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Give Me Any Premise; I'll Write A Very Short Story For You!

Tue, 04 Jun 2013 02:15:54


So this came about as a friend asking me, "If I give you a premise, do you think you can write a story about it?" My response was "sure, how detailed and how lengthy?" The response was any amount of detail and any length, so long as it got the idea across. The premise I was given was: A guy/gurl shifts in their seat, and their pants rub against their genitals, leading to orgasm as they haven't gotten off in a while and they're particularily frisky that day, leading to embarrassment once orgasm ends I then proceeded to write this out in the Steam chat box, over the length of 14 minutes: Jim, doing all he could not to fall asleep to his professor's tempting monotone, shifted in his hard plastic seat, trying to put himself in a position so uncomfortable he couldn't poissibly fall asleep in it. The denim of his jeans bunched to the motion, agitating his crotch. The subtle touch was oddly arousing, and he instantly felt himself come to attention. He felt a wave of guilt over it, but at the same time, the fact that he hadn't been able to clean his gun for the past few days came to the forefront of his mind. His aunt had temporarily moved in with his parents and himself while her house was being fumigated, and she had a peculiar habit of wandering throughout the house while knitting. It wouldn't be so much an issue, but Jim would bet money that the woman knitted in her sleep. The concepts of closed doors and knocking also seemed foreign concepts to her, and she seemed to have a notion that everyone was always willing to have a conversation, regardless of their other responsibilities. He looked about nervously. Luckily, it seemed everyone else seemed to be in a similar state of semi-consciousness as he himself was. His eyes rested on the woman sitting a few seats to his left, a woman named Janet. His mind instantly went back to the rumors he had a few days previously, of how Janet had supposedly been caught making out with Carolynn in the girl's restroom of the the CF building. If he wasn't at attention by the accidental brushing of his motion, he certainly was at the thought of being the one to walk in on that particular scene. The next thing he was aware of, he had fallen into a state of semi-sleep, his eyes glazed over and his mind vivid in imagination. His imaginings were simple, but oh so erotic. He unconsciously bit his lip as he began to rhythmically shift himself in his seat, using the newly-discovered motion to stimulate himself. He vaguely heard one of the women shouting, "Is he humping his desk?!" and the professor asking him if he was okay, but he didn't care. His mind's eye was afire, burning with the passion that Janet and Carolynn acted upon with one another in his imagination. Shirts and bras came off, and beautiful breasts jiggled softly in a sweaty sheen as his fantasy girls continued their amazing journey of one another's lips. Suddenly, the world jarred into motion as he felt himself climax in his jeans. He wasn't aware of just how vigorously he was moving in his seat until he had suddenly and abruptly stopped. He lazily opened his eyes, only to see the entire class was watching him, unanimous expressions of the horror he was quickly begining to coalesce into staring back at him. "Did he... did he just jizz himself?" one of the women asked. His cheeks on fire, Jim looked down to see a large wet stain forming on his crotch, and he couldn't help but notice that unmistakeable stringy smell. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He looked about one last time, and his eyes latched on the gaunt, smug face of Kyle in the back, his wide shoulders fitting perfectly into his leather biker's jacket. Kyle winked at him and flicked his tongue a few times. Jim got up, and waddled uncomfortably to the door. The eyes of the classroom followed his every motion. As he opened the door and stepped out, he peeked his head into the room and muttered, "Don't drink the water. They put something in it... to make you forget." And without another word he left. My friend was so impressed with what I wrote, he suggested that I share it somewhere. I decided to up the ante, and expand this challenge to all of you. Give me a premise, any premise, and I'll write a short story about it! :D.
Tue, 04 Jun 2013 02:22:29

Brother Antroz

Have you been spying on my Steam chats? Because I've found myself done this thing a few times as well... :mrgreen:
Tue, 04 Jun 2013 02:29:31


A guy and girl play a video game in a form of strip poker. After they remove all their clothing they make the bets even wilder which then leads to sex hope this gives you some ideas
Mon, 10 Jun 2013 02:46:12

An Ape Of God

A middle aged mother visited a new local fast food restaurant, and ordered chicken nuggets, which she later finds out was made from human flesh. She starts visiting there regularly, until it's the only place she eats out. The addiction to cannibalism she develops slowly tears hear family and friendships apart, as she goes to further, and further lengths to get her fix.