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So yeah, got bored and wrote some stuff. Anyone with a SR3 fetish may enjoy some of these Be mindful, a few of these may just be a tad lengthy Fan Fic #1: Saints Row the Third Viola's Heaven Ever since the collapse of the Syndicate, the Saints’ popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. With this popularity came a surge of population growth for the now infamous street gang, and a lack of business for some of the higher ranking officials within the gang’s community. However, most of said officials have taken this time to themselves, opting to resort to relaxing after the hardships previously felt, such as the loss of friends and even family. Viola DeWynter, one of the Saints most loyal and trustworthy members, is one such example. After the loss of her sister, Kiki, at the hands of the Luchadore’s attack dog Killbane, she further progressed her relationship with other members of the gang. Oleg, Kinzie and even Pierce now considered a loyal friend and ally, one who would gladly stand by the Saints in their hardships. Yet her relationship with the Boss, the unnamed and charismatic leader of the 3rd Street Saints was most intriguing. * The orange and red sky of the afternoon loomed overhead as Viola went about her business. The city was quiet, so much so that Viola stopped to listen to the buskers in the parks, strumming their classical tunes on their guitars. Birds were chirping and the water on the riverbanks was splashing. It was a peaceful day, something you would not expect in Steelport. Given the diverse underground gang life and the corruptive atmospheres of the prostitution rings, these small moments truly symbolised the vision of what made Steelport a liveable place. Fresh rained pavement and grass wafted through streets as Viola entered the Safeword, her own personal house of sexual debauchery which she managed. The city had an unquenchable appetite for sexual favours, and Viola was the caterer. ‘Michelle, please move my morning appointments tomorrow back a few hours, i have to work late tonight and i fear i may sleep in.’ Viola hushed to her secretary. For a brothel, the Safeword was well managed. ‘Sure thing Viola, how was your afternoon?’ The assistant chirpily replied. Viola moved across the room and plumped herself into a soft, purple cushioned armchair where she rubbed her temples. ‘Not bad, it’s amazing how quiet it was today.’ She replied. ‘That’s good.’ The assistant’s eyes lit up as she remembered a call from earlier in the day. ‘Oh, your friend called earlier, said she’d like a meeting tonight.’ The assistant peeped as she crossed the room to Viola, her heels clicking along the fine marble floor. Viola took the paper note from her hand and studied it. ‘She wants a meeting at Mikano’s later this evening. Eight o’clock to be precise.’ Viola frowned as she read it. She scrunched the note and tossed it in the bin across from her. Slowly she stood from the couch and waltzed on over the elevator, observing her watch. ‘6 o’clock’ she noticed. ‘That’s plenty of time for me to get changed.’ Viola ascended the elevator and arrived in the penthouse, eager to get to this meeting on time. Over the time they spent together, Viola felt she started become sexually attracted to the leader of the Saints, awkwardly enough for herself, she’d never once told the Boss about this. Never the less, Viola wanted to look her best. She stood at the penthouses’ large cast iron mirror, looking into the many different clothing ideas she had in her mind. ‘Right, Mikano’s is a fancy restaurant. I want to make sure i look super classy for this date, i mean dinner.’ Did she really just describe this dinner as a date? Were her feelings that strong, or was she just naive? She pulled her black work dress over her head and tossed it on the floor. Next were her boots, the pair of fine, black leather shoes were a gift from her sister Kiki many years ago, they were one of my most loved possessions. She unzipped the boots and placed them under the penthouses bed, safe from the outside world. Viola then tiptoed into the bathroom, twisting the bath taps with a small squeak until the hot water poured free. The bath didn’t take long to fill much to Viola’s pleasure, she had places to be and people to see. Cautiously dabbing her toes in one by one, she deduced that the water was warm enough to her taste, and unclipped her bra from behind her back. The small black laced number fell to the floor, along with her matching silk briefs and stockings. Upon resting in the bath, Viola didn’t want to leave, the warm water felt so good washing over her cold and tired body. The water level rose to the base of her neck, right over her hardened breasts and collarbones. Viola tilted her head back and sighed a breath of relief, closing her eyes from the world around her. * ‘Miss DeWynter? You’re appointment is in 15 minutes...’ the assistant insisted over the intercom. ‘Thank you Michelle.’ Viola wearily said as she awoke, still submerged in the bath, which was now substantially cooler than she remembered. Realising she had fallen asleep, she quickly sat up in the tub. ‘Shit.’ She cursed under breath, as she jumped out of the tub and grabbed out a towel. Within minutes, she had throw on a white silk dress, complete with a matching pearl necklace and hooped earrings. She slipped her heels on as she hustled to the elevator, stabbing at the buttons with her manicured fingers. She ran her fingers through her tidy, black hair as she exited the elevator and made her way to the garage, fishing for her car keys. With a beep she unlocked her sports car, a purple coloured example of her wealth, and quickly jumped inside. ‘Asleep in the bath, what a stupid excuse.’ She muttered as she drove through the neon night streets, watching pedestrians’ window shopping and talking. The cars lights died as she removed the key from the ignition and stepped out of the car, locking it with a click. Viola threw her handbag over her shoulder and walked around the side of the building to the entrance plaza. Mikano’s was a beautiful restaurant, tall Roman style marble columns cascaded from the roof to the floor, which was lined with a stunning red and gold carpet. The left most side of the building was home to the chefs and their kitchens, whereas the right side was full of seating tables. Potted plants adorned the dining room as Viola cautiously stepped inside, scanning the room for her date. ‘Damnit, this isn’t a date, just a meeting. Get a hold of yourself.’ She snapped to herself and she looked around, now becoming agitated. She stood looking for a minute before she realised that the Boss wasn’t there. Had she been stood up, or was she just early? Either way, the apparent lack of socialisation brought a small tear to her eye. She was reaching for her purse when she felt a tap on her shoulder, and sure enough, the Boss was there to greet her. ‘Viola, glad to see you could make it.’ The Boss cheerily announced as she wrapped her arms around Viola with a smile. Viola secretly loved the embrace, but had to step back after their moment. ‘I’ve always got time for a fancy dinner with friends.’ She replied back, her eyes scanning the Boss’ body. Funnily enough, the Boss always had a tendency to dress daggy, but tonight she looked as classy as hell. Her body was covered in flowing, deep purple gown which complimented her soft red lips and red hair beautifully. Viola felt her eyes become stuck on her cleavage for more than an acceptable time, and hurried to make herself look normal again. ‘Here, by the window, that’s our spot.’ The Boss gestured as the pair strutted to their spot. Viola pulled a chair out for the Boss, motioning for her to sit there. ‘Why thank you.’ She curtsied with a quirky smile, which looked sexy to Viola. Viola assumed the other seat and joined her. The waiter hurried over to the pair and offered them a pair of menus. The food was named with incomprehensible vowels and letters, reminding them of the exotic origins of the food. ‘I know what i’d like to be eating.’ Viola chuckled under her breath, looking through the menu, occasionally spying upwards at the Boss looking through her own menu, her earrings swaying alongside her deep green eyes. ‘Can’t say i don’t agree with you, but this was the classiest place i could find.’ The Boss replied, unaware of what Viola truly meant. The Boss motioned to the waiter with her slender arms and he rushed to their aid, cupping a bottle of champagne in his arms. ‘I’ll take the pasta and my date will take the...’ as she gestured towards Viola. Viola breathed in heavily as she stared at the pair, awaiting a response. ‘Salmon, i’ll take the salmon.’ She awkward spluttered as she dwelled on what the Boss had just said. ‘Very well, dinner will be out shortly.’ The waiter smiled as he turned and glided back to the kitchen. Viola noticed the Boss staring at her, but tried to refrain from eye contact. She was just sitting there, her head titled, grinning at her. ‘What’s gotten into you?’ She laughed as she slapped the menu against the table. ‘Nothing. ‘She lied through her lips. ‘Tell me, why exactly did you call me here tonight?’ Viola asked, her left brow cocked in anticipation. ‘What, can’t i just have a good catch up over a dinner with one of my best friends?’ She replied, pouring herself a glass of beverage. A fair point on her behalf. ‘I guess not. You know, you’ve never told any of us your real name? It’s beginning to feel a little weird calling you Boss all the time.’ Viola pestered, grabbing the bottle from her partner. The Boss took a sip of from her glass. ‘A fair point, i feel you’ve all got the right to know then. Cassandra is my real name; you can just call me Cas if you want.’ The Boss explained. ‘Cassandra, that’s a nice name.’ Viola flirted, sipping from her glass, eyes fixed on Cassandra. Cas made a ‘pfft’ sound and rolled her neck. ‘Come on, don’t get sappy now.’ She smiled. About 10 minutes of awkward chatting passed between the pair before their meal arrived, Viola’s looked more appetising then she had anticipated. The fish was cooked perfectly, and the delicious vegetables to match looked incredible. Viola made no hesitation to stab into her dinner with her fork, she was starving. ‘So Viola, how’s business at the Safeword?’ Cassandra asked, swallowing a mouthful of her pasta. ‘Quite good actually, we’ve made quite a decent amount of cash this month, seems our product is becoming more and more popular. Thank god for Zimos and his supply of fresh girls.’ Viola chuckled, twining the vegetables on her fork. ‘That’s good indeed. I was planning on attending the red carpet event for Gangstas’ in Space later this month, would you be interested in joining me?’ Cassandra asked, taking another sip from her glass. Viola felt butterflies in her stomach; she would love to spend every available moment with her secret crush. ‘I’d love to.’ She smiled back, tightening the bun in her hair. ‘The pasta smells nice.’ She softly spoke as she looked across at her partner’s dinner. Cas made a sound of agreement and nodded. ‘Want to try some? I’ll trade you a bit for your salmon.’ She replied, her eyes flickering. Viola nodded and tore a piece of the fillet off with her fork; Cas twined the pasta on her fork. Viola noticed that a violin player had been brought in for another couple’s wedding dinner, fuelling the awkwardness of the moment. Cas raised her fork in unison with Viola and offered the food, her fork intercepting the path of Viola’s. The pair giggled and again moved their forks, intercepting once more with one another. Viola smiled and swung her fork around in front of Cas’ arm, offering a sample of her meal. Cassandra leant forward and wrapped her lips around Viola’s fork, pulling the fish off with her tongue, her eyes fixed on Viola’s. She smiled and chewed the food slowly as Viola tasted the rich and delicate pasta. * After finishing their dinner, the pair paid the bill and left the restaurant, standing outside on the pavement together chatting. The evening air was full of gleaming stars and the scent of wet pavement. Cars buzzed by as the pair rounded the building to Viola’s car. ‘Did you need a lift somewhere?’ Viola asked, reaching for the keys in her purse. Cas let out a yawn and blinked a few times. ‘Yeah, home would be nice if you can put up with me a little longer.’ She smiled, walking around to the passenger side of the car. ‘No problem.’ Viola spoke as she gestured to the door handle. The pair entered the car and pulled out onto the street, smoothly merging with the bustling traffic as they headed to the Saints apartment. ‘You’re welcome to stay the night at my pad if you’re tired.’ Cassandra offered softly, blinking away her sleepiness, looking across at Viola. ‘That’s a good idea; i’ll take the couch or something if you don’t mind.’ Viola replied, not wanting to sound invasive. ‘Viola DeWynter, since when have you settled for the couch? I thought you were classier than that.’ Cassandra joked, an expression of feigned amazement on her face. She was right; Viola always took the high road option. ‘You can share my bed with me if you want.’ Viola was gobsmacked but hid her amazement. ‘Sure, if you’re fine with it that is.’ She awkwardly replied, turning to look at Cas. ‘I’m fine with that.’ Cassandra spoke, resting her head against the car window. ‘So am i.’ Viola muttered, her eyes fixed on the nights road. * The gang’s apartment had been decorated since Viola had last been there. Large porcelain pots lined the purple tined limestone walls, complimented by the huge glass windows. The large marble statue of a Roman warrior stood tall in the middle of the bottom floor. The pair descended the staircase, Viola behind Cas as they flicked the light on in the bedroom. Viola stood in the doorway, watching Cassandra as she kicked off her heels and threw her purse on a small padded chair in the corner of the room. ‘Make yourself comfortable, i’m just going to slip into something a bit more wearable. This dress is nice and all, but it’s not exactly comfortable.’ She laughed as she slapped her hands against her sides, looking back at Viola. She left the room with a clunk as she entered the small bathroom and changed, leaving Viola to admire the room. It was an impressive room at that, much more cluttered than Viola’s though. The entire right wall was a set of roof to floor windows panes, which stood parallel to the black timber furniture in on the opposite side of the room. Picture frames adorned the purple silk table runner, which housed some of Cas’ most beloved memories, some of which included photo’s of the gang together. One was a picture of her and Kinzie sitting at an internet cafe, one was of her and Pierce playing darts at the Broken Shillelagh. But what really took the limelight in the bedroom was the bed. Accompanied by two smaller wooden side tables, the bed stood easily two foot of the ground, the silk sheets flowing down the sides to the floor. Purple and black cushions sat against the padded bed head, welcoming Viola to the room with their comfortable appeal. Above the bed was a large framed picture of the Saints’ first gang logo, the all too familiar purple Fleur de Lis which the gang adorned themselves with however they saw fit. Viola stepped across the room, and sat on the bed. By god was it comfortable. She neatly unclipped her heels and sat them next to the bed. She didn’t intend on stripping off her clothes, this night was awkward enough as it was. Viola flipped her legs up on the bed and rested her hands behind her head, staring up at the spinning fan. The door to the bathroom clicked open again and Viola looked back across to Cas, who was standing in the bathroom doorway, her arms by her sides. She looked amazing to Viola. Her long slender legs were squeezed together, her toes curled against the timber floor. A thin white silk dress hugged her body which clung to her nipples, easily visible through the attire. A small white g-string covered her privates as she stood there staring into Viola. Slowly she raised her hands and undid her hair, letting it flow to her shoulders like a river of red water. Viola could feel her mouth was open and quickly closed it. Cas toed her way over to the bed and crawled on top, her behind swaying seductively behind her as she clawed towards Viola. ‘Cas, i.... i didn’t know you...’ Viola spluttered, her eyes fixed on Cas’ eyes, burning green with passion and lust. She tried to wriggle out of her path, but was too slow. ‘Viola, you honestly don’t think i’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me of late?’ Cas grinned, her lips were a fresh coat of red. She stopped crawling and sat on her shins, tugging at Viola’s arm with her small and precious fingers. Viola accepted and wriggled closer to the middle of the bed, now aware of what was happening. ‘Was i that obvious?’ Viola nervously replied, trying hard not to stare at Cas’ breasts. Her nipples were as hard as diamonds, and she lusted to bite them. Cassandra slowly raised a leg and placed it on the other side of Viola’s thighs. She leant forward and put her hands around Viola’s neck, staring into her eyes. ‘As a matter of fact you were Viola. And don’t worry; i’m not the only one who hasn’t liked what she’s seen.’ Cas softly confessed as she sat backwards, exposing her whole body to Viola. She slowly bit her lip and grabbed for the bottom of Viola’s dress, lifting it higher and higher above her belly. Viola assisted in helping remove the last of the dress until she was nude save for her lingerie. Cas smiled as she tugged on the strings of her gown, loosening the string until it fell around her, fluttering to the floor below. She gestured to Viola with a smile, who sat up and grabbed the back of her head fiercely, kissing her on every inch of her lips and cheeks. In midst of the passion, Cas laid her legs back until the pair were lying face to face, one atop of the other. Viola felt Cassandra’s hardened nipples pushing into her chest, and grabbed for them with her hands. Cas licked at her ears as she unclipped Viola’s bra strap, exposing her chest to the world. Viola’s large breasts were like a pair of cushions for Cas as she wriggled down and kissed them, biting and licking at the nipples until they were hard. Things picked up when Viola reached over the top of Cas’ back, moaning at the sensation of her breasts being licked, and grabbed the straps of Cas’ g-string. She easily snapped them between her fingers and tossed them to the floor, but Cas was always once step ahead of her. By time Viola had stripped Cas, the latter had already removed her underwear, now running her hands through Viola’s neatly trimmed pubic hair. Viola gasped at the sensation, her eyes closed with delight, then she felt Cas begin to slide down from her chest, towards her belly, kissing and licking as she went. Soon, she reached Viola’s privates, brushing against her wetness with her fingers as she lowered her head between her legs. Viola trembled and puffed with every lick, one after the other, they kept on feeling better and better. By time she had already came, the pair had resumed their kissing, Cas’ hair flowing around their faces. ‘How about we try something different huh?’ Viola puffed as she struggled to contain her desire. A grin grew from ear to ear on Cassandra’s face. ‘I think i know what you have in mind.’ She giggled. Slowly, Cas pushed herself up off of Viola and crawled on all fours, spreading her legs like an invitation. Viola sat up and followed her, staring at Cas’ wetness in front of her. Slowly, she grabbed a hold of Cas’ ass and moved in closer until she could see inside of her. Viola leant in and begun to lick, spreading Cas’ cheeks apart as she pleasured her, twirling a strand of her pubes with a finger. Cassandra moaned uncontrollably as the pair continued their activities throughout the night until the next morning. Viola was in a happy place, one she never dreamt of seeing. - Fin.