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A Model/Map archive

Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:17:10


Well, i guess the Title pretty much says what i mean. Here some further explanation: I want to request some main topics in Garrys mod, Source Filmmaker and XNLara(one archive topic for each) that work as some kind of list for models, maps and maybe even particle effects or what else you can think of. A list that shows who made what model/Map/effect and a specific way to get them work, if one is required. I WILL mean a lot more work for admins and/or the creators of the stuff, but also helps to find the models one looks for. And It will be useful to give credit to the creators if there is any picture or video to be shown on Deviantart, tumblr or somewhere else, because if you wanna know who made the mdels or stuff your worked with, you just have to look into that list and there you are! That Idea is not exactly necessary, but i often think it would come in handy, especially for newcomers or people who just dont have that much time.