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Welcome to DigitalEro Forums! This site contains sexually related and adult oriented material. If you are under 18 years of age or if it is illegal to view this type of material in your local area, state, country or region, please EXIT now. By entering this website you hereby agree to the following terms: You will not hold the webmasters and staff of this website liable for any possible damages incurred by viewing the content contained herein. We take freedom of expression seriously, but within the limits of the Internet Providers and the U.S laws. We present the Galleries to you for no charge, as a service, and wish to continue to do so into the future. Those who decide to violate the limits of the Terms of Service Agreement (TOS) will be banned and removed from the site permanently. Age limits for 3D art is 18+ We ALSO have some Zero-Tolerance Zones in the TOS, which include bestiality, child pornography, guro, (with an exception for work containing anthropomorphs, zombies and monsters). Keep yourself away from trouble and DO NOT post any of these. All characters and related properties depicted on this website are copyright of their respective owners and companies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Proper Behaviour & What You Should/Shouldn't Do On The Site. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to keep DigitalEro a nice and welcoming place: - Be courteous to Digitalero members. - Be supportive and encouraging. Below are listed stuff you should never do: - Do not Insult, flame, harass or mock anyone on the site. - Never anger a moderator or an administrator. - Do not cause drama or incite flame wars on the site. - Avoid using words: nigger, jew, faggot etc... - Don't be a racist. IMPORTANT! When interacting with Artists, please stick with positive, supporting, encouraging and constructive criticism. Comments like: "I don't like it." or "It's not my cup of tea." are completely worthless and does not help these creative people develop in their work. These are considered non-constructive and it would be best to keep such comments to yourself. If you intentionally insult Artists here at Digitalero, you will get a warning/suspension. By registering to be a member of this website, you agree to abide by the rules. If you break them, the administrators reserve the right to ban you without prior notice. Please feel free to contact the staff if you have any additional questions. !! IMPORTANT !! Staff may and can delete or moderate comments without a notice. When your comment is deleted, it means you've broken the rules. SHOUT BOX The forums or shout box are not the place to discuss questions about rules or administration. If you have a question about either, please PM an administrator. No opinion wars or debates on the Shout Box. NOTICE! Staff holds the rights to add sections or change the rules at any time. Play safe and enjoy your stay at Digitalero.Org!