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How to define your requests, what to post and where.

Fri, 25 Jan 2013 23:52:41


"Gnin" said ...
Hello Forum, Models section has changed and is now more organized. Request threads are now divided to three different sections: - Nude Model Requests ( obviously for nude models ) - Normal Model Requests ( for normal models e.g. Kitana from MK9 ) - Prop Requests ( For ALL the props e.g. beds, chairs, whips, cuffs, dildos etc... ) When making a request thread, please define in the topic's title what you're requesting. Titles as "Just a request" and "Could i have this" will be removed instantly. - You should always add a reference picture to your request. - Don't make your request a novel, make it clear and easy to understand. - Always be polite to modders, modelers and everyone at the forum. Failing in something as simple as this will get your thread removed. UPDATE! If and when you get your request done, say "thank you", it's the least you can do when someone picks up your request and sacrifices their own time for it. This should be self-explanatory. The Difference Between Critique And Personal Opinions: When you see material posted on the WIP thread, you're welcome to comment about it, however, if you don't have anything constructive or nice to say, don't comment at all. Constructive criticism is welcome, but our modelers CAN live without insults and negative feedback. Comments like "I like smaller" and "don't like the color" are irrelevant, especially if it isn't your original request for the model. Always be nice and polite.