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A list of models, ported to SFM/GMod

Thu, 12 Jun 2014 17:43:45


Not too long ago I had the following idea: "It would be really nice to have a list of models that were ported from various other games to Source engine, where you could easily find out if a certain model is already available and get its download link". As such thing doesn't exist, at least to my knowledge, I was thinking about creating such list myself. My plan is to make a thread where I'd arrange a list of both SFW and NSFW models (organised by games they are ported from) that I already know of so other people could post info about models, not included in the list yet. Then I would update the list with that info and whatever I find by myself from time to time. At first the list will be small, but eventually it can become something useful to everyone, especially for people new to SFM and GMod. So what do you think? Is that a good idea? What else should I take into account?
Thu, 12 Jun 2014 18:27:07


I like the idea, easy to loose track of things over various sites plus it will help keep download links up to date.
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 00:45:27


Great idea, we've needed something like this for a very long time. The nightmare is keeping everything updated once the list is finished though. There's a ton of new models coming out every month now. Maybe you can do a spreadsheet with Ganon or something to keep track of things
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 10:40:38


Well, I planned to create a spreadsheet on my Google Disk, but I'm not sure if that would be a good solution.
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 11:17:06


A spreadsheet would probably work out great in case you also want to index files that are hosted on the steam workshop for example and I'd like to assist there if needed. Some of you might remember my plan from early january to pool everything into an ftp server or mirror stuff to SFMLab. That never happened, but it's still something I'd like to see, perhaps in the form of a bittorrent sync folder. The major benefit of a bittorrent sync folder would be that stuff never goes down, as long as people actually seed. It would simplify access too, because of the whole secret key system; a few people with the full access secret key could add new submissions. If there are any other willing to help out with indexing and/or filling up a bittorrent sync with models and stuff, please post in this thread and we'll start setting something up.
Fri, 13 Jun 2014 18:07:11


A bittorrent sync folder certainly sounds like a great idea. I never really heard of it before, but I suppose it's like a cloud service except it doesn't actually sync the files with some server but syncs them directly among those people, who have the access to the folder. And the size of the folder is unlimited, right? Edit: After thinking about the spreadsheets for some time, I came to a conclusion that using Google Spreadsheet would be convinient for the following reasons: [list:5o11136w][*:5o11136w]It is possible to grant the access and editing permission to other people as long as they have a gmail account[/*:m:5o11136w][/list:u:5o11136w] [list:5o11136w][*:5o11136w]Everyone who has editing permission can edit the sheet simultaneously and see what others add in real time[/*:m:5o11136w][/list:u:5o11136w] [list:5o11136w][*:5o11136w]The sheet can be easily exported to .XLSX or .PDF[/*:m:5o11136w][/list:u:5o11136w] If that suits all our needs, the only thing left is to come up with the format of the sheet. I was thinking about something like this: |â„–| Title of the pack | Source | Creators | smd&qc | Additional info | Date of addition | | 1| Mass Effect props | Mass Effect | list of creators | Unavailable | link to the thread | 13.06.2014 | | 2| Big furniture pack | original | list of creators | Available | link to the thread | 14.06.2014 |