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Zoey in Over the Knee

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Brother Antroz

Zoey ran out of the cold damp alley way onto the street as fast as she could, the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Just behind her the walls exploded and sent the red bricks of the two buildings scattering across the block. The Tank came barreling out of the dust like a bulldozer, roaring furiously as he closed in on his prey. Zoey frantically checked the road ahead for any stray infected out of instinct as she picked up the pace, hearing the thunderous thuds of the monster's fists striking the earth growing closer. She didn't dare look back. All she could focus on was where she could possibly lose him before she ran out of steam. She knew she couldn't run forever. Unlike the infected, she lost stamina, and she was quickly running out. Suddenly, she felt a powerful tug on the back of her jacket's collar, and she felt herself being yanked back, her feet leaving the ground and flying straight out in front of her, as her entire body was thrown down to the pavement. Zoey felt the wind get knocked right out of her lungs. She knew she was done for. The young girl quickly tried to recover, scrambling to get back on her feet, instead she felt herself being knocked back down before she was even half way up. Feeling disoriented, she rolled onto her side to face the beast looming over her, and in one last desperate effort, pulled out her M1911 pistol and began firing rapidly. The bullets sprayed into the Tank's rock hard flesh, but it was only a mild annoyance to the enraged beast. Despite her best efforts, the Tank lumbered closer menacingly, the pavement shaking and crumbling as he pulled his weight forward with his massive arms. Zoey kept firing until she heard the click of an empty clip, and her heart sank. "Shit!" she hissed, throwing the useless gun to the side. The young school girl desperately kicked her feet against the pavement, pushing her body along with the support of her elbows to put as much distance between herself and the hulking monster. It was no use, the towering brute was already upon her, and she knew there was no escape. The colossal Tank loomed over her, blocking out the light from the full moon and stars above them in the clear night sky, his long shadow engulfing her small frame. Slowly, he raised his massive arms high above his head, preparing to slam them down with tremendous force. "Oh shit!-oh shit!-oohhh shit!" She squealed "I'm so dead!" Instinctively she curled into the fetal position, covering her face with her arms. She squeezed her eyes shut as she waited for the final bone-crushing blow. She lay there on the cool pavement trembling in fear, gritting her teeth in anticipation of the quick surge of horrible pain followed by nothingness. But the blow never came. Cautiously, she opened an eye and looked around her. She wondered for a moment if she was already dead. She looked up to see the Tank with his arms still stretched into the air like two long pillars. He was still staring down at her, but with a look of curiosity instead of pure rage like he was just moments before. When the Tank got his first real look at the cute young brunette as he stood over her frail figure, he felt something within him that his infected primitive mind did not recognize. It felt good. Her soft, subtle curves, beautiful face, and bright green eyes gleaming in the moonlight as she looked up at him in fear was making the Tank hot and bothered. Slowly, the Tank lowered his massive arms and brought a hand to the young girl's chest. Zoey gasped and cringed, clenching her eyes shut waiting for the pain, but instead she felt him fumbling with the zipper on her jacket. Zoey looked down in bewilderment. "Wh-what are you.." Suddenly the Tank gripped her jacket, and ripped it completely off with one swift motion. "Daah!" she squealed in shock. The Tank examined the torn red jacket curiously, fondling it in his hands, before turning his attention back to the young college student. Zoey still had a look of shock and bewilderment on her face as she lay there in her tank-top. "Is this thing just toying with me before it kills me?" she thought to herself. The Tank felt himself growing hotter as he examined her now exposed delicate shoulders and arms, revealing her smooth, milky skin shining in the moonlight. He wanted to see more. Grunting and snorting, he reached for Zoey again, grabbing her soft white tank-top and before she could even process it, her top was completely ripped from her body, bra and all. "AH! No!" Zoey yelped as her perky breasts bounced into the open having their constraints ripped away so suddenly. The young girl blushed crimson as she scrambled to cover her exposed breasts, cupping her hands over them. Now the Tank was panting and grunting with desire as he examined the nubile brunette. She had a very toned and defined stomach from all the running and food rationing she's been doing the past two weeks. Her breasts were a bit small but still very full and perky, and he could still see a bit of her delicate pink nipple through her fingers as she tried to cover them. Zoey still didn't know what was happening. She looked up at the Tank in a mix of embarrassment, confusion, and fear. That look she gave him as she sat under him cupping her cute breasts only made the Tank want more. Reaching down once again, he took hold of Zoey's belt. She tried to resist but in one pull, the Tank tore her tight skinny jeans right off her legs. Zoey fell backwards, but struggled back up to shield her breasts again. She was now completely naked aside from her shoes and small, white panties. The Tank couldn't bear it anymore; he picked the delicate young girl up by her waist, and began carrying her toward the bench on the curb. "AHH! N-No! put me down!" Zoey wailed, struggling helplessly against the brute's powerful grip. The creature clumsily sat down on the bench, gently placing the cute girl over his lap. Zoey struggled as hard as she could, but the Tank was unfazed. He didn't have to put any effort at all into holding her down across his lap. With Zoey's hips lying across the Tank's knee, he gently lifted it, perking her tight butt up into the air slightly. The young girl kicked and squirmed but it was no use. "Ungh! Agh! Let me go!" she howled. The Tank grunted with passion and desire as he reached down, and using only his index finger and thumb, pinched the waistband of her soft cotton panties and with one quick motion, swiftly tore them from her hips. Her pert cheeks quivered slightly as the tight panties released their constraints. "AHH!" Zoey squeaked in shock as she felt the sudden cool air against her exposed bottom. The Tank threw the torn panties to the side as he gazed down at her adorable derriere. She had a great ass. It was small, tight, and toned, yet round and perky at the same time. His head swam as he examined her beautiful naked body across his lap. Zoey could feel his stare, making her flush red with shame. The Tank gently brushed his palm over her soft bottom. Zoey gasped in shock at the sudden contact, as he began rubbing her cheeks, occasionally stopping to give one of them a pinch. Given how enormous his hands were, he was surprisingly gentle, his rough skin proving a surprising contrast with her silky smooth skin. It was an intoxicating sensation for the beast. Zoey's struggles began to cease as she felt her muscles relaxing with the Tank's smooth strokes. A slight moan escaped her lips. "Am I really getting turned on by this?" she thought to herself. A cool breeze picked up through the dark abandoned street and brushed past her naked body, making her shiver and her nipples harden a bit. The Tank found it even more cute when her pert butt grew goosebumps. He continued massaging and squeezing the irresistible cheeks. Zoey could see her breath slightly as the hot air left her lips and contrasted with the cool breeze. "Mmmh..." Zoey sighed as all the strange sensations rippled through her body. Suddenly, the Tank raised his arm high in the air, preparing to swing. "AHH! No please!" Zoey wailed as she looked back, and covered her rear with her hand closest to the Tank's body. Using his free hand, the Tank gripped her wrist and pinned it to her smooth back, away from her butt. Zoey desperately kicked her feet up to defend herself. The Tank responded by lifting his knee up even more, lifting her pelvis up and perking her butt slightly higher in the air where her feet could no longer reach. She struggled and squirmed as hard as she could, but it was hopeless. She wasn't going anywhere. Zoey was completely defenseless and exposed. She gasped hotly as she looked helplessly down at the pavement below her; she knew struggling would be no use. Zoey clenched the hand pinned to her back into a fist as she gripped his jeans with the other, clenching her eyes shut as she waited breathlessly. The Tank paused with his hand raised, enjoying watching her squirm with anticipation. Zoey felt another light cool breeze brush across her raised butt, making the wait for the coming smack even more unbearable. She could feel some moisture beginning to trickle down her leg. Her pubic hair brushed against the Tank's knee as she wriggled her hips slightly at the sensation. She could hardly believe how horny this was making her. Suddenly like a flash of lightning the Tank swung down and struck her bottom with a loud smack. "AHHH!" Zoey yelped as she swung her head back at the sudden sting on her butt. The Tank's head swam as he watched her cheeks quiver slightly with the smack. The Tank menacingly arched his hand into the air again, preparing a second swing. "Oh..! Please!" Zoey begged as she glanced over her shoulder again. Before she knew it she felt another sharp sting across her butt and a loud smack as the second blow hit. "Unh!" Zoey grunted as she tried to hold in another cry, gritting her teeth. Her ass was already a light shade of pink with the second blow. The Tank was capable of crushing cars with his bare hands, and he certainly wasn't holding back on Zoey's cute butt. Once again the Tank arched his hand back for the next swing. Zoey kicked and squirmed but he was just too strong. The third smack stung even more than the other two. Her pink cheeks quivered as the brute's firm hand connected. "Hnn!" Zoey choked still gritting her teeth, trying not to scream. Her head jerked up with the pain, her brunette hair flying back with her head. The Tank held his hand on her rear for a moment longer, brushing a massive thumb against one of her cheeks before raising his hand back into swinging position. His arm was a blur as he swung down. SMACK! "HA-NN!" Zoey wailed. Each spank stung more and more, she was having a hard time holding in her yelps now. But she continued gritting her teeth trying to hold them back. The Tank began to steadily pick up the pace and established a rhythm. With each smack he held his hand on her butt for just a second and let her cheeks quiver against his powerful palm, before quickly arching his hand back and swinging down again. SMACK-SMACK-SMACk! "NNH!-HAH!-ANHH!" the young girl choked out as each spank arrived. Her cute butt was now starting to turn a bright shade of red as the beast relentlessly continued his assault. He kept her ass perked up with his knee as he began to pick up the pace. SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK! "HAH!-AHH!-HNH!-AAHH!-AH!" She cried. Zoey hung her head down, clenching her eyes shut. A few loose strands of her hair that had come loose from her ponytail hung in front of her face as she gasped and moaned. The Tank wouldn't let up. Her crimson cheeks bounced noticeably with every blow. Glistening beads of sweat began to appear as his firm hand struck her upturned bottom. "Pl-Please..!" Zoey wailed, "I can't take much more!" Zoey's vision began to blur as tears filled her eyes. Her legs were beginning to go numb. The Tank kept spanking until the tears began to flow down her face and drip onto the pavement. The spanking had lasted several minutes, and when the Tank saw her tears, he finally stopped his assault. The young college student was choking and panting like a marathon runner. The Tank gently released his grip on her arm and brought his knee down, lowering her hips and letting her limply roll off his lap onto the pavement, landing flat on her back. Zoey's perky breasts heaved as she lay gasping for breath. She winced as the rough pavement met her stinging rump, and used what little energy she had left to roll onto her stomach. Her butt was almost glowing, it was so red. The Tank must have taken a liking to the young girl, because he decided to spare her after all. He felt more than satisfied. The Tank slowly turned and began to lumber away down the cold, dim street. Zoey looked on wearily as he left, rubbing her bottom gingerly and wiping the sweat away from her brow. "Mmm...that was kinda hot.." she sighed. She never would have thought she was the type of girl to be turned on by a spanking. She was still horny as hell, but faintly happy too. She came to her senses suddenly, realizing she was completely naked and all alone in a zombie-infested town. Still weak and trembling, she picked herself up and began her search for new clothing. Pseudo-illustrations: Written by my friend at
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Thank you for this. Very enjoyable. Your friend is quite the author.
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I hope there are more stories to be revealed soon.