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An Elven Tale

Tue, 11 Jun 2013 06:07:36


This story is my first and a story of a Elven girl named Faunra a blonde Elf huntress who is adventuring through lands on her own. ill leave the story to explain for itself... one more thing this story has futa and will get better as it goes i just wanted to see how you like what i've got so far. enjoy An Elven Tale Ch: 1 An Elf "Girl" I awake in my camp in the woods to smell the fresh air, the fire dead and my camp un-harmed and not raided which surprised me. Rise from my bedroll made from wool and cloth. I'm naked as i usually sleep, my blonde long hair framing my petite face. The only damage a small scar on my lip. My gray blue eyes give a sense of trust to those i speak with. My slightly pale skin, slightly above average height and pointed ears are the only indications that i'm elven at least from looks. My body is shaved completely and a perfect shape not too thin or too fat or over-muscular. My breasts are C cup with perky pink nipples at the end. I'd seem female from all of this but i'm not completely, in place of my pussy is a currently limp cock it or as i prefer to call it "she" is at the moment only 3 inches long, and limp. I sigh looking around my camp. One makeshift tent composed of leaves and branches, a burned up fire pit in a little opening surrounded by trees. I open my bag next to my bedroll grab my leather armour that quite thoroughly covered me leaving my cleavage exposed, and put it on, first the bracers and boots then. I slide the chest on and the loincloth which hides "her" as long as "she" remains limp. I decide to go into town for quests and supplies. I packed up the bedroll grabbed my bow, arrows, quiver, dagger and headed out. After a while i found a broken branch that looked like and animal headed into the tree line. i draw my bow and walk over the branch and follow where it should have gone. The tracks lead to a small opening with a small pool and a woman surrounded by three gray wolves. Knocked an arrow aimed at a gray wolf that was leaping for her and shot it mid air in the eye then repeated that with the two other wolves. The woman remained scared against the tree covering herself it would appear she is nude or at least with heavily damaged clothing. I approached smiling then offered my hand. "i won't hurt you i promise" she outstretched her hand keeping her breasts covered. I pulled her up after she stood she released her hand from mine and covered her pussy i looked her over she was Eleven i could tell due to her ears and fair skin but her body was somewhat out of eleven proportion her breasts from what i can tell were a bit too large they where D cup. She was only slightly shorter than i was. Her hips were wider and her ass was fuller. She must be half-elf. And her face seemed familiar...i've seen her before.i thought to myself. I found myself staring at her lovely body she appeared to be in very good shape. My eyes roaming over her shapely body, wide hips and lovely skin. As i did this i felt my cock hardening. I fleetingly looked at her face to see where i've seen it before. "th...thank you" she said stuttering and halting my train of thought. "its no problem" i remark shifting to try and hide my hardening cock. "whats your name? I'm Faunra." i said keeping my friendly smile. " Elitha" she replied a bit less shocked. "Elitha...very nice elven name..are you elven i suppose" i say trying not to make it obvious that i'm not staring at her. "umm...yea..actually i'm a half-elf" she said some what nervously as if she expected ridicule. "ohh a half-elf really i find those are quite cute" i say happily. well i hope you guys like what I've wrote so far anything you've got to say post a comment!