped and then yelped louder as Doppie hilted the rod back into her with one continuous agonizing thrust. Doppie retrieved the floggers and resumed whipping Lara's anterior body to a bright pink until both girls were approaching another climax. Doppie twirled both whips tattooing Lara's mons and she shrieked as the sting lit her pussy up instantly. As Lara started coming Doppie dropped the whips and knelt behind Lara. Doppie pulled on the rod until the first bead had Lara's asshole wide open and held it there with her other hand for a slow count of five. Lara's sphinchter futilely pushed at the ball then slowly closed around the shaft when Doppie pulled the bead out for another five-count delay. Doppie pulled the next ball into position and Lara's whimpering and writhing were enough to push Doppie to her own climax. After a short pause she managed to resume the five count treatment as each ball was stopped in Lara's anus and for her sphincter to collapse around the shaft after each withdrawal. Lara's pussy throbbed as her orgasm went on and on fueled by the heat from her whipping and the sadistic torment of her anus. When the rod was reinserted Doppie used the same procedure until she allowed the last bead to pass on in and the rod was hilted once again. Doppie stood, picked up the floggers, and examined the bright pink color on the front of Lara's quaking body. After admininstering a few more strokes to complete the coloration Doppie set the floggers down with the other equipment. For the upcoming punishments Doppie now needed to make changes to Lara's position and equipment. Doppie knelt down, released Lara's ankles from the spreader, and connected the ankle cuffs to each other before anchoring them to the floor. She moved to the console and raised Lara higher, stretching her body as tautly as possible, then returned to her cabinet. From the bottom drawer Doppie got the blindfold harness and returned to Lara. Deprived of sight Lara would not be able to anticipate Doppie's blows and risk unintended injury by tensing up or flinching away during the harsher punishments. In addition the blindfold would enhance Lara's remaining senses and reinforce her submissive role. She placed a finger over Lara's mouth for silence and removed the ball gag letting Lara briefly flex her jaw. Doppie pulled Lara's head down and kissed her fiercely before thrusting the mask's ball into her mouth. Doppie slipped the chin strap on first then covered Lara's eyes with the blindfold. Expertly she pulled the top and side straps into place and then adjusted and tightened the whole apparatus. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] [center:1aqowqxv]Part 9[/center:1aqowqxv] For the next level Doppie wanted an instrument that would really sting and darken Lara's skin to hues of red. She chose "Max", a maximum sized martinet almost four feet long with twenty-four leather cords. It was a very punishing martinet designed for use all over the body. Because of it's length it normally was a difficult whip to use and required careful practice to acquire the right touch and learn how to control it. But Doppie had quickly mastered it at The Clinic and enjoyed using it frequently. By prepping Lara properly she could swing the whip hard against parts of Lara's body and that always pushed her to exquisite sadistic orgasms. Lara also relished when "Max" kissed her skin, the pain and burning heat indulging her most masochistic urges, particularly as the final stage of a play session before a long night of sex. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] Doppie stood to Lara's left, gripped the handle tightly in her left hand, and swung. Lara heard a faint swish as the cords passed under her chin just before a long stripe of pain burst from armpit to armpit across her collarbones. It was actually a light blow perfectly administered on skin with bone right beneath but stung like crazy. Lara whimpered as Doppie watched the skin redden, shook out the falls, and swung hard. Lara howled as the whip snapped across Lara's lower abdomen sending a shockwave of fiery heat directly to Lara's churning pussy and a splash of wetness coated her inner thigh. Lara realized that Doppie was using "Max" on her and in response her nipples hardened and a warm flush brightened the pink hues on her body. The dildos inside Doppie slid and shifted as she swung a moderate blow impacting Lara's thighs right above the knee. Wetness was seeping from both girls as their arousal heightened with each blow. Lara was real close to orgasming and Doppie targeted Lara's breasts laying the cords precisely across Lara's distended nipples. Lara's initial howl of pain became a long orgasmic wail as she started to climax again. Doppie spread Lara's butt cheeks apart and gripped the anal rod. She repeated the first technique she had used and each bead popped out of Lara easily but it took her sphincter longer and longer to collapse around the shaft. Lara kept coming as the rod was reinserted the same way and Doppie smiled wickedly knowing that in addition to the painful pleasure she was giving Lara her sphincter was weakening rapidly. Doppie resumed with the martinet but soon climaxed as she painted the front of Lara's body in rich red patches. Lara succumbed to the hot caresses of "Max" and orgasmed intensely as well. Doppie plucked the rod out of Lara's asshole effortlessly in one long pull as she climaxed and easily slipped it back in with a single thrust that met no resistance from Lara's enfeebled anus. With further whipping Doppie made Lara come again and extended it on and on as she lodged each bead in her anus for an extended count followed by a second count as Lara's debilitated sphincter would collapse feebly around the shaft. With her goal accomplished Doppie didn't reinsert the rod and pridefully placed the anal rod and "Max" with the other equipment she had used. Doppie strutted over to her cabinet and her orange eyes glowed as she eyed the switches, rods, and canes, before picking out a long thin synthetic switch. She returned to Lara and grabbed both throbbing nipples making Lara moan and whimper as she pulled, tweaked, and twirled them. Lara heard Doppie step away and she grasped the bar firmly, trembling with fear and anticipation. But instead of a stroke Doppie eased the switch between her legs and gently tickled her glistening labia and clit with the tip. Lara gasped and her pussy clenched tightly causing a dribble of wetness to stream down her leg. Doppie snickered as she pulled the switch away and slowly trailed the switch over her body. Lara began groaning impatiently as Doppie continued to tantalize her by adding an occasional random tap. [center:1aqowqxv][/center:1aqowqxv] Without warning Doppie smacked Lara high on her left thigh and held the switch against the site for a few seconds to prolong the impression of impact. Lara cried out at the acute bite and felt a rush of heat in her vagina. Doppie watched the streak on Lara's thigh welt and turn a dark red then marked Lara's right thigh similarly, using the hit and hold technique again. The pain registered in Lara's brain mere moments before the heat shock filled her pussy and she gushed wetly. Doppie watched the weal develop and darken then moved to Lara's left side and laid down another stripe right below the collarbone. Doppie hesitated as she fantasized about where to strike next. The most punishing would be across the mons and Doppie wanted to stripe all of that area at some point so she needed to start as low as possible. The switch whistled as she laid a searing slash a half inch above Lara's slit and held it in place. The painwave flooded Lara's vagina instantly. Every nerve ending burned with raw heat and a long muffled wail signaled the onset of her orgasm. Lara's body strained against the restraints as she ejaculated down her legs and splattered the floor beneath her. Then she went limp, barely hanging on to the bar, spasming and soaking herself even more. It was too much for Doppie and as she started to come she dropped weakly to her knees. The dildos slammed deep into her and she erupted around the shaft dousing herself and forming a pool of her own on the floor. After she stopped coming Doppie staggered to her feet and resumed the whipping starting with a hard blow to Lara's breast. Aim, hit and hold, watch the color darken, and repeat. It was a slow and methodical approach as Doppie made sure each blow fell in a different spot even lifting each breast to viciously welt the undersides. Lara moaned and whimpered as each lash immediately sent searing hot jolts to every nerve ending in her pussy. She knew she was being savagely marked but couldn't hold back her onrushing climax. When Lara was about to orgasm Doppie put a new dark red welt across her mons slightly above the first and Lara wailed in pain and ecstasy when she came. Doppie wasn't having any problem coming either. The sadistic stimulation she derived from every swing and the dildos sliding and shifting inside her with every movement pushed her towards an orgasm. She paused to let it wash over her until she could regain control and safely resume. The lashing went on, pausing only when Doppie orgasmed. Myriad crimson lines flourished on Lara's thighs, abdomen, chest, and breasts while droplets of perspiration beaded on her heated, glistening skin. Whenever Lara was about to come Doppie would add another line on Lara's mons, right above the last, enhancing her ensuing orgasm. Doppie was very thorough and didn't relent until the dark scarlet streaks covered Lara's glowing red skin from her shoulders to her knees. Puffy burgundy ridges overlaid the deep red of her breasts and mons where Doppie had been especially cruel. Doppie set the switch down, unhooked Lara's legs from the floor, and disconnected the ankle cuffs from each other before moving to the console and lowering Lara to a normal standing height. Disoriented, Lara staggered drunkenly and hung from the trapese bar until she could steady herself. At the console Doppie switched on the spotlights to highlight "The Horse", as it was affectionately named. The training room at The Clinic had been huge and had a multitude of apparatus spread throughout. However, the space constraints of the saferoom had required innovation to replicate the many devices they had experimented with there. The Clinic had recommended a discreet German manufacturer of power operating tables and they had designed and developed the multi-configurable table to Lara's specifications. Doppie began adjusting the table to a vertical "Y" as she prepared to move Lara onto it. Doppie unhooked Lara hands from the bar and attached them to her collar. Lara was becoming more cognitive of the rest of her body again and felt a new urgency intensifying and started writhing in response. At The Clinic her training as a submissive had not been just physical but psychological as well and even though it had occurred on many occassions Lara still felt ashamed. Passively, she spaced her legs slightly apart and began urinating, the hot liquid stinging the marks on her thighs. Doppie watched Lara urinate and suddenly felt the urge herself and dashed off to the bathroom. She returned with towels and made Lara blindly clean herself and the floor. When Lara was done she pressed a finger to Lara's mouth signaling Lara she was not to speak, then lifted the chin strap and slid the ball gag to one side. She inserted a straw from a water bottle into Lara's grateful mouth and assisted her until it was empty then replaced the gag and chin strap.
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[center:2bj0y7cl]Part 10[/center:2bj0y7cl] Doppie guided Lara to her "Horse" and Lara stood unmoving as Doppie removed the suspension ankle cuffs and replaced them with the cuffs and clamps on the cushioned leg sections. She pushed Lara's torso forward against the table and Lara groaned as her sore, heated flesh pressed against the cold upholstery. Doppie detached Lara's hands from the collar, removed the suspension cuffs, and clamped Lara's wrists to the armboards. Doppie checked each cuff and clamp for tightness and fit and returned to the console and reset the table configuration. The motor hummed as the table lifted slightly and then the top section began angling downward until it was parallel to the floor. When the motor stopped Lara was bent over and stretched tightly across the table. Doppie picked up the remote for the table and clipped it to her harness before going to her cabinet. Doppie opened the wide drawer beneath where the strapon phalluses were and pulled out a massive 24.0x4.0 horsecock and returned to the console. The table hummed as Doppie gleefully spread Lara's legs wide apart. Another motor started inside the table and Doppie watched the multi-purpose mechanical arm unfold from the base like a scorpion's tail and rise to point at Lara's buttocks menacingly. Doppie attached hydraulic tubes in the arm to the cock and then snapped the assembly in place onto the arm. Lara was slickly wet and a small stream of fluid oozed out of her. Doppie pushed two fingers into Lara's squirming pussy and as expected she was sopping wet. "Look how wet you are!" she teased. "You love riding your horse don't you? Well I'm going to let him ride you!" She picked up the remote for the arm, pulled the huge cock towards Lara's pelvis, and pressed the the thick tip between Lara's slick labia. [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] The intense 10 hour sessions at The Clinic had included toys and torture to complement the discipline and punishment regimens. Lara's training had incorporated repeated penetrations of her body with many different devices, including a horsecock dildo, and Lara knew the size was not only for shock effect but wickedly painful and lewdly pleasurable. Since they had named the table "Horse" adding a horsecock dildo to the arm attachments was a logical extension. The horsecock was longer and thicker than James had been and Lara squirmed as her vagina was achingly stretched wider and wider. Doppie pushed two inches of it inside Lara's clenching pussy and pressed a button on the remote for the minimum depth setting. Lara clenched her fists tightly as Doppie began stuffing the dildo deeper and deeper, past the halfway point almost to the sheath, until Lara flinched in pain. Doppie backed it out until Lara handsignaled she was OK with that depth, pressed the remote to set the maximum depth, and started the arm at the slowest speed. Doppie watched the arm slowly pull the slickly wet horsecock almost out of Lara before gradually plunging deep into her shuddering body. Satisfied Lara wasn't being injured Doppie left her side to prepare. Doppie walked to the table with the instruments she had set aside, aimed the remote at "Horse", and advanced the arm speed up a level evoking pleasured moaning from Lara. She smiled as a small light and several buttons glowed indicating another feature of the table was ready. Doppie pressed the first newly highlighted button until the display on the remote read "16", selected her beginner flogger, then returned to the table. Lara was getting close to another orgasm and Doppie gave her immediate release when she accelerated the arm to it's third speed. Lara's pussy spasmed around the pistoning shaft and she sprayed over her legs and buttocks as she came. "You naughty equestrienne! Are you enjoying getting fucked by your horse Lady Croft? Fulfilling some perverse fantasy are you?" Doppie jeered. Doppie began blushing Lara's back with the flogger adding more erotic sensations to Lara's system. Lara whimpered in ecstasy with each stroke and felt the stirrings of another intense climax beginning already. Doppie continued flogging Lara through her orgasm until her entire back was a rosy pink and Lara was close again. "Oh Lara ...your horse ...can't wait..." Doppie teased and pressed the second highlighted button. Lara felt the horsecock stop halfway inside her, throb and swell slightly as the lines inside it filled, before blasting thick warm streams of fluid deep into her pussy to splash against the walls. "He's been pastured for months and you're his first of the season. I bet he's got alot of cum for you Lara," Doppie taunted and Lara orgasmed violently as the horsecock pumped 16 ounces of warmed, white methyl cellulose into her spasming body. Her fluids, comingled with the fake cum, began oozing out of her around the shaft to coat her thighs and flow down the table. Doppie continued taunting Lara, "Do you want more? You do? Well your horse doesn't want to stop either." Doppie reset the volume to 16 and restarted the arm at the first level. As it plunged into Lara fluids sloshed out of her with some splashing onto her anus to pool briefly before drooling down her spine to the small of her back. Doppie increased the speed twice until Lara was getting buffeted again then started blushing each thigh leaving Lara's buttocks untouched for now. The sloshing of the horsecock in and out of Lara's pussy coupled with the soft slaps of the flogger were too much for Doppie and she had to stop as she climaxed. Fluids surged out of her, soaking her inner thighs, and streamed down her legs. After her spasms had subsided she finished coloring Lara's thighs then flooded Lara with another pint of cum when she started climaxing. Doppie let Lara's orgasm finish before she drew the horsecock out and a string of cum dripped slowly to the floor. Doppie returned the suede flogger to the table and picked up her leather flogger. Lara's orgasmic idyll was cut short as Doppie spread her swollen labia apart again. After having been reamed once already, coupled with the long session with the men earlier, Lara's pussy yielded unconditionally to the horsecock as it was thrust into her quivering body. "A second horse for milady!" Doppie snarled as she set the cum volume for another pint and quickly advanced the arm speed to the third setting. "You're so shameless I bet you want it even harder!" Doppie increased the arm speed further and the horsecock galloped in and out of Lara pounding her pussy mercilessly. Doppie began slowly and deliberately whipping Lara's back to a bright pink hue as Lara grunted and moaned. Fucked hard and whipped simultaneously, Lara orgasmed quickly and her muscular contractions were accompanied by the first pangs of a new erotic muscle ache from the many orgasms she'd had. Doppie continued with the flogger until Lara's entire back was bright pink and then launched torrents of warm cum out of the horsecock into Lara's overheated pussy clutching the table as her own orgasm began. Lara climaxed again and her pussy achingly clenched and unclenched around the shaft spraying fluids with each contraction. Doppie's fierce orgasm forced her own juices to flow around her dildo and it was a few minutes before she could resume as she revelled in the waves of pleasure. She dialed up another 16 ounce load, advanced the arm speed to fourth again, and slowly began striking Lara's thighs, splattering both girls with flecks of white ooze. With the huge cock rampaging in and out of her throbbing pussy coupled with the stinging heat from her back and legs Lara quickly climaxed except this orgasm continued on and on. Doppie deliberately took an inordinate amount of time between each stroke and watched Lara begin to drool as she slipped into an orgasmic semi-conscious state. Lara grunted rhythmically as the horsecock punished her pussy relentlessly and cum dripped continuously onto the floor. Lara kept coming as the minutes passed until Doppie was finally finished with the flogging. The horsecock stopped and throbbed as the lines filled before blasting another pint of fake cum into Lara's overwrought vagina further heightening her climax. In a orgasming haze Lara felt the horsecock being withdrawn, felt it slide up between her buttocks to her anus, and when Doppie pressed it against her sphincter she involuntarily thrust her hips against it. [center:2bj0y7cl]Part 11[/center:2bj0y7cl] Orgasmic bliss instantly became agony as Lara's rectum was suddenly wrenched apart and though she tried to pull back Doppie was quicker, immediately pushing the horsecock deep enough to slip the flange of the head past Lara's incapacitated sphincter. Lara squealed as excruciating pain coursed through her body jarring every nerve to a heightened excitation. Everywhere she had been marked burned with renewed heat and beads of perspiration glistened on her body. Lara's pussy throbbed and rivers of wetness seeped over her swollen labia and engorged clit. "Poor Lara," Doppie sneered as she lightly fingered Lara's devastated sphincter stretched around the cock, "Your third horse might have hurt less if you hadn't been sore already." In shock Lara realized how wicked and sadistic Doppie had been with the anal bead rod, prolonging her orgasms with it as a subterfuge to actually prepare her anus for this violation. At the clinic the weakening process had been spread over the first days and while Lara had taken the horsecock anally in the past it wasn't after her anus had been repeatedly used and then abused for hours beforehand and it had been introduced much more gently. Lara whimpered and moaned as the pain subsided to a barely endurable sustained ache while Doppie set the cum volume to 8 ounces and set the new minimum depth. When she felt Lara was ready she eased the massive tool deep into Lara's ass until Lara signaled her penetration limit had been reached and reset the max depth. Doppie started the arm on the slowest speed and Lara could feel every vein ridge on the glistening wet log as it glided in and out of her and a dull ache as it pressed against the tender tissues between her ass and vagina. Even on it's slowest speed the horsecock was ravaging her ass with each thrust and Lara knew Doppie wasn't going to leave it on slow. Doppie returned the flogger to the side table and picked up the heavy martinet "Max". She returned to Lara and trailed the falls up her thigh, across her unmarked buttocks, and let them rest on her back. Lara quickly recognized "Max" and realized Doppie was perversely going to use Lara's favorite whip on her while punishing her anally with the horsecock. As if on cue Doppie advanced the speed once, let Lara adjust to the increased tempo, then ruthlessly ramped it up to third. The pain was excruciating and Lara was about to black out when "Max" lit up the back of her left thigh restoring her acuity instantly. Doppie proceeded to color both thighs to a deep red with the martinet and Lara whined constantly as her ass was plundered by the huge cock. To Lara's great relief the horsecock finally stopped and she felt a twinge as it swelled before shooting warm cum deep into her ass. When Lara didn't orgasm Doppie realized Lara was in too much discomfort with the third setting and that second would be punishing enough. She set the cum amount at 8 oz again, restarted the arm, and advanced the tempo only once. Barely comfortable with that pain level Lara began to enjoy Doppie's slow skilled use of "Max" on her back. Her arousal built steadily as Doppie reddened her flesh and when the cock stopped to stream a warm flood of fake cum deep into her body Lara orgasmed. Each spasm of her battered pussy forced out a thick ooze of fluids that formed a lengthening string until it broke under it's own weight to plop noisily into the large puddle on the floor and two more splashes soon followed. Doppie let Lara's orgasm finish before she withdrew the horsecock from Lara ass, aimed it at her buttocks, and coated them with more thick gobs as she purged the lines. Doppie left Lara's side and returned with a bottle of water. She freed one of Lara's hands, gave her the bottle, and slipped the blindfold harness off, pressing her finger to Lara's lips as a reminder to keep silent. While Doppie disconnected the dildo Lara drank greedily and glanced at her images on the monitor screen. Rivers of white and clear cum ran off her body onto the table and floor. Her buttocks and legs were glazed over and thick rivers of cum flowed from her pussy and rectum. She suddenly was reminded of the pictures Samantha had taken of her a few years ago at Lara's surprise 21st birthday gangbang party that Sam had thrown for her. Sam and Lara had occasionally held smaller parties, either singlely or jointly, but she'd never done 21 men and Sam had even added James as her "one to grow on". Without hesitation Lara had enthusiastically accepted Sam's present, had been given multiple "gifts" from each of the men, and had been filled and drenched with cum like she was now. Afterwards Sam had taken the blissful Lara back to her bedroom for even more birthday sex. The aches between her legs evoked more licentious memories of that orgiastic birthday and Lara moaned softly. "It's time to continue your punishment," Doppie announced and took the empty bottle from Lara's hand. Lara cringed as she recalled Doppie's admonition "You've been extraordinarily bad and per our agreement you will be punished accordingly" and she was keenly aware that since the elevator Doppie hadn't done anything yet to her buttocks. Doppie reattached Lara's free wrist to the arm strap, placed the ball back into her mouth, and refitted the blindfold harness on Lara's head. Lara heard the table motors hum as Doppie retracted the arm into the base and then closed Lara's legs back together. Doppie went to the side table and picked up the switch she had used to stripe Lara with earlier. Doppie had been close to coming while she had been using "Max" and had continued being stimulated by the movements of the dildos inside her during her recent labors. With just a little more erotic input she knew she would climax easily. Doppie returned to Lara and laid a stinging blow hard across Lara's thighs. Lara yelped as Doppie held the switch against her skin to prolong the sensation of impact. After a few seconds she lifted the switch to reveal rapidly darkening welts on both thighs. An instant rush of wetness seeped from her vagina and she cruelly blistered Lara's thighs again. The new welts pushed Doppie to her climax and she slid to her knees as her legs buckled. She clung tightly to the table top as the intense tremors rolled through her. As soon as she was able to stand she resumed switching Lara's back and thighs. She used just enough force to mark Lara's red skin as she built to another orgasm until she was ready to come then struck the middle of Lara's back hard. As she watched the weals develop she came again hanging onto the table for support. While Lara found the switching arousing she failed to acheive another orgasm. Doppie finished adding a few finishing lines then moved to the console and selected a new table configuration and the table motors whirred. Doopie had picked the steep pyramid configuration and the top section began angling downward as the leg section moved back. When the table stopped moving Lara was positioned in an inverted "V" with her butt streched tightly across the apex. Doppie placed the switch back with the other equipment she'd used then moved to her cabinet and perused the remaining floggers and martinets. Doppie wanted a whip that would allow her to focus on one cheek at a time and suffuse Lara's buttocks with crimson with one blow. She selected a wicked cat with nine braided leather falls, slid the loop over her wrist, and returned to her thrall. [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] Doppie lightly kissed each of Lara's pale buttcheeks and trailed the falls of the cat over Lara's upthrust bottom. Lara was already wet and felt a trickle on the inside of her thigh in anticipation of getting her buttocks whipped. Doppie lifted her arm to strike the first blow and the cat hissed as it cut through the air to crease the lowest point of Lara's right cheek with a resounding crack. Lara yelped as the stinging heat immediatedly seared every nerve ending in her pussy and she spasmed hard, splashing her inner thighs with more of her juices. Doppie happily watched the patch blush to a bright pink and then darken to a deep red before snapping Lara again right above the first crimson spot. Lara's pussy churned towards another climax as Doppie slowly continued spreading the red stain on Lara's bottom from her upper thigh to her lower back before moving around the table to repeat the procedure on Lara's left buttcheek. The pain was so delicious that Lara squirted several times in a gushing orgasm before Doppie had finished. Her pussy ached with each contraction and Lara derived a perverse pleasure from each twinge, extending and heightening her orgasm even more. Doppie let Lara finish before completing the tinting of Lara's ass from white to crimson, placed the cat with the other equipment she had used, and returned to her cabinet. [center:2bj0y7cl]Part 12[/center:2bj0y7cl] Lara's butt was scorching hot and she understood Doppie had prepped her ass for harsher treatment. She had known from the outset that at some point Doppie was going to pick her favorite whip to use as part of her extreme punishment and speculated that would be Doppie's next choice. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard the click of latches as the sealed display case was opened and the smell of old leather wafted throughout the room. The one item that was not duplicated in Lara's set was a unique 19th century Two Tail Lochgelly Heavy Tawse, historically and infamously known as "The Devils Tongue". [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] The scent evoked strong memories of their final day at the clinic when Dr. Haefer had scheduled the training to be an maximum edgeplay session with no safewords. When Lara hesitated Dr. Haefer had advised her that to fully realize her submissive and masochistic persona she needed to push herself as far as possible that day and challenged her to proceed without reservations or self-constraints. Lara had acquiesced to what became the most excruciating yet exquisite day of pain she ever had and that day's session included having her entire body licked repeatedly by "The Devil's Tongue". Doppie had really excelled again that day, punishing Lara brutally while giving her amazing orgasms throughout the session, and Dr. Haefer was so impressed that he had given Doppie the priceless tawse as a "graduation" gift, adding that it's legacy would be best served with ongoing use by someone of her consummate aptitude. She used it at every opportunity and Lara steeled herself for the onslaught while her aching pussy moistened in shameless anticipation of more pain-fueled orgasms. Doppie was already highly stimulated but when she picked up "The Devil's Tongue" her pussy throbbed and her secretions spilled around the dildo to soak her inner thighs. She swung it around several times with varying tempos and the dildos churned inside her making her even wetter. Since the heavy tawse was such an extreme strap her plan for this next phase of Lara's punishment was to alternate the tawse with a second implement applied in sets. For the secondary tool Doppie selected a stiff leather Knoppler paddle studded on one side and smooth on the other. [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] Doppie was so aroused she could barely maintain control as she gripped the tawse in her left hand and held the paddle in her right. Taking a deep breath, she lined up for the first blow and, as she had been trained, evaluated the tissue where she was going to hit, the depth she wanted the tawse to acheive, and what force would be required. She swung her arm back and forth twice then wound up and walloped Lara's butt with a heavy whomp. Doppie saw and felt the thick forks of "The Devil's Tongue" sink deeply into yielding flesh and Lara's hips bounced on the table from the impact. Lara howled in agony and Doppie climaxed. She tried to keep standing but her legs buckled and she slid to the floor in the throes of an extraordinary orgasm. Surges of wet juices splashed her legs as she trembled in ecstasy until her contractions finally stopped. Flushed from head to toe Doppie pulled herself to her feet and lined up for the next "lick" on Lara's bottom. Four times Doppie struck Lara's buttocks with the tawse and Lara shrieked with each jarring impact as the forks creased her cheeks. Doppie smiled diabolically as faint traces of purple emerged through the crimson taint and she switched the instruments in her hand. She turned the Knoppler to impact with the studded side and delivered a vicious swat to Lara's right buttcheek, holding it firmly against the skin to prolong the impression of impact. Lara whimpered and groaned. When Doppie moved the paddle aside the white spots where the studs had landed quickly returned to crimson then darkened. Doppie paddled Lara's left buttcheek just as hard and sadistically savored the result. Alternating buttcheeks she delivered four more whacks to each with the studded side of the paddle. By the end of the first set Lara's butt was deepening in color and both girls were close to climaxing. Doppie transfered the instruments between hands and commenced the second set. Lara wailed as the forks of the tawse drove deeply into her buttocks and when the second blow came she screamed in pain and ecstasy as her aching pussy convulsed in an intense orgasm. Simultaneously Doppie cried out as her own orgasm erupted and she braced herself on the edge of the table as spasms rocked her body. It took several minutes before she had regained enough composure to resume Lara's punishment and delivered three more jarring licks before switching to the Knoppler. After pounding each cheek five times with the flat side of the paddle Lara's buttocks looked like a pair of plums with small patches of crimson. Doppie knew a few more applications of the paddle would eliminate the red completely but wickedly rationalized that Lara's transgressions had been severe enough that she deserved a third set just so that she could wield the tawse again. Lara yelped each time the tawse bruised her further but the deep ache was too erotic and she orgasmed again while Doppie had to stop twice for two powerful orgasms of her own. By the time Doppie was done giving her ten more strokes with the paddle Lara's buttocks were a solid imperial purple. Doppie reluctantly set the tawse off to the side so it could be treated before being returned to it's case and put the paddle down with the other equipment she'd used. The dildos shifted pleasantly inside her as she crossed the room to her cabinet to get her final implement. For this phase Doppie wanted to add excruciating accents to embellish Lara's bruised buttocks and selected a 3/8" thick black synthetic cane two and a half feet long. Lara had no idea what was coming next until Doppie returned to her side and laid the rod at the small of her back and Lara felt the weight and firm length of the cane. She shuddered and whimpered in trepidation as Doppie teased it slowly down over Lara's ass to her upper thighs and then glided it back up to her waist. [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] Doppie lifted the cane and watched as Lara's buttocks tensed. She waited patiently until Lara relaxed them then began her analysis of placement, depth, and force for her first strike. The cane whistled as it sliced through the air and wickedly bit into the flesh at the top of Lara's buttocks. Lara shrieked in agony as Doppie held the cane against the impact point for several seconds before lifting it to reveal a long, puffy, deep red ridge. She waited until Lara stopped writhing then placed a second barbarous weal precisely one and a half inches below the first. Doppie continued caning Lara using the hit and hold technique, spacing the welts an inch and a half apart down Lara's buttocks. Lara cried out each time the cane lashed her but the white hot heat and unimaginable pain triggered a darkly erotic fantasy of what her butt looked like and her pussy throbbed as she built towards another pain-induced orgasm. The stimulation from each stroke quickly aroused Doppie and she orgasmed after revealing the sixth red weal on Lara's ass. After her spasms had passed she delivered a stinging uppercut near Lara's thighs and moved around to the other side of the table. Since the cane had some flexibility the tip tended to bite deeper than the rest of the cane and also caused the pressure to be unevenly applied across the entire surface. Doppie had deliberately spaced her blows so that she could place another set of welts in between each one of the first group to balance the caning. It took even more concentration to place and she took her time as she started between the first two welts. Slowly she filled in the gaps with fresh weals on Lara's distressed buttocks. Doppie administered the second to last stroke and Lara screamed as she orgasmed. Her entire body strained against her constraints as her back involuntarily arched upwards. Intense, aching spasms sent fluids flooding out of her pussy soaking her legs and the table cushions. Lara slumped back onto the table moaning softly as her contractions subsided. Having caned Lara to another orgasm Doppie pridefully administered the final strike and paused to admire the carnage. Line after line of puffy dark red welts highlighted the purple flesh beneath beautifully. Doppie gently traced a finger along several of the ridges before she was overcome with the eroticism and she climaxed, slipping to the floor as the powerful orgasm flooded over her. Wave after wave coursed through her and it took a long time before she could pull herself upright. Totally spent, Lara was vaguely aware of Doppie climaxing on the floor, pulling herself up a few minutes later, and leaving the table. Lara faintly heard the tick of the cane being laid on the side table and Doppie moving to the console before the motor in the table began to hum. Her head and torso started upwards to return to a horizontal position as her legs were dropped back to vertical and when the table stopped moving she dozed off. While she had orgasmed repeatedly Doppie wasn't satiated yet either sexually or sadistically. She couldn't whip Lara anymore without progressing into "maximum" punishments but she wasn't finished with Lara quite yet. Doppie went to the dildo drawer and pulled out two snaplock pins. She loosened her harness so that she could pull the front out far enough to push the pins through the center strap, facing outwards in front of her, one below the other. Fiendishly aware of the condition of Lara's pussy and asshole she pulled out a heavily ribbed 8.0x2.0/3.0 dildo where the 2.0 represented the shaft thickness and 3.0 the diameter including the ribs. She snapped it onto the lower pin then twisted it to lock. From Lara's drawer she pulled the matching tool and locked it in place on the upper pin before tightening her harness. [center:2bj0y7cl][/center:2bj0y7cl] Doppie sauntered over to the supply cabinet and giggled as the dildos swayed to and fro in front of her. She lubed both tools heavily before returning to the console and started the table to spread Lara's legs wide. Lara awoke when the table began moving and whined when she realized the session wasn't over. She was still constrained, gagged and blindfolded, and her legs were being spread apart again. Muffled "no"s and "no more"s fell on deaf ears as Doppie moved up between her legs. Doppie paused to survey the coloration, marks, and welts on Lara's body and felt a rush of wetness. She spread Lara's corrugated buttcheeks apart, making Lara wince, and her eyes feasted on Lara's devastated purple anus, her swollen labia, and the bright red tip of her engorged clitoris. They evidenced how heavily Lara had already been used and another surge of wetness flooded her sopping wet pussy as she fantasized what they would look like after she was done. "Lara you've been screwed by your three men and been reamed by your three horses. Now it's my turn to fuck you!" Doppie exclaimed. She grabbed a cock in each hand and guided them easily into Lara's pussy and asshole. Lara groaned as her tender pussy and aching rectum were both stretched open and she whined constantly as each ridge pushed and pulled at her labia and clit or spread her sphincter wide. Doppie thrust her hips forward and pushed the dildos into Lara as far as she could and Lara squealed in pain and delight as the ribbing tormented her tissues. Doppie made adjustments to her harness to give the dildos inside her more travel then pulled the rods almost out making Lara shudder and whimper. Doppie made an additional adjustment to her harness for more play and then used some of the lube that had been pressed out of Lara to slather her own anal dildo. Happy with the play of the dildos inside her Doppie grabbed Lara's waist and began a slow back and forth rocking motion with her hips. Each thrust made her dildos travel in and out only a few inches but that would be more than sufficient to give her the orgasms she craved. For Lara the circumstances were much different. Doppie's rocking motion made the cocks almost traverse their entire length inside her and the ribs were aligned like teeth on gears. Her sphincter was being battered again and again as her swollen labia were being pushed and pulled mercilessly by the ribbing. Each rib nudged her swollen erect clitoris, going in or out, sending shocks of pleasure into her seething vagina. Her arousal was further heightened by the rippling effect of the two dildos on the membranes between them. Lara had thought that she couldn't come anymore but Doppie proved her more than wrong by quickly making her climax and Lara commenced another series of extraordinary orgasms that blended together until Lara slipped into an blissful orgasmic semi-conscious state. Doppie continued to ride Lara pursuing her own gratification and climaxed repeatedly as her dildos slid back and forth inside her. It took a long time until Doppie's sadistic urges were finally satisfied and her eyes changed from the fire-orange color to lustful dark yellow. Shortly after that transformation she orgasmed one more time and collasped in a shuddering heap on top of Lara's convulsing body. Beneath her Lara grunted with each spasm and even after Doppie pulled out of Lara her contractions continued. Doppie moved around to Lara's head, removed the blindfold and ballgag, and wiped the drool from Lara's face. Lara opened her eyes as Doppie kissed her gently. Joyfully she saw soft yellow eyes looking back at her and knew her session was over. "Lay still. I'm going to call Aggie to come down and help," Doppie whispered before waddling off to the control panel. Doppie pressed the paging switch for Agnetha's room. In addition to calling Agnetha, a buzzer went off in Winston's room. Winston awoke, turned over, and glanced at a nearby wall panel where the staffing light for Agnetha was blinking indicating she'd been paged. There wasn't an origination light so Winston knew it was from a saferoom and the only one in use was Lara's. Winston sighed as he glanced at the clock by his bed. "My poor Lara. That was a very long night," he thought to himself. The clock read 4:23 AM. "Yes? I'm here," Agnetha sleepily answered moments later. "We're finished Aggie. Can you come help me with Lara, please?" Doppie queried. "Of course. I'll be right there," she replied. Doppie unfastened her harness and let the dildos slip from her body with a shudder. She unlocked and removed the four dildos and placed them next to the horsecock. She was just putting her harness next to the suspension restraints when Agnetha came scurrying in from the connecting tunnel to the staff wing saferoom. The doorway was right next to the side table and Agnetha blanched when she saw all of the equipment Doppie had used: horsecock, dildos, floggers, "Max", the cat, switch, cane, Knoppler paddle, and "The Devil's Tongue" heavy tawse. When she glimpsed the images of Lara on the monitor screen her gaze shifted immediately to Lara's prostrate body and she stared in disbelief. Lara was in the worst shape she'd seen her since The Clinic. She grabbed a bottle of water and moved quickly to Lara's side. "My God Lara are you OK? How are you doing?" Agnetha asked. "My pussy's very sore. My asshole hurts. My body is burning up. And my buttocks feel like I'm sitting on a white-hot grate," Lara replied. And then Lara smiled, "It's great to be home."
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