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Using SFM models in Gmod with no physics and no major edits

Thu, 15 May 2014 02:16:25


If you're a Gmod user and have wanted an SFM model converted to Gmod chances are that it's not going to happen. if this is you then, this is the command for you. This command allows you to spawn the SFM model that you want in gmod with fully functional face posing and the ability to pose the model with the joint tool. Here's how to use it: 1. Open up your console. 2. Type in this command but do not submit yet: "prop_dynamic_create" 3. After this command, enter the path of the model. Ex. "models/digitalmodel/digitalmodel.mdl" 4. When the path is entered, drop the word models. Ex. "digitalmodel/digitalmodel.mdl" 5. The command should look like this now: "prop_dynamic_create digitalmodel/digitalmodel.mdl 6. When you enter the command the model that you want should be in front of you with its default pose. If you entered the command incorrectly you will get a 3-D error, but relax, unlike most errors that you can't get rid of, you can simply delete it with the delete tool or the context menu. Things you should note: 1. models that don't have eye posing in the joint tool will have messed up eyes that you can't fix, not even with the eye poser tool. 2. It's a bad idea to rotate models with the phys gun. (Ex. Using the use key and moving the mouse to rotate.) instead, use the joint tool to rotate the models. You can still use the phys gun, just not to rotate the model though. 3. The face poser tool works with models that have flexes. 4. It's harder to pose models using the joint tool only. 5. Code is best used with models that have a green effect circle or appear to have only one bone (Even though you know there's more that one.) Many people think that you need physics for an SFM model to work, but that's not completely true, they DO work but, only with this command. If you have any question, just ask.