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Getting Started with 3D Custom Girl and Anime-Styled Models

Sun, 01 Jun 2014 10:51:26


This tutorial will instruct you on the basics of the program "3D Custom Girl" (3DCG) by TechArts 3D. Introduction and Installation: 3D Custom Girl is a NSFW game developed by Tech Arts 3D that allows you to "build" your own 3D girl and do things to her. I like to sum it up as a "waifu simulator;" however 3DCG has a couple of neat features which makes it viable for posing. 3DCG has a plethora of cell-shaded models and clothes to combine along with a community creating mods to get you your perfect waifu. Jokes aside, I found 3DCG to be a great way to start using anime-styled models for posing. Note: 3DCG is extremely limited in respect to making erotic scenes. It is meant to be a game, but has built in features, community created content, and a decent poser to familiarize potential posers to familiarize themselves with using anime models. Once you get your dirty little grubs on the installer, you first need to set your system locale to Japanese. This only applies to non-unicode software, and can be reverted back to your current setting if needed. It will not change the language of your OS.Your system locale can be set in "Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Change System Locale." [align=center:mr0rmjpi] Click the "Change System Locale Button" Change to Japanese.[/align:mr0rmjpi] After changing your system locale, install the program like any other program. The installer will ask you where you want to install the game, and extract the files there. Also, if for some reason your Direct X isn't version 9.0 (the current is 11), you need to update it. Once it's installed, you are able to run the game. By default, the game runs in full screen mode at a 800 x 800 resolution. There is no in-game option to change this, instead you need to go to C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\TechArts3D\TDCG and locate the 'settings.ini' file. This may not exist until you launch the game for the first time. I highly suggest opening 'settings.ini' with Notepad or any text editor of your choice, and add the following lines:
This will make the game run in windowed mode, and render models in 1080p. It will not, however, make the window 1920x1080 in size, you'll have to manually size it. This will also allow you to scroll through the customization menu with the mousewheel. Granted this all isn't mandatory, but I highly suggest it. Using The Program: [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] Say hello to your new waifu! Take care of her, treat her well, visit her often. She actually does get mad if you don't play for a couple of days. Anyways, this is the "main menu" of the program. From top to bottom, the following buttons on the right do the following: Customize Girl Button: Allows you to customize your girl, change her clothes, undress her, change the map etc. We'll cover this below. Camera Angle Button: Changes the camera angle to different present angles. Help button: Displays help in Japanese Exit Button: Closes the program after confirmation. Always best to close the program using this instead of Alt+F4. O means yes and X means no. Closing via this option saves your girl for next time you launch the program. Depending on how long your session in the program is, your waifu will either complain or be happy. If you click on the customize girl button, you will be taken to a screen that looks similar to this: [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] Note that my screen might look a little different because I have mods installed. On this screen you can scroll through and change the girl's clothes, body size, etc. Most of the parts of the menu are self-explanatory, however there are a couple parts that are important to know: [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] Note the bottom 3 lines on the customization menu. These bottom 3 lines are as follows: Scene (map) selector: Loads a scene in the background. They can be animated. Action selector: Set up the game to do erotic things with your girl in her current state in a flash-game style. Contains the poser and slideshow. Save selector: 3DCG creates .PNG files that contain extra data that when read by the program can load preset girls that you have saved. These .PNG files are located in C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\TechArts3D\TDCG. White background saves are known as "soft saves." You make make soft saves by clicking the "save" button under the scrolling menu. They can also be deleted by clicking the "del" button. Green background saves are known as "Hard Saves." Hardsaves are a great feature in 3DCG that allows you to share your waifus with other people without them needing to download the required addons to view them (there are a few exceptions, however). Hardsaves are similar to installing a model into Gmod or SFM, allowing you to work with them but not edit them. Hardsaves are also .PNG files, and they can be up to a couple megabytes in size. If you continue to scroll up you'll see more body customization options: [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] Body customization options are from top to bottom: - Arm Size - Thighs/Hips/Butt Size - Waist Size - Breast Jiggle Amount (only applies if you're doing the erotic minigames) - Breast Size - Height to Head Ratio - Eye Angle (not shown) As you continue to explore with the customization menu, note at the bottom of the screen when selecting specific options, such a a skirt as shown below, you'll see there is a mini menu beneath the main customization menu that has different skins or versions of the object in question. [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] These can apply to clothes, models, maps, and hair. These do not apply to erotic scenes, however. To use alternate versions of scenes you need to exit the editor and go back to the main menu and the option to cycle through alternate scenes will pop up above the customization button. Using the 3D Poser: [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] 3DCG comes with two decent features that work in conjunction with each other: the 3D poser (left) and the slide show (right). Obviously, the 3D poser allows you to manually pose any character you make, and save the pose to be reloaded later. Poses can be used between models, and poses that you save can also be loaded randomly during a slideshow as well. Lastly, you can download pre-set poses (also .PNG files) that other's have made and use them with your 3DCG game as well. There are 4 types of pose saves: the defaults, the female saves, the male saves, and character saves. Default saves apply only to female models, and come with the game. Female saves are saves made by others, have a pink background, and save the pose and camera data. Male saves are pose saves of the male silhouette that does things to your waifu. You can load the male model by pressing F1 and can cycle between models using tab. You can load as many male models as you need. Character models are saves with a yellow background. When clicked, the load clothing / model information for the selected model. It's usually used for when you have a character addon making it easy to load a character in an iconic pose easily from the poser. [align=center:mr0rmjpi] Example of character, male, and female poses.[/align:mr0rmjpi] [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] - F12 puts the model into a T-Pose. - Delete removes the model. - Space cycles through rig and lighting (each character has their own unique light), also hides all on-screen manipulation tools. - All posing is done through a Screen-Tool like poser, but you can also pose using the arrow and ctrl keys. - Bones can be translated using shift, ctrl, and arrow keys - F1 loads the male silhouette. - 1-5 sets the camera align to different axes. - 0 resets the selected bone to the default position. - Home key hides the UI. - Print Screen automatically saves a (normal) .PNG image in the C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\TechArts3D\TDCG\snapshots - Holding Ctrl and clicking a soft or hard save will load it as a second model in the poser. Just like before, clicking the "Save" and "Del" buttons will save or delete the current pose and camera angles as a pose .PNG file. Poses can be found and added to C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\TechArts3D\TDCG\pose. Pose files can only save one model's pose at a time, and female and male model poses cannot be used interchangeably. Pressing the customize button on the right opens the same window as before, but the model won't strike different poses as you make changes to clothing, and so on, making it much easier to see what changes are being made to a model. It functions exactly the same as the customization window in the main part of the game. [align=center:mr0rmjpi][/align:mr0rmjpi] The buttons in the bottom left corner are bone selection helpers. Like the Animation Set Editor in SFM, it allows the user to select bones without clicking on the rig. These buttons are the only way to pose facial bones (the middle button) as well. None of the models in 3DCG use facial flexes. You can pose the body, hands, face, hair, and skirt bones on any model. If your character isn't wearing a skirt, the skirt bones (usually) do nothing. Lastly you can return to the main menu clicking the exit button. Finding and Installing Addons: 3DCG allows you to install addons to add to your waifu simulating experience. All addons end in a .tah file extension. However, .tah's cannot be compressed, so in many cases when downloading a 3DCG addon all the components needed for the addon are compressed and a "MakeTah.exe" application that will compile the addon into a .tah file. The .tah files are simply added to C:\Program Files (x86)\TechArts3D\3Dカスタム少女\arcs and restart 3DCG if it's running. Addons are not found by name, but by code instead. Fortunately, the 3DCG community compiled a extensive mod catalog (.doc download, most recent) to help you find mods. XPC models can be download from (every password on this site is "custom"). If you are having trouble finding a model, Google can provide pretty good results unless it is a private mod. One addon I highly recommend is the "toon shader" line of addons. Toon shader is a special addon that allows 3DCG to render specific models, making it a must have for sharing hard saves. If you share a hardsave that requires Toon Shader and the recipient doesn't have it the body will not render correctly! You can download Toon Shader from this Skydrive Folder (XPC03731, XPC03788, and XPC04329). Toon shader allows you to use different body mods like NMO and NMN bodies, NJXA bodies, GF Body, and others like them. Note the NJXA body is a petite body, and can be easily confused for an illegal body mod. Be sure to check the source of the mod you are downloading if you choose to use it. It also comes in a "bust-up" version with a much bigger chest. If you download any kind of body mod, you'll have to clothes that fit the model as well. BE WARNED: YOU CAN BREAK YOUR GAME IF A ADDON YOU INSTALLED IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE GAME! MAKE SURE YOU TEST THE ADDON BY LAUNCHING THE GAME AFTER INSTALLING EACH ADDON. Decensoring the Game: Probably the most important part of the tutorial. Thankfully it is extremely easy. Download this file, and extract the base_xpr tah's in the arc's folder, and backup your current ObsDX9.exe in the 3D Custom Girl folder and replace it with the one in the .rar file. ObsDX9.exe is the game itself. Miscellaneous Information: - If you choose to try out erotic mini games, you can press A to automatically perform actions in case your other hands are busy. Automatic mode has 5 different speeds. - While in automatic mode, pressing Z will make the male character cum on your girl. - While in automatic mode, pressing X will make the male character cum inside your girl. - After decensoring the game, the male's penis is basically a checker-pattern'd stick, so you can find a mod that makes it into something a little more familiar. - You can press the Home key at any time to hide the UI, including during slideshow mode. - You can adjust music volume using the N and M keys. - You can adjust game volume using the K and L keys. - You can quickly mute the game with J. - The arrow keys can adjust the color and transparency of the male silhouette. - T and R add overlay effects. - E cycles through color rendering options; not very practical. - Characters made in 3DCG can be ported into Miku Miku Dance (MMD), the anime version of SFM. I'll have a tutorial on how to do that soon. - Never alt-tab out of the game in fullscreen mode, it will break it. - Never lock your computer or let it go to sleep while running the game, it will break it as well. Picture Examples: These are poses I made in 3DCG. [album:mr0rmjpi]1337[/album:mr0rmjpi] [album:mr0rmjpi]1333[/album:mr0rmjpi] [album:mr0rmjpi]1332[/album:mr0rmjpi] These are all body mods; from left to right: NJXA 3.1, GF Body, and NJXA 3.1 Bust-Up. All of these body mods require Toon Shader. None of these are edited. Conclusion: The about wraps things up. I've pretty much mentioned everything I know about. I'll try to answer any questions, but I may be slow about it. Hopefully this helps, and would start opening up people to anime-style and cartoony models and we can see more if it on the forums. :D If you're interesting in anime-style animation, I suggest looking into Miku Miku Dance! MMD does have nude models, but they're extremely controlled by their creators. There's only one nude MMD model I could get my hands on scotch free. There's a basic tutorial on MMD by mrwhitefolks here on DE, so go check it out if you're interested! Enjoy pleasing your waifu! ;)