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Samantha's New Game (Complete, 04/25/14)

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Hello everyone. Here is a four part story I came up with starring everyone's favorite Communications Specialist, Samantha Traynor. I originally planned this to be a script for a comic series. However I have given up on mastering the art of modeling. If anyone who reads this and likes the story wants to make a comic or even just some pictures based off it, they are welcome to it. Enjoy! Feel free to comment! Mass Effect and its characters are the property of Bioware and Electronic Arts. This is purely a work of fan-fiction. Game 1 Being assigned to the Normandy is one of the best things to ever happen to Samantha Traynor. It is also the most torturous. Every day she is surrounded by beautiful women. Commander Shepard and her lover Liara, Lieutenant Commander Ashley Williams, even the beautiful Miranda Lawson. She fantasizes everyday about what it would be like to have sex with one or even all of these gorgeous women. One day she conceives of an idea that will help make these fantasies reality. But to do that she has to recruit EDI’s help… Samantha and EDI meet just outside Shepard’s quarters. Samantha: “EDI! Did you bring it?” EDI: “Yes Samantha. I finished making it this morning.” She hands Samantha a visor similar to the one she always wears. EDI: “This visor projects data directly into the minds of the wearer, allowing you to overwrite thought patterns and make people see or believe whatever you wish. This should give you the ‘ultimate 3D video game experience’ you were hoping for.” Samantha: “Thank you, EDI…” Samantha eyed the visor with a mixture of great joy and anticipation as she thought of what she planned to do with it. EDI: “May I ask one question, Samantha?” Samantha: “Of course, EDI.” EDI: “Why did you request I add a feature that erases the memories of the game they just experienced?” Samantha had to think carefully before answering this question. Samantha: “Because…Sometimes when you’re playing a game you have some very…stupid or, um…embarrassing moments. Sometimes a person just wishes to forget those sessions so…” Samantha didn’t finish her sentence but hoped EDI got the point. It was a very flimsy excuse but it was the best she could come up with. EDI seemed to think about this for a moment before speaking. EDI: “I see. I still have much to learn about human behavior. Just be careful, Samantha. Something like this can be easily abused.” With that warning EDI left. Samantha, thinking: “Abused? Hell yes I’m going to abuse it!” EDI had designed the hardware but Samantha had designed the software for this little toy. And she had some special “game” scenarios prepared just for this… Samantha entered Shepard’s quarters. Her commander was standing in the middle of her room examining a datapad but looked up when Samantha entered. Shepard: “Oh, Samantha. Is something wrong?” Samantha: “Not at all, Commander. I just wanted to show you something I bought the last time I was on leave.” She showed the Commander the visor. Shepard: “What is it?” Samantha: “It’s a brand new VR visor, designed to give the wearer the ultimate 3D gaming experience! I just had a blast with it and thought you might want to try it out.” Samantha handed Shepard the visor. Shepard: “Um…Okay. I’ve never been into games that much but I’ll give it a try.” Shepard put the visor on. Shepard: “So how do you activate it?” Samantha: “Here, allow me…” Samantha tapped a few buttons with her omni-tool, activating the visor and uploading a special “game” scenario she had personally programmed. Suddenly there was a loud beep and Shepard jolted, her eyes suddenly very wide as the visor activated and projected the programmed scenario into her mind. For a while Shepard just stood there, frozen like a statue. Samantha waved her hand in front of Shepard’s face but got no reaction, not even a blink. Finally she spoke to her. Samantha: “Commander? Shepard? Can you hear me?” Shepard looked Samantha straight in the eye. Shepard: “Of course…Mistress…” Samantha broke out in a wide smile. The “slave scenario” she had programmed had worked. She had programmed this scenario to make the wearer into her obedient sex slave and it had worked! Samantha: “Perfect! Now, slave! Obey your Mistress! Strip for me!” Shepard: “Yes, Mistress.” Shepard immediately shed all her clothes and stood before Samantha, completely naked. Just the mere sight of Shepard’s naked body made Samantha so wet. She immediately shed her clothes and started feeling up Shepard’s entire body. She fondled the Commander’s breasts, licked her pussy and exchanged a long, deep kiss. When she had her fill of playing with Shepard she decided it was time for her slave to start entertaining her. She sat down on the sofa and motioned for Shepard to come to come to her. Samantha: “Now come to me, slave! Crawl to me on all fours like a dog!” Shepard obeyed and crawled to her Mistress. Samantha: “Very good, slave! You deserve a reward. You may lick the dirt off my feet.” Samantha extended her leg and touched her foot against Shepard’s face. Samantha: “If you do a good job I will let you lick my pussy next.” Shepard: “Yes, Mistress!” She started to lick Samantha’s feet, starting with her toes and working her way up the leg. Samantha moaned pleasurably the entire time. Samantha: “Excellent, slave! Excellent job! You may now lick my pussy.” Samantha spread her legs so Shepard could have easy access. Shepard: “Yes, Mistress.” Shepard proceeded to lick Samantha’s pussy. Thanks to her experience with Liara she was very good at this. Samantha was hoping for a nice long pleasurable time. Unfortunately Shepard was a little too good at it. Samantha: “Shepard! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Samantha came. She felt both satisfied and disappointed. Samantha: “Slave! You made me cum too soon!” Shepard: “I’m sorry, Mistress. Please forgive me.” Samantha: “An apology is not good enough! A proper punishment is in order. And I think I have just the thing. Shepard, where do you and Liara keep your sex toys? I know you have some.” Normally Shepard would deny such a question. However slave Shepard had no choice but answer and answer truthfully. She pointed at the desk. Shepard: “The top desk drawer, Mistress. There is a false bottom.” Samantha walked to the desk and revealed Shepard’s secret stash of sex toys, including dildos, beads, strap-ons and vibrators. Samantha: “I love your selection, Shepard. Now turn around and show me your ass.” Shepard obeyed. Samantha: “Good. Now let’s see how many of these we can fit in at once…” Five minutes later Shepard was squealing from both pleasure and pain as numerous beads, dildos and vibrators were stuck out of her ass. None of the vibrators had been turned on yet. Samantha took all their controls and turned them on at once. Shepard opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. Instead her eyes rolled back into her head and the Commander passed out. Samantha was very pleased with this little “gaming session.” Unfortunately she needed to end it soon. She intended to erase Shepard’s memory of it all and it would look too suspicious if too much time had passed since it was first turned on. She splashed some water on Shepard’s face to wake her up. The two of them took a quick shower together (Samantha couldn’t keep her hands off Shepard) and they quickly got dressed. Samantha ordered Shepard to assume the exact position she was in when the visor was activated. Once everything was in place Samantha turned it off. Shepard jolted again and started to look around. Shepard: “Is this thing on yet? Or is it still booting up?” The memory erasure had worked. Shepard had no idea what had just transpired. Samantha played along. Samantha: “Odd. It should have booted up right way. I guess something’s wrong… Sorry Commander.” Shepard removed the visor and game it back to Samantha. Shepard: “That’s alright, Samantha. We can try it another time. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to my duties.” Shepard left the cabin, though with a bit of a limp in her step. Shepard, thinking: “That’s strange. Why does my ass hurt all of a sudden?” Samantha watched her go with an evil smile on her face. The possibilities with this visor were endless. With it she could now fulfill her deepest sexual fantasies! The only question was…who would be her next target?
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Game 2 Samantha stood alone in the middle of Shepard’s cabin. Shepard had gone ashore for some business. Liara was still aboard but unaware that Shepard had departed. Samantha sent a message to Liara from Shepard’s private terminal, asking Liara to come up to the cabin. Liara could not refuse her lover’s request and came immediately. She entered the cabin and was surprised to see Samantha there. Liara: “Samantha? What are you doing here?” Samantha: “I’m sorry, Liara. Shepard asked me to deliver a message. She apologizes and said she had to go ashore but she’ll gladly make it up to you tonight…” Samantha knew Shepard’s “business” was actually to buy some supplies for a romantic date with Liara so her lie was covered. Liara blushed a little bit to Samantha’s message but was also a little disappointed. Liara: “Oh…I see. Very well. I’ll return to my office…” Samantha: “Liara, wait! Before you go, I want to show you something…” Sam showed off her visor again and fed Liara the same story she gave Shepard. Liara wasn’t that interested in video games so it took a bit more convincing to get her to try it. When she finally did put it on Sam quickly uploaded a new scenario she had programmed just for Liara. Liara jolted when the visor activated and looked around. Liara: “Wha…? I feel…strange, I…” Her eyes landed on Samantha and widened. Liara: “Shepard? I thought you were ashore?” Samantha: “I came back just to see you…my love.” Liara: “Oh, Shepard…” Liara leaned in and kissed Samantha on the lips. Her new scenario was working perfectly. She had programmed it to make Liara think Samantha was Shepard. They exchanged a long, deep kiss. Samantha had never kissed an asari before, much less had sex with one. She was looking forward to this experience. Samantha led Liara to the bed. They slowly and sensually stripped each other of their clothes. Lying in bed together they started to caress each other. They kissed some more before Samantha started to kiss her way down Liara’s neck, down her stomach and finally to her pussy. Liara moaned and panted and Samantha/Shepard started pleasuring her azure. When she came Samantha made sure to suck up every last drop of the asari’s sweet love juices. Next it was Liara’s turn to pleasure Samantha/Shepard. She went at Samantha with the passion of a true lover. She had never had such an experience. The pleasure of being with an asari was more amazing than she had imagined. Samantha finally understood why Shepard fell in love with Liara. Liara: “…Shepard?” Samantha: “What is it, my love?” Liara: “Could you…do it again?” Samantha: “Do what?” Liara: “You know…” Liara leans in close and whispers softly in Samantha’s ear. Liara, whispering: “…My favorite game…” Samantha was in trouble. She had no idea what game Liara was talking about. She was in danger of being found out and she had no idea how a person’s mind would react to the truth while under the influence of the visor. She had to think quick, for Liara’s sake as well as her own. Samantha: “Um…Okay…How do you…want to start things off?” Samantha held her breathe in anticipation, hoping Liara would give her some kind of clue. Liara chuckled. Liara: “By getting the rope, silly.” Rope? Were Shepard and Liara into bondage? Samantha got up and searched the desk for some rope and found some. Liara: “Now tie me to the bed.” Starting to get a little excited, Samantha obliged her and tied her to the bed completely spread out. Samantha stood back and eyed the beautiful asari, spread-eagled on the bed, her pussy dripping wet. Suddenly Liara pretended to scream. Liara: “Help me! Someone help me! I’m trapped!” She looked at Samantha. Liara: “Commander! Please, save me!” Samantha breathed a sigh of relief. She finally understood the game. It was a damsel-in-distress type of roleplaying game. Samantha recalled the story of how Shepard and Liara first met. Perhaps they liked to reenact it this way? Regardless, Samantha stepped into her role. Samantha: “Fear not, my beautiful asari! For I, Commander Jane Shepard, shall save you!” Liara couldn’t help but chuckle softly at Samantha’s act. Samantha leapt forward and untied her bonds. As soon as she was free Liara wrapped her arms around Samantha. Liara: “Oh Commander…you’ve saved me! How can I ever thank my savior…” Liara started groping Samantha’s breasts and kissing her. Like Samantha did before Liara kissed her way down to Samantha’s pussy. This had been a dangerous game but Samantha felt the risks were well worth the reward. Though she wanted to go on Samantha had to keep this game session short. Shepard could come back at any time. They dressed and returned to their original positions where Samantha disabled the visor. Minutes later… Liara: “You know, I could contact the manufacturer, maybe get you a replacement.” Liara made this offer based on Samantha’s excuse that the device was faulty and didn’t work. Samantha: “Don’t worry about it. I’ll visit the store again next time I’m on shore leave.” Liara gave the visor back and left to return to her office. Liara, thinking: “Goddess, I feel so horny! I hope Shepard gets back soon…” Samantha grinned evilly again as she left, having already decided on her next target. Or rather, targets…
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Game 3 Samantha will never forget the wonderful times she had with Shepard and Liara. But she wanted more. So much more. She had already chosen her next targets, Ashley and Miranda. Rather than take them separately, Samantha decided it was time she had a threesome. She had EDI make a second visor and waited for Shepard and Liara to leave the Normandy for a romantic evening. She found a way to lure Ashley and Miranda up to Shepard’s cabin and don the visors. And then… Ashley and Miranda sat on the bed, their arms wrapped around each other, their pussies rubbing against each other and giving each other some serious tongue. Samantha sat naked on the sofa across from the bed and masturbated to the two beautiful women going at it. The scenario controlling Ashley and Miranda made them think that they were both high-class prostitutes living on the Citadel. They believed Samantha was an extremely wealthy client and the Normandy was her ship. And for the amount of money she was supposedly paying them these two “prostitutes” were willing to do absolutely ANYTHING Samantha requested. Starting with a lesbian show. The show ended when the three reached climax. Ashley and Miranda lay back on the bed seductively and looked to their client. Miranda: “OK, Ms. Traynor, what would you like us to do now?” Samantha: “Just to be clear, you’ll do anything I ask?” Ashley: “Are you kidding? For that much money I’d let a krogan fuck me!” Miranda: “I’d bend over and let a varren fuck me like a dog. I know how to get a varren, actually. Say the word and I’ll make some calls.” Samantha: “Tempting, but I’ve got something else in mind…” Samantha walked to the desk and took out one of Shepard’s strap-ons. Samantha: “Show me your asses, bitches!” Miranda lay on her back while Ashley crawled on top of her, both of their dripping wet pussies aimed at Samantha. Ashley & Miranda: “Whatever you say, Ms. Traynor.” Samantha shoved the dildo into Ashley’s pussy first. Ashley: “Oh fuck, yes!” Miranda, disappointed: “Aww…” She fucked her good and long until Ashley came. Next she went to work on Miranda. After she came Samantha took off her strap-on and pulled out a second, giving them to Ashley and Miranda. Samantha: “Now it’s my turn to get some. Fuck me good, you whores!” The two prostitutes don the strap-ons. Ashley: “Gladly. I call ass!” Miranda: “I get pussy.” Miranda went first this time. Samantha lay on the bed and Miranda fucked her in the missionary position. When she came Samantha flipped over so Ashley could fuck her in the ass doggy style. She felt very good when Ashley finished but she wasn’t satisfied yet. Samantha: “I’m not done with you sluts yet. Both of you fuck me at the same time!” Ashley and Miranda sat on the bed and positioned Samantha over them. Samantha was in ecstasy as Ash and Miri brought Samantha down on their waiting dildos and proceeded to fuck her for the remaining time they had together. These visors were the best idea Samantha ever had. What would she do with them next?
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Game 4 Once again Samantha was waiting in Shepard’s cabin. The threesome with Ashley and Miranda was so satisfying she just had to try again, this time with Shepard and Liara. She had a brand new scenario ready and had a new story to convince them to try the visors again. She had her back to the door and turned to greet them as it opened. Samantha: “Commander! Liara! Great news! After returning the faulty visor they gave me a second one free! Now we…can…” Her voice trailed off when she realized it wasn’t just Shepard and Liara who entered. Ashley, Miranda and even EDI were with them. Samantha had a very bad feeling as the five women stood at the top of the steps, staring down on her coldly. Shepard: “Samantha…I’m very disappointed in you. Did you honestly think we wouldn’t find out?” Samantha gulped nervously. Samantha: “F-F-Find out what, Commander?” Liara: “Strange lapses in our memories, large chunks of time just suddenly disappearing, not to mention strange feelings of arousal after a ‘failed’ attempt at playing a game. Or was it really a failure, Samantha?” Ashley, angrily: “Bitch! What did you do to me?” Miranda: “I’m disappointed in you, Samantha. I would have expected behavior like this from maybe Joker but you…” Samantha: “I-I-I-I…” Samantha could only stammer. She knew she was in trouble. Big trouble. EDI: “You deceived me, Samantha. I could sense Shepard and the others were strangely aroused after meeting with you. I know there are some erotic games out there. When I asked if they had been playing any with you we all realized much more was going on than we thought.” Samantha forgot EDI could scan people’s erogenous zones to gather data about their behavior. She was screwed. Shepard stepped forward. Shepard: “Samantha…I think you deserve a taste of your own medicine…” Samantha could only cower in the shadows of these five intimidating women. Minutes later Shepard, Liara, Ashley and Miranda were all sitting naked on the sofa having drinks. EDI stood to the side controlling a video camera and recording them all. As for Samantha…they had forced the visor on her and activated the slave scenario she had used on Shepard. An obedient Samantha was now serving as Shepard’s footstool with a big dildo in her ass and pussy. They enjoyed watching Samantha tremble from the pleasure. Shepard: “Are you happy, slave?” Samantha: “Yes, Mistress. I am very happy!” Everyone laughed, though Ashley was a bit uncomfortable. Ashley: “I can’t believe I’m doing this…I’m not a lesbian at all!” Liara: “No one is making you stay, Ashley. You can always get dressed and go.” Ashley: “Fuck that! If it means getting revenge on this little bitch that used me I think I can be a lesbian for one night. Do you hear me, you dirty little bitch?” Samantha: “Yes, Mistress. I am a dirty little bitch.” Everyone laughed again. Miranda: “So what should we do to her next?” Ashley: “I’ve got an idea! Let’s get some men up here to fuck her! No, even better, let’s get some krogan up here! Her ass will be so sore so won’t be able to walk straight for a week! Trust me, I know!” Liara: “And how do you know that, Ashley?” Ashley: “Um…” Shepard: “How about we all just climb into bed and make it up as we go? EDI, keep the camera rolling. But don’t forget to participate!” EDI: “Of course, Shepard.” EDI tapped a few buttons on her omni-tool and a holo-dildo appeared between her legs, much to everyone’s amusement. Shepard: “Slave! Climb onto the bed and make yourself ready for your punishment!” Samantha: “Yes, Mistress.” Samantha crawled onto the bed and spread her legs wide. Samantha: “Forgive me, my Mistresses. I have been a very naughty bitch. Please punish this little whore to your heart’s content.” The rest of the evening comprised of a large, sweaty orgy. Each woman took turns fucking Samantha every way possible. They licked her pussy, stuffed her with dildos, gangbanged her… Repeatedly they brought her to the absolute peak of ecstasy. And it was all on tape. Without a doubt this would have been the absolute best night of Samantha’s life…if she could remember it, that is. The next morning Samantha began to stir, her body drenched and aching. She slowly opened her eyes and realized she was lying naked on Shepard’s bed, surrounded by all of Shepard’s sex toys. She also realized she was being watched. EDI was in the room watching over her. EDI: “Good morning, Samantha. Sleep well?” Samantha, groggily: “EDI…What’s going on? The last thing I remember is…” Then it all came flooding back. Her latest trap failed and she was exposed. The last thing she remembered was being pinned down while Shepard put the visor on her. Samantha: “EDI! I’m…what happened last night?!” EDI: “To answer that, I’ve got a message from Shepard. But before I give it to you I was instructed to play for you this short audio clip…” EDI tapped some buttons on her omni-tool and Samantha’s voice rang out. Samantha, recording: “Yes! Oh God, YES!! Fuck me more! Please, Mistresses! I’ve been so naughty! Fuck me more! Yes! Yes!! YES!!!” Though she didn’t remember saying that, Samantha’s body immediately became deeply aroused. She slowly slid her hand to her pussy to start masturbating when suddenly EDI stopped the recording. EDI: “And now for Shepard’s message…” EDI’s voice suddenly became Shepard’s as she repeated the Commander’s message. EDI in Shepard’s voice: “Good morning, Samantha. Thank you for a wonderful time last time. I think that was one of the best nights of sex Liara and I ever had. If you could remember it I’d wager you’d say the same. We recorded the entire session last night. EDI should have played a small audio clip for you already. Let me tell you, Liara and I are looking forward to watching it again tonight, and every other night after when we could use something to get our motors running before sex. Do you wish to see it?” Samantha anxiously nodded, forgetting that she was listening to a recording. EDI/Shepard: “Well you can’t. We had the ultimate night of revenge sex last night. It was the greatest night of your life. Suffer with the knowledge that you will never remember it. Suffer with the knowledge that a tape of it does exist but you will never, ever see it. We have destroyed the visors and EDI has sworn never to make another. This is your punishment, Samantha. Now clean yourself up and report to your station.” With that the recording ended. EDI: “Have a nice day, Samantha.” EDI turned to leave. Samantha sprang out of bed and grabbed EDI by the legs. Samantha: “PLEASE! I MUST SEE IT! I MUST SEE IT!!! PLEASE LET ME SEE THE TAPE! I’LL DO ANYTHING!!! PLEASE!!!!!” EDI ignored her. She dragged the naked Samantha across the floor as she walked away, finally losing her as she climbed the steps, leaving the Communications Specialist naked, aroused and weeping on the floor. After that Samantha returned to her duties. She focused completely on her work and barely looked Shepard or anyone else in the eye. She tried her best not to think about the tape but she just couldn’t help herself. It was pure torture. Whenever Shepard and Liara would have a date night they would lock themselves in Shepard’s cabin, presumably to watch the video and have sex. On some of those nights Samantha would curl up outside the door to Shepard’s cabin, listening. The door was thick so she couldn’t hear much but every now and then a very familiar moaning, her moaning, would drift through. She would masturbate as best she could, trying to imagine the night she could no longer remember. Samantha would sit alone on that floor…alone and defeated…or was she defeated? Samantha looked up with determination. She wasn’t out. Not by a longshot. She would have her REVENGE!! The End…?
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A very nice story that you have going mate! Looking forward to see what you come up with next.
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You have been busy, best story for me was the one with Liara and Samara.
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Thank you both for your compliments! I do have some additional ideas brewing. The ideas are very basic right now and need to be fleshed out so it'll be a little while before they are up. Some may be darker like my Normandy Whores story while others may take a more lighter, amusing tone. Please read them when I post them!