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Objective: To Discuss the acquiring or required development to alter game assets from things such as Texture Modding to Model Modding Introduction I guess some of you are new with the concepts of hacking and modding.. Which seems odd since your scene is built off of "Modding" 3D models to become nude. Perhaps veterans of this site come from a Poser background. In which they would have used an existing model to pose or animate for a comic or short film Anyways Modding embodies two other scenes, Hacking and Ripping. Each scene is brought together in any order to deliver you with assets, which can be used to form a Model Mod. Such as Hacking a particular game character's head onto a Nude Base body However comfortable you may be with just posing existing models. Expanding your palette to other scene's will give you more control, no matter what you do. Definitions: Modding: the act of changing something, so that it appears or operates differently then what it was meant to do originally Example: I re-skinned Sonic from blue to green!! Hacking: To take something apart and discover how it works and or exploit it to make it do something it wasn't meant for Example: I hacked Pokemon, and ripped Pikachu from a binary file Ripping: Borrowing assets from one location to another that is more preferable. Example: I ripped my Pokemon OST onto my xbox360! Editing/Creating The ability to make original work, or alter other work in order to derive something new Example: I photoshoped Sonic's Texture From Blue to Green Coding/Programming The process of writing a set of instructions that a computer will follow to carry out a task for you Example: In Computer Class I wrote <<cout "Helloworld\n"; using the C# computer language Reverse Engineering The understanding of how something is constructed, so that others can recreate it Example: I taste cinnamon in this apple pie, it must have cinnamon in it! Hexing Viewing or Editing of a binary file through the use of a Hex Editor Example: I hexed my game's EXE to give me Infinite Health!
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Modding 101, very nice! I'd like to see these topics more in-depth.
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Hmm. I thought hacking would be more like: I hacked Pokemon, spawned over 9,000 masterballs in my inventory.
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I always wondered what the differences were between ripping and extracting. Now I know. Thanks! :)
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"Soulslayerzx" said ...
Hmm. I thought hacking would be more like: I hacked Pokemon, spawned over 9,000 masterballs in my inventory.
Actually, i think it is too. That is simple? You need a some programming knowledge (not just for modelling and stuff) i mean, how you think we know from the DLC from Capcom that are going to be announced months later. That way back, Mew was discovered on Pkmn Red/Blue
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I think hacking and exploiting need two separate definitions. Hacking: Gaining unauthorized access to computer data. Exploiting: Using something for something it wasn't meant to do.
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This is a nice section! Would be great to learn stuff about simply editing textures and making models from the people who do it a lot.
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Hmmmm Good to Know Thanks :mrgreen:
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Soooooo... Does anyone actually feel like adding anything in this forum? I can always use hacks, mods, and reskins.
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How would I be able to take some of the rigs and or models and export their geometry into lets say OBJ format? Sorry guys I'm new here I had no idea this forum existed. I do 3D animation/modeling stuffs. I'd love to be able to get some of this stuff outside of source filmmaker to edit and look at how the topology/textures are working. Thank you in advance!