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Derp's Experimental Stories

Wed, 09 Apr 2014 05:41:01


The humid air was mixed with the stench of a human carcass. As the detective walked down the wooden steps into the basement, the darkness was interrupted by the neon light of crime scene lights. The body was illuminated by them, the crimson colors glistened and sparkled off the exposed rib cage, and the worn grey concrete that served as a temporary bedding for the corpse. The blood seeped outwards slowly and into the cracks of the broken concrete, the kill was recent. And as photos were taken it became clear of the surroundings of the detective. The limbs were separated from the body and The parts of the body were hung from the rafter on meat hooks, and periodically dripped blood unto the ground surrounding the body. No doubt, this was a kill from 'Him'. 'Him' is referring to Christopher Fox, one of the newest locals that usually kept out of sight of most people. He was one of the type of people that was deemed weird, and crazy. However he was Intelligent. The locals later found out about his hobbies and how he was an avid child molester, however too late seeing as how he molested and murdered two thirteen and twelve year old children that were the kids of the Local town sheriff, and the daughter of the town mayor. it was a matter of time before the parents tried to create havoc within the seemingly peaceful society. Fox was beaten by the parents, and he suffered from his injuries, which was wanted by his attackers. The had broken his nose and skull permanently, his face was given third degree burns from being dragged across scolding hot water and then tossed into burning coals. He was never seen after the accident, but after long research into the murders, a picture of children he has killed we're placed in each crime scene. One picture was taken and left at the crime scene of Fox. But was never fully released to the Public.