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URGENT: If you play Garry'd Mod...

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 22:43:31


"5:34 PM - {OB} Pandela: . News: Garry's Mod Infected With Lua Virus Exploit APRIL 19 - {OB} PANDELA I've been watching the progress of this virus. Some say its patched, others say it's not. When you're infected, your steam name changes to "VINH'LL FIX [email protected]@", Your chat is spammed with "FIX IT VINH", and you'll be connected and disconnected to the "FP Programmers" chatroom. Do not get on Garry's Mod until further notice. -Pandela Proof 1: ... _not_play/ Proof 2: (Watch Thread for progress) Garry's Tweet on fixing it: ... 8300926976 FP Programmers group: (Watch the chat, infected users will join and leave, and all guests in-game are infected. Don't worry, you'll be safe if you join chat, just enjoy the show) Keep in mind, this exploit and virus can and may merge onto other Source games, so hold onto your seats for this ride. Update: Garrys Mod is fixed, for now. All other Source games are vulnerable until Valve patches it: For the lulz, never forget:"
Figured I'd spread the word. Be safe, guys.
Sun, 20 Apr 2014 02:12:27