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Mon, 01 Apr 2013 17:48:15


Hello. I made my account here, because I appreciate your work, but I need some help. I saw somewhere that Rastifan changed colour of Excella's dress to dark. I tried to do the same trick, but using a model called Alyx Jersey from Fake Factory pack (that over 1 GB). The model is of course Alyx, in red, floral dress. Model has these files: GMOD_Alyx_Jersey.dx80.vtx , GMOD_Alyx_Jersey.dx90.vtx , gmod_alyx_jersey.mdl , GMOD_Alyx_Jersey.phy , GMOD_Alyx_Jersey.sw.vtx , gmod_alyx_jersey.vvd . I decompiled them using Cannonfodder's Decompiler and I got these: ADRIANA_JERSEY.smd , mdldecompiler.qc , phymodel.smd , ragdoll.smd. I imported them to Milkshape and changed the colour of the dress material to black by changing Ambient and Diffuse colour to black. The changes were clearly visible, dress was black. I saved the model and exported it as Reference smd. I got also .qc . I don't know how to configure Cannonfodder's StudioCompiler to compile it back and make work in Gmod. Please tell me, which files I have to drop in the empty frames, for example in "Compiled Model File" in Compile Model Tab. Do I have to change something in Material Compile Tab? Which game must be inscribed in Steam Game Directory? Where is directory for SDK tools? I don't know nothing. I treid using some tutorials but they're made mainly for props and materials, nothing about ragdolls. Maybe I made something wrong? Maybe do You have simpler ways to do this? Thanks in advance.
Mon, 01 Apr 2013 18:56:45


You're throwing a lot of questions out there. Do I understand correctly that you are trying to change the color of a character's dress? No need to decompile the models for that. Here's what you need to do: [list=1:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Download and install VTFEdit[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Find and open the VTF files that belong to your character with VTFEdit (you can probably find those files somewhere in the "materials/models" folder)[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Export the VTF files of the model you want to modify as TGA[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Open the TGA file in The GIMP or Photoshop[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Change the colors to whatever you want[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Save your modified texture file as TGA[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Import the modified file into VTFEdit[/*:m:1yxuqomy] [*:1yxuqomy]Save it to the same folder with the name as the old file.[/*:m:1yxuqomy][/list:o:1yxuqomy]
Tue, 02 Apr 2013 15:41:34


Thank You. Just thank You. I was thinking I had to decompile, and recompile again, and everything was that simple! Good day! Great tutorial!