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XNALARA Simple HeadSwap tutorial.

Tue, 18 Mar 2014 21:09:36


KEEP IN MIND: By selecting optional Items, you choose what you want to hide, then you select not to show them by default. GUIDE: Play around with the feature, experiment, you'll get the idea fast. TIPS: â–º Make sure you have a good view of your model, you won't be able to move the camera while selecting. â–º Checking the 'Meshes' one by one give you a good idea what there is, to select multiple use CTRL. â–º Bones will super impose themselves, so selecting a desired body part can get complicated, use the LOCK feature to stick to one model at a time, stopping you from selecting the wrong one. â–º Avoid going back to the 'Make Optional' feature to often, do it once, or start over. â–º Use the Show button when working in hard to see areas and models overlap. â–º Sometimes body sizes will be different between models, you can stretch invisible parts with the Move option. For instance, making both parts of a bikini fit another model perfectly. â–º OPTIONS > DISPLAY ACCESSORIES > OPTIONAL ITEMS > you can turn things back on or off. CONS: Skiin tones can be quite different, photoshop is your friend in these cases. Questions? feel free to ask. (pertaining to this feature)