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AbsoluteZero's Attempt at Animation

Tue, 23 Apr 2013 08:11:55


I appreciate the feedback, and I'll definitely apply both of your suggestions next time. Thank you both for your awesome feedback! :)
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 06:58:37


Tah dah. I tried my hand in animation. If you guys have a moment, do you mind answering a few questions about it? - Does it seem realistic or natural? - Does anything look robotic? - Are there any inconsistencies? - On a scale between 1 and 10, 1 being total shit and 10 being you came buckets, how would you rate this image overall? Thanks much!
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 07:32:07


to make the loop look less robotic...make sure the beginning of the clip is mid-thrust...and the end mid thrust as well. This will reduce that bouncy looking loop.
Tue, 23 Apr 2013 07:57:50


Ok I'll give it a working over animation-wise. First things first, some general tips: - if you ever want a GIF that will loop indefinitely, stuff like rain and moving water will break the illusion, and that's happening in your work. - also if you want it to loop indefinitely, the first and last frame should be the same; If it seems like its jumping then cut off the last frame and see if it works better. - Eyes are an important part of building any animation, but when the entire work is 10-12 frames eye stuff (blinks/looks etc) can break the illusion because of the low frame count. - using face flexes for short works like this can be playing with fire; I generally have one expression and make very subtle changes if I need to. For everything I nitpick about I'll offer an alternate motion,so its not just a critique and more of a discussion. overall I'd give it a 5 out of 10.
"AbsoluteZero" said ...
- Does it seem realistic or natural?
- Not really; firstly because of the weather thing, that's the first thing I noticed. [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- Simply choose somewhere else on the map where you don't see the rain, or just a different map.[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x] - The eye blink for femscout breaks the illusion. [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- I have 2 alternates for this one. You could have her just staring into scouts eyes. Or have her do a 1/4th blink.(really subtle stuff)[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x] - her elbows jumping around also ruin the illusion [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- Lock the elbows in place.[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x] - It feels like she's floating a bit because it looks like she's pivoting from just above her navel. In these short works (hell in any work) it's important to know where the character is pivoting. [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- After looking at some reference (good reference too) She should be pivoting more from her butt.[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x]
"AbsoluteZero" said ...
- Does anything look robotic?
Yes, the whole animation is robotic, the face stuff for femscout helps break up the flow, but her body is still a bit stiff. let me introduce you to one of the animators foundational friends, the Inbetween.(which has an explanation) In animated production you work on a piece of animation based on poses, your animation has 2 main poses (In and Out) an Inbetween would be a pose you'd put in-between the main poses. Doing this will make the animation flow much more naturally. For more info on the idea of inbetweening, look at this walk cycle tutorial (I know it has nothing to do with sex, but its the principles that you should look into) ... Walk_cycle [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- My advice for scout is to have his pelvis move in an oval instead of a line. Going down on the way in, up on the way out.(but just a little bit)[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x] [spoiler:wi6b9v6x]- Femscout should have more hip movement as the scout goes in and out[/spoiler:wi6b9v6x] I hope these suggestions will help you with your next project! If you want to know more about any of the topics just PM me (and I don't just mean AbsoluteZero)