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Trouble With Locking Models

Sun, 04 May 2014 06:32:17


Hey folks, running into problems with SFM again. Hopefully you'll all be able to help again :D The problem that I'm having at the moment involves locking. The current scene I'm working on has a character lifting another up; quite simply, I'm attempting to have the being-lifted-up model's pelvis bone bind to the hand or something of the other to make the lifting as smooth as possible. However, it's completely non-functional; so far I've only been able to coax it to bind to the lifter's movements for about 1 second, after which the model will simply stay still. What can I do? I should also note that both models are resized to fit the map, and when binding the pelvis to the hand the lifted character radically changes size. This is fixable by simply increasing/decreasing the size scale, after which the model will remain the proper size *while* in lock-mode. But perhaps the size modification is part of the problem.