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Mass Effect: Tournament Round 1 Match 2

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 11:32:03


Tournament Round 1 Match 2 "Welcome again ladies and gentlemen to our Normandy sexfight tournament. It’s your commander Shepard speaking here. Let me first explain the rules of the fight. The girls are not allowed to injure or wound each other, if someone does injure or wound her opponent she will be disqualified. In order to win the fight she needs to make her opponent pass out by giving her too many orgasms or until her opponent cannot take anymore orgasms and surrenders. During the match objects can be placed within the ring which can be used by our fighters to get an advantage over her opponent." “This night our contestants are Tali'Zorah nar Rayya versus Kasumi Goto. It looks like it’s going to be an epic battle, between these two beautiful women. Both are elegant, sexy and mysterious.” “Let’s not let the ladies wait for too long and just get started with the match.” “Hmm, you look so hot and sexy Tali. I bet your pussy is very tight and tasty. You ever shared that pussy with someone?” “That is none of your business Kasumi.” “I never had Quarian pussy before, how do you taste?” “Don’t worry Kasumi, I will let you taste it after I have defeated you.” “I like that idea, except the part of you defeating me.” Kasumi makes the first moves and grabs hold of Tali’s arms and tries to bring her down. Tali doesn’t fall that easily and they stand there testing each other’s strength for atleast a minute. Kasumi tries to get her leg behind Tali’s so she loses her balance, but instead it back fires and she falls to the ground on her stomach. Tali seizes the moment and sits on top of Kasumi. Tali spreads Kasumi her legs and runs a finger down to her pussy. “So wet already, you must be aching for my finger.” With that Tali inserts her finger inside Kasumi’s wet love box. Kasumi starts to moan as Tali’s finger skilfully works the inside of her pussy. Tali playfully pulls her finger out and rubs Kasumi’s clit with it before putting it back inside. Tali twists and turns her finger deep inside Kasumi’s cunt, causing her love juices to flow down her legs as she nearly reaches her first orgasm. “Cum for me Kasumi, let me taste your juices. I know you have been dreaming of this.” “Yes please make me cum Tali, I want you to taste me.” Not long after Kasumi has an intense orgasm, that makes her body shake and lets her juices flow out of her. Tali pulls out her finger and sticks it in her mouth, licking it clean with her tongue. Slowly pulling it out of her mouth, making sure she got every last drop of it from her finger. Tali moves her finger again to Kasumi’s cunt and rubs it, making her finger all wet again from her juices and putting it back in her mouth, cleaning her finger with her tongue. While doing this Tali gives Kasumi the change to roll, so they are in a 69 position with Tali still on top. Kasumi takes a quick lick off Tali’s pussy. “Hmm, already wet and tasty down there Tali.” Kasumi starts licking Tali and pushes two fingers into Tali’s tight butt. Tali squeals when Kasumi starts fingering her butt. Tali realizes that she can’t fall behind and begins fingering and licking Kasumi’s holes, trusting two fingers inside each of Kasumi’s holes and sucking on her clit. Kasumi returns the favour by inserting three fingers into Tali’s now soaking wet cunt and four into her ass, stretching it out. Kasumi also starts sucking and licking Tali’s clit, forcing Tali to moan loudly and stop sucking on her clit. Kasumi’s tongue swirls inside Tali’s cunt alongside her fingers, making Tali’s pussy dripping wet, letting Tali’s juices flowing down her tongue inside her mouth. Tali’s body shivers as she reaches an intense orgasm, creaming at the top of her lungs. Her juices rushing down Kasumi’s throat as she drinks all of it, with a wicked smile on her face. “Tali you taste so damn good, how about giving me some more of that love juice?” “Maybe later, but now it’s time for you to cum again.” Tali continues to finger and lick Kasumi’s pussy, catching Kasumi off guard who was still celebrating Tali’s orgasm. Kasumi still excited from Tali’s orgasm, cums before she can control herself. “Ahh… you bitch… I wasn’t ready yet.” “I am sorry whore, I will ask you next time, before I make you cum.” Tali says in a sarcastic tone. Kasumi mad from what Tali just did to her, throws Tali off her. Tali lands on her stomach and Kasumi jumps on top of her back. Placing her hand underneath Tali’s chin and pulling her up, bending Tali in a C shape. Kasumi moves her right hand from Tali’s chin and slaps her on the ass with it. After spanking Tali for some time, Kasumi begins to rub Tali’s ass and slowly forces three fingers in it. Kasumi roughly moves them in and out of Tali’s ass, giving her pleasure and pain at the same time. “So Tali how does it feel? You are moaning like a dirty whore, even though you must be in great pain. I don’t know how flexible Quarians are, but that spine of yours, can’t be having a good time.” “I will ahh… get you ahhh… for this.” “I don’t think so slut. I am going to finish you off.” Kasumi increases the speed of her fingers going in and out of Tali’s ass and rams them hard and deep inside Tali. Tali moans and cries become louder as she orgasms from having her ass fingered. Kasumi doesn’t give Tali a break after an orgasm and just keeps ramming them inside her faster and harder after each orgasm. After receiving seven orgasms Tali finally gets a break, because Kasumi looks around in the ring seeing all sorts of sex toys in the ring. Thinking Tali must be nearly defeated and exhausted by now. Kasumi releases Tali from the hold and walks around the ring, looking for a nice toy to finish off Tali. Kasumi finally finds her toy, a thick 15 inch double headed dildo. Kasumi picks it up and looks around, but can’t see Tali anywhere. Suddenly Kasumi feels her legs being spread and something being locked around her ankles. Tali grabs hold of the steel bar that is now between Kasumi’s legs and pulls it, causing Kasumi to fall on the ground with her stomach. Kasumi turns her head and sees Tali sitting behind her with an 8 inch strap-on. “I bet you didn’t see that coming Kasumi.” “Fuck you, you bitch.” “No my dear, I am going to fuck you good and hard.” Tali places the strap-on against Kasumi’s butt and pushes 3 inches inside. Kasumi lets out a scream as her ass stretches out. “Oh my, have you never been fucked in your ass before by a cock?” “No I never have been.” “You showed me no mercy, so don’t expect to receive some from me.” Kasumi tries to resist the cock from entering her even further, but it is no use. Tali pushes inch by inch further inside her. Tali is soon fucking Kasumi hard from behind, showing no mercy at all. Tali grabs Kasumi’s arm and pulls them back, lifting her torso up from the ground, as she continues to pound away on Kasumi’s ass. Kasumi reaches orgasm after orgasm, as Tali keeps ramming the strap-on inside her, without a moment of pause. “How are you holding out down there, enjoying ourselves?” Kasumi remains silent, while trying to catch her breath. “Have you become the silent type all of the sudden? I thought you wanted to fuck me and drink my juices?” “If you aren’t going to answer me with your mouth, lets see if you can with your pussy and ass.” Kasumi’s ass is being pounded even harder than before and with her last strengths she begins to scream in pleasure, reaching her final orgasm before she passes out. “There we have it ladies and gentlemen. The winner of the second match and moving on in the tournament is Tali'Zorah nar Rayya. She will be facing Miranda Lawson in the semi-finals. Wait what is this? Tali has removed the strap-on and has moved her pussy above Kasumi’s face.” “Poor girl, still passed out, even though I promised I would let you taste my pussy.” Tali grabs Kasumi’s head and presses it against her pussy and holds her. Tali slowly starts rubbing her pussy against Kasumi’s face. Silently she begins to moan as her pussy gets wetter and wetter, sliding up and down Kasumi’s mouth and nose. “Ohh Kasumi, your such a dirty tease.” Kasumi slowly gains her consciousness as her face gets wetter and wetter from Tali’s pussy that is sliding over it. Kasumi slowly opens her eyes, seeing something blurry moving up and down before her eyes. Kasumi opens her mouth and Tali’s pussy instantly enters her mouth a little. Kasumi pushes her tongue against Tali’s pussy and begins to move up and down with the rhythm Tali’s pussy produces. “Look who has finally awoken. I almost began to think you didn’t want my pussy anymore.” “Hmm… mhmh… uhmh…” “What do you say? That my pussy tastes good?” Tali continues to rub her pussy against Kasumi, while Kasumi’s tongue moves around inside her. Tali’s moans become louder as she reaches an orgasm and in a moment of intense lust she explodes on Kasumi’s face, drenching it in her hot and tasty juices. Kasumi eagerly allows the juices to flow down her throat and makes sure she cleans Tali’s pussy with her tongue. Tali gets off Kasumi, allowing her to sit and kisses her on the mouth. "Hmmm we should do this more often." "I agree this was really fun."
Thu, 21 Mar 2013 04:13:06


That was pretty hot. A few grammatical errors here and there, but awesome anyways.
Mon, 04 Nov 2013 13:57:50


The series premise is great and I hope the competition continues :)