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Far Cry 3: Director's Cut Edition [18+]

Mon, 17 Mar 2014 07:18:00


Far Cry 3: Director's cut A collection of deleted scenes from far cry 3. Intended to be VERY detailed. Story 1: Vaas and Liza. After Jason and his brother escaped Vaas, he knew how to get revenge on them. He found one of the women, who he presumed Liza was the most attractive. Vaas: Hehehe... You have some nice tits there... Hermana. Liza: *spits on vaas' face* Fuck you, asshole! Vaas:*Wipes off face* You shouldn't have done that... *Shoots Sam's head* (The one who doesn't speak at all in FC3, the one with long hair and a beanie. You never even get to learn his name, so I made one up. ;) ) Liza: No! Damn you! *Struggles to get free..* Vaas: We're going to have real fun... *Unzips pants* Liza: No... No! Not that! Vaas: You know you want this, motherfucker. *Forces Liza closer to groin.* Come here chica, suck this. DO IT.... Lick it. Liza: *Licks cock, hesitates...* Vaas: SUCK IT OR I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU! Liza: Okay.... Okay! *Begins to suck cock, feeling the head grow in her throat..* Vaas: Does it taste good? Having your virginity taken? Hehehe.... Liza: *Sucks harder, as being forced to.. Then gags..* *Gasps* Stop! Please! Vaas: Almost there, just a bit longer... *Forces Liza in once again.* Liza: Noo.. NOO! *Muffled cries are heard as Vaas' cock is thrusted in and out of her throat...* Vaas: *Semen rushes out of his rod.. Filling Liza's mouth with warm liquid..* Aaah.... that felt good... I'm beginning to like you already.. Same time tomorrow? Oh, or will your hero "Jason" come and save you before then? Don't think about it. Madness is never killed.. TO BE CONTINUED?