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Where to Start?

Sat, 17 May 2014 08:41:03


Hello, I want to learn to make animations using the Harley Quin model I have seen on here with SFM. I also want to learn do things like make her breast larger. I'm assuming that enlarging body parts will mean i'll have to learn to reskin her also? Which programs are good if I want to change a model into what I want? Blender or 3D Studio Max? I can get the student versions of 3D Studio Max and Maya. It's just I think there are more Blender and 3D Studio Max Tutorials. If i'm using SFM for animation are there limits for the models? I think I saw somewhere someone said 250 bones? I will start first just using a current model to learn to use SFM. I just want to know what 3D Modeling program would be best? Especially so i can donate back to the community here.